Saturday, August 2, 2014

Season 2 - Theme 1 - Citizens of No Place

From @zennmaster: 

A long, narrow mark placed on the ground. Most people refer to me as a line. I divide, demarcate, separate name, place and thing. I am the line of control and citizens of nowhere stand over me. Wishing and praying that I disappear the same way I appeared.

From @gauravjagwani: 

She travelled to the four corners of the world. Yet, she wanted more. That sense of belonging was never with her. 'Today is the day,' she said to herself. And just like that, she broke the four walls she was staying in for decades. Thus began the journey of discovering bigger corners. Just like that.

From @AbhiandNow: 

Cold winds kept consuming one life after another, as we travelled across Himalayas in search of a new land.

And it was the night we camped under a rock, when our guide came running to inform us,“The other country has rejected our plea, we're not welcome there.”

Home, was slowly becoming a faint concept.

From @lucidillusions: 

He remembers the first time he looked at the stars. He wasn't sure what made him pack his bag and leave. He had his doubts, leaving his friends and the convenience of the city.

It has been twelve years since that bike ride. He was the first Citizen of No Place, a community of wanderers.

From @floydimus: 

His restlessness was peaking. Never stay in one place more than a week, he reminded himself. As the train pulled into the station shrouded in a cloud of smoke, he breathed a sigh of relief. Almost grabbed by the scruff of the neck. He didn't choose this wanderlust, the law abiding bounty hunters chose him.

From @thesaurin: 

Rains, goddamn, rains! Out of no-fuckin-where! Sunny a moment ago, now, a downpour. That couple on their balcony, watching it pour. That kid watching from inside a car. That aunty with an umbrella rushing to get under a roof. And us, under a tree – getting wet, trying not to. We’re the citizens of no place. 

From @oxymoronic_me: 

The orphan sat under the streetlamp. The hut he lived in was too dark. All his life he had lived in the same hut. The same little place. He looked at the books he had stolen. Books on Korea, Libya, Pakistan. Places he would visit sitting under that streetlamp. Wondering where exactly did he belong.

From @Stupid_Minion: 

"What are you doing on that side of the fence? Playing Football. What’s that? You don’t know football? No. Where are you from? I don’t know. What? Somebody bombarded my place, I was the unlucky one who survived and here I am talking to you about a game of which I had never heard before."

From @tweettabulous: 

T'is my home. T'is my family and friends.T'is is were I belong. T'is completes me.

Why cant I be completely honest with the people who love me? Why cant I share my secret without putting them in danger? Why do these green rocks from my real home make me weak?Citizen of nowhere. Clark Kent.

From @facepalm92: 

It was obvious from the time he saw her. Her first touch; so light yet filled with promise. People said there was no such thing as love. He knew it was because no one had seen her from his eyes. He saw her and knew that he would belong to no place but her, again.

From @AGirlofHerWords: 
I hated going to school. Not that I hated reading books, well, only the ones I had to read. The books Mother read to me at night kept me awake. 

Everything has changed now. The school is not a school anymore. It’s a shelter. The teachers are gone. The books are gone. Mother is gone.

From @ashishshukul: 

It was just a trickle at first. Soon, it became a flow. It was beyond my control now. As the trespassing continued, I began losing my bearings.

"Get out of my head! You don't belong here," I heard myself yelling. “Hell we do,” they replied in chorus, “we are the bastards of your fertile imagination.”

From @Crucifire: 

“Can you help me?”
“THIS… doesn’t exist.”

A phone rang in the distance. He disappeared.

“You forgot your card, man!”

‘IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP’ - Neo. Nebuchadnezzar.

I looked up.
The sky went green.
I blacked out.

“What godforsaken place is this?”

“Welcome Crucifire… to the place that doesn’t exist!

From @lungfakeer: 

'I'll not let you die', she bellowed, as blood spurted out of his wounds.The bullets were deep inside, they had done their job meticulously.She sighed as he let out his final breath; stabbed herself and turned the knife, their warring families' entry to the scene a good minute too late.

From @writingchalk: 

There was static on his screen. Suddenly, it came to life. He saw a cold, yet smiling face.
“Subject 456. Prepare to be cleansed.”
“Cleansed? BASTARD… I have a name!”
He laughed. “If you do not cooperate, you will be shot like a dog.”
That’s when it dawned on me – I had nowhere to go.

From @kunalbaidmehta: 

“Your bank account has the same amount of money that it used to have ten years back when you started your corporate life.” said Samantha’s mother.

“It will remain the same ten years later too Ma. My wanderlust ensures that I am a citizen of no place so investing in property is not for me.”

From @meetumeetu: 

She was good, he bad. He felt good, she bad. At times, they lay in-between. She was happy, she was sad. He was loving, he was nasty. They tried middle ground.

They knew not what they were missing - beyond the linearity of neutral and extremes, was a place with nothingness, a space of bliss.

From @captain_speakin: 

He lived out of suitcases with crew tags on them, in the blur between time and time zones. He belonged nowhere yet he was home every night. With epaulettes on his shoulders and wings on his chest, he was a citizen of no place. Borders couldn't stop him. He was the king of the skies.

From @roshd: 

"They are the unpaid cooks, the ill-treated lovers, the bonded labourers. They are the first to wake but the last to eat and sleep. They are glorified only in stories. Everyday is a struggle against the lechers and molesters. Everybody wants a piece of them. Women. They have no place to call their own."

From @lipi_meh:

The wooden shelves were closing in but she could breathe just right. ‘Fiction’, ‘Non Fiction’, the signs read, as she wandered from one to another. Her hands rested on a book at a time as she thought of bridges, towers and places unheard of. Here, she was truly a citizen of no place.

From @imduffer: 

"He was victim of political strategies, he was framed in crime that innocent had left his country and kept himself hiding from one country to another. He struggled to settled down but his rebel and intolerance towards injustice put him in trouble all the time. From Japan to America, he is citizen of no place."

From @_souringpie: 

"Imagine! 60000 crazy souls in that cathedral. Celebrating. Rejoicing without knowing other's religion, caste, race or nationality. They are citizens of no place or planet, only worshippers of the beautiful game. Just one thing matters to them- Football. Together they shout 'India! India' " "Including me! All the best beti, I mean coach ma'am!!"."Dad!" *Hugs*

From @TandooriCutlet: 

The roads are unfamiliar, the people unknown. The language, alien. It is different from everything you're used to. And yet it is home. It has to be. Soon, you memorise each bump in the road, the people become friends. Little roots of belonging emerge.  

And just like that you're uprooted. Welcome to the Armed Forces.

From @IndianIdle: 

Matthew entered the shabby stone gate. He vaguely remembered the place. He didn't know where to go, but his feet and mind seemed to draw him to a particular direction. As he entered the graveyard there was an old man standing near a grave. He said,"Welcome back to carcosa". He saw his own grave.

From @Stupidiotica: 

Overnight, the apocalypse wiped clean all signatures of humanity. All footprints of life were wiped clean off the face of the planet, the face itself mutilated beyond recognition by rages unimagined. Three hundred kilometers above, the resilient camera of the satellite silently recorded the cataclysm below, as its occupants, Earth's last orphans floated beyond emotion.

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