Sunday, July 1, 2012

Theme 79 - Fragile

From @shubHASHISH: It was the strongest force in the world. It made her do things she could never dream of. It made her think that she indeed was the centre of the universe and the world revolved around her. Anyone who thought otherwise was promptly thrown out. Yes, it was a fragile ego.

From @Highheelswaali: I reached home late at night and Ma opened the door. She looked tired. Dad was lying on the bed with the BP machine around his arm. He gave me the same strong smile. I grew up ten years in the space of that smile. My parents were the fragile ones now.

From @oxymoronic_me: She lived in the fragile hope that they would understand her. She did not want to marry. Her aim was not to work in the kitchen and then in an office for 8 hours a day. All she wanted, was to free her soul from the rigors of life.  She left everything behind and disappeared.

From @aaroo4:

With no time to spare, and the horn blaring in his ear, he grabbed that last box sitting in the living room.. Nearly dashing through the door, he tripped..

The box flew, he let out a help and closed his eyes.. Oh no!

That box held her books and glass bangles.. Broken.. Memories..

From @mizarcle: I could see it from the corner of my eye and I wanted to touch it. I knew it wouldn't survive my touch.  Would it be soft or glass like? I went close to it, holding my breath but that wasn't enough. The bubble popped right in my face. My curiosity killed it.

From @karthikisthin: He wiped the snot off his nose with a shrug of his shoulder. His eyes drooped and met the mud he'd been forced onto. He wished the distant rustle of leaves was all he could hear, as he helped himself up. The cackling laughter bounced around him, pricking him incessantly. And then, his alarm rang.

From @nicarus: She would set up her stall at the end of the market. She was easy to find only if your method was accidental. Nonetheless everyone  who visited her would make a purchase. Some would return to complain; some merely brood over their newfound wisdom. The truths were unattractive; the lies were always flashy and fragile.

From @RuthSaldanha: As they danced, he leant forward, as though to kiss her… She gazed into his eyes; he smiled down at her… Forever, twirling; their love immortal. Nothing could get in their way, the arrogance of youth. Except one unthinking flick of the wrist by one overzealous maid… And with a crash, the porcelain dancers shattered…

From @drun007: "The accident has left Kate in a state of emotional shock. She needs all the attention and care to get thru this rough patch", warned the doctor.

Kevin kept his calm. "I am experienced to handle Kate. She is in safe hands", he said.

As a warehouse assistant, 'Handle with care' was all he knew.

From @vagabondinact: The effort to get out of bed exhausted her. Hobbling, she went into kitchen and readied the coffee filter.  He took the steaming cup sheltered in the folds of her saree, without acknowledging her. After 57 years of being married to him, it was only his memory that was fragile, not her duty towards him.

From @AskThePankazzzz: There was a world with him that she sought. 'I' and 'Him' will exist together as 'We', she thought. He walked over, crushing all the feelings she had. Unperturbed, away he went, when she lost all that she had got. How would it matter to him, but? Her heart was fragile. His ego was not.

From @pallavipinakin: Knee-high leather boots. The ability to drink Scotch like it was going out of fashion. Sarcasm that could cut like a knife. She was tough, a woman of the world. Which is why, when she walked in on the sordid scenario, her own fragility shocked her. She felt her knees give way, her heart break.

From @kaloladeep: The time she used to be my side, everything was as smooth as it should be, Working days to make it happen what we thought we would, we were destined, and suddenly she disappeared leaving me alone in the work, which made the single owner of success not fragile on the scene.

From @tunnvi: She was no more. The one who stayed up all night completing his projects or sometimes even waiting for him to get home. The one who never let him feel the need of a father figure. His best friend, his harshest critic, his board game partner, his mother. He had never felt so fragile before.

From @Writoholic_Gal: The beauty lies in eyes of the beholder, but the one with black heart... Had a fragile beauty.

From @writingchalk:

“Carefully, son. Yeah pluck it like that!” Twang! As he gave his son guitar lessons, his wife walked into the room. She walked up to her son and ruffled his hair. Then, she whispered into her husband’s ear, “I want a divorce… today.”

The guitar string broke. “Damn! I’m sorry dad. Can you mend this?”

From @NeelSheth: It’s time, they said. He got up slowly; kissed the dusty wooden planks with love and pride. Raised his arthritis struck hand to salute as they folded the tri-color carefully. Looking at his coffin bearing the mark “Fragile: Handle with care”; he thought “If only, they had not used the faulty parts in his MiG-21”

From @kunalbaidmehta: Brian loved breaking his cars and toys as soon as he got it. His parents thought that he would become an engineer just like his father. His love affair with breaking things stopped only after he broke the fragile heart of a girl who committed suicide after knowing that Brian was just flirting with her.

From @ScribblingOn: The leaves as they fall from the trees, the flowers as their stalk gives way, the rain drops falling from the sky, the low hung moon in the night; she, as she takes a leap of faith from the top floor of her building. May be too fragile, may be too strong.

From @RandomWhiz:

There was no saying what would happen next. She seemed to be on the edge.
"do you want to go ahead with it?" Mama asked.
She passed through the machine to become solidified glass. Only those who can handle the heat go ahead. She was not fragile.

From @vivekisms: "You break me everyday", he said. "You ask to be broken. Daily", she haughtily responded.

From @BoozeSexSundry: This time I’ll help you move out for the 15th time. Forcing myself into a mental rehab of my own. This time I would rather be just emotionally numb. But I’ll take my time, this time. And let the wounds completely heal.  But this is not the end yet. Because in the end your goodbye kiss lies.

From @anushreekejriwa: She blooms in the night and shies away from light. When asked to why is she so fragile, she says "I am not fragile, I am just scared of being noticed".

From @bitchwanti: She sat making a necklace with beads she had painstakingly collected over the years.That evening he tore it off her throat. "It's ugly", he said. The next morning, observing a spider painstakingly weaving its web, she put out a finger,swiped it off. "Oh there's a perverse pleasure in destroying the fragile", she smiled and thought.

From @Crucifire:

Hope fuels the world.
Hope that they will top the class and graduate with a scholarship.
Hope that they will find true love and enjoy a beautiful life.
Hope that they will earn millions, own a beachhouse and a Bentley.

One jolt of reality and the crystal ball crashes.
Fragile minds.

From @_wbrodrigues: It was time. His mother couldn’t believe her eyes that he was all grown up and ready to move on. She then saw her, smiling, standing next to him. She came up to her, holding her hands, she said “Mommy, I’ll take care of him”. Seeing the reassuring smile, she blessed the newly wedded couple.


  1. From @mailsubash:

    All of a sudden I asked my newly wedded wife Are you fragile? . The innocent smile on her face told me " Handle with Care "