Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Season 2 - Theme 4 - Love and Other Wars

From @mmrunal:

When love was with him, he did conquer his inner demons and came out as a lone warrior.
But now that she has abandoned him, loneliness crept in, to nurture his dark passenger. Time made him learn that loneliness is a war, within. Destruction beyond salvation.

From @meetumeetu: 

Tears trickled with her sweat, as Reva struggled to hold the Yoga posture. It's meditative, it's introspective, it isn't fair. Even her workout wasn't an escape. What should she do? Abort or keep? It was the last symbol of her soldier's love...

...this is where war begins, she thought. At the root of intense love.

From @writingchalk: 

“She sells sea shells on the sea shore.”
“See sells… she shells… see…”
“Ha-ha! See, it isn’t as easy as you thought!”
Just then, their underground shelter rumbled. Another bomb. The shell casing fell inside the shelter.
“Is this a sea shell momma?”
 The teary-eyed mother replied, “No, love… this is a shell of hate.”

From @TandooriCutlet: 

She loved kissing his little button nose.
He loved slobbering all over her face.
She loved hugging him tight.
He loved snuggling into her neck.
She loved tickling him.
He loved making funny sounds on her tummy.

But every meal time, nap time, attempt at toilet training was a fight.

Love. And other small wars.

From @lungfakeer: 

I am 30, married, driving my car. Today, as I woke up, her legs were intertwined with mine, she, my lover. The beggar is now vying for attention. My Boss has texted and  threatened to fire me. My wife is fucking him, I am sure. I will kill them soon. Love, and other wars. Sigh.

From @thenesseffect: 

Where’s this Cupid when you actually need him, thought the Commander-in-chief irritably. Cupid had finished cleaning his bow and was now sharpening his arrows. It was his first day at his awesome new day job. Well, part-time for now, but he intended to replace the overrated Hawkeye someday... Today, he was one of The Avengers.

From @roshd: 

She was still mad at him for last night’s taunt.That she was a homemaker and brooded over it all day didn’t help. Their love marriage felt more like a war now.The doorbell rang, she opened the door and turned away. He grabbed her, held her against the wall and kissed her.War over.

From @shivom_oza:

He was standing across the other end of the lobby, reminiscing about the old times. Looking disconsolate, he started walking slowly towards me.

It had been a tumultuous weekend. He came close to me, but all he could do was to leave flowers atop my motionless body. The war had taken its toll on us.

From @gauravjagwani: 

We were in love. But, it wasn't getting any easier. Nothing ever really does get easier. There were two reasons for me to go away for long periods of time. She was definitely one of them. You see, a domestic war is very hard to overcome. But, on the other hand, so are real ones. 

From @ashishshukul: 

His hugs were so warm and cozy. Her kisses were full of tender love and care. He flashed his sunny grin again. She matched it with an endearing smile. It was such a dilemma each night. In the makeshift asbestos shelter near the construction site, a mother did not have the luxury to pick sides.

From @AliceonCaffeine: 

Clearly, love was not the sole thing that mattered when it came to relationships. What started as something so pure that could have made the angels on the heaven dance, became the start of a war of religions. Torn between the society, now Meera and Salim's love lies in a pool of their own blood. 

From @silveranklet: 

Armed and all set, she walked into the courtroom. With her recent achievements, everyone had no doubts she’d win this case.

And then, lo and behold, he walked in.



Eye contact.






“All’s fair in love and war,” he whispered

They stood opposite each other and fought the case.

From @darklingdiva: 

His eyes were full of hope. How could I say no? On one hand, was the guy I fell in love with and on the other, the family that raised me. How do I get out of this dilemma? When will this war inside my head, end? When will love be free? The questions remain.

From @tweettabulous: 

Eyes met and it was love at first sight for us. The world forgotten in celebration of each other and happy times. But, the demons of religion and social pressure yielded it's ugly head, leaving us prey to separation.

Falling in love. Easy.Making love. Easier.Fighting for your love. Easiest? No. Difficult! Almost impossible!

From @lucidillusions: 

They kissed, just like they always did. They were a world apart, fought about everything, but they couldn't stay away from each other. They wouldn't talk for days, or meet for weeks, but pick it up from where they last left it. 

While fighting for their choice of love, they met at the pride parade.

From @Neelanjana_B: 

"The third paper sheet went down the bin. A perplexed writer is stuck with his characters. They refuse to fall in love. He’s scared of losing himself; she feared that he’ll scratch her heart. So, they gulped down their feelings. Exchanging nods and smiles became a regime. A silent rebellion kept them together and apart."

From @aseemrastogi2: 

With rigorous deadlines and a nagging boss, he was fighting a war at work. He had to stay calm tosave some of his energy to fight the one at home. Falling in love with a girl from a different community was a crime, and his family never left a chance to disapprove his choice.

From @_souringpie: 

She had chosen love hoping to negotiate other wars positively. But alas, hope was not the only thing that failed her. Her fiance fled to Australia after informing her over email that she was not her ‘type’. Someone secured her job. Her father’s heart discarded normalcy. Love vanquished her. So she welcomed other wars, squeamishly.

From @vagabondinact: 

Stepping out of his grungy tent, he paused.  His nostrils quivered at the redolence of what once was life.  Eyes on the distant smoke, he smiled, thinking of the charred bodies and homes that awaited him. Slowly he made his way towards the smoke, weighed down by his camera. He couldn’t help loving wars! 

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