Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Season 2 - Theme 9 - Anarchy

From @SaniaaSan:

There was nobody to catch him exceed his daily TV viewing limit by fifteen minutes. Nobody in bed to play blanket wars with, half-asleep. Nobody to fight with for the last slice of pizza lying forgotten in the fridge. Nobody to beat to the shower every morning.

Turns out, anarchy was a very lonely affair.

From @gauravjagwani:

There were always two sides to this coin. There was not a single rule to bind the two sets of people together. Chaos and mayhem were two words commonly used to describe the society. But there had to be a way out. Suggestions were made. Finally, I decided to go for 'that' corrective brain surgery. 

From @ashishshukul:

His mind was in a state of anarchy. It seemed like he had lost control over his senses. He was facing a formidable opponent, one which had rendered several people of his ilk unproductive. Brushing aside his anxiety, he put pen to paper and watched in delight as his scattered thoughts marched in harmony again.

From @elwingt:

He stood sheltered in the shadow of the building. Breathing deeply amidst chaos. His thoughts flew to the relative calm of home.

But anger rose in his throat like bitter bile. He remembered the smug looks on the generals, while they glibly sent his comrades to war. He gripped his rifle tightly and stepped forward.

From @roshd:

Shirley’s meticulously assembled township was now a pile of Lego bricks courtesy her 3year old brother Aaron, the anarchist. She gathered the bricks without a tantrum, just like her father would, and put them away. She then picked up Aaron’s favourite giraffe and tossed it out of the window. Her vindictiveness was entirely her own.

From @tweettabulous:

My world is crashing, nothing is working out. The future uncertain and bleak.

But there's something about him, his lovely voice, his warm embrace, his caring eyes, his soft and passionate caress, his ability to make me smile during my lowest phase. He beats the anarchy in my mind. Love does have its perks, mostly.

From @thenesseffect:

Anne Arky ruled the world; this was HER world. There were castles, rainbows, chocolate, marshmallows, milk, cookies and cookie dough too. There was magic, butterflies, tea parties, flouncy dresses and MAKEUP!

“WAKE UP!” shouted her hysterical hypnotist, but Anne’s body just wouldn’t respond… She was 9, ruling the world from a body that was 55. 

From @writingchalk:

She opened her wardrobe and let out an unholy scream.
He started laughing uncontrollably.
She gave him an icy stare.
The laughter sputtered and died down.
She blasted a neat hole through his forehead with her revolver.
After that, she called the police and got herself arrested.
All he had done was rearrange her wardrobe.

From @WickdWeirdWitch:

8am: Puppy & kids dancing on the bed. Loud music blaring. Cold Coffee being made. Bournvita being eaten directly from jar. Novels replace board books on study table. TV blaring ‘Tom & Jerry’. BF giving missed call on landline. Sweet-nothings being whispered.

5pm: (Mom comes home from hospital)
Dog in Kennel, Music Off, Kids studying. 

From @_souringpie:

“Give me some examples of anarchy” she asked. “War.”  “Indian Assembly.” “Gaza destruction.” “DU admissions.” “Riots.” “Legislation.” “Indian batting.” ”Punjabi weddings.” “Honey Singh’s songs.” “Sajid Khan.” “Gotham.” “Love.”  Raised eyebrows and faint ‘what’s replaced the laughter. “How?” “Love creates a beautiful anarchy of emotions in our mundane, insipid hassles of life”, he said. They echoed.

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