Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Theme 176 - Solace

From @apoorvamagic: The super-devotional mom crawled through the long queue before she could enter the temple. Her baby was deep asleep on her shoulders. On entering the temple, excited mom woke up the baby and said "Look at the God my child". Confused baby slowly raised it's head, looked at mom's face, smiled and went back to sleep.

From @tweettabulous: From the time the eyes met… they knew they were meant to be together. It was more than love. They were soul-mates in the perfect sense. But, she was married. He, engaged. Social obligations thwarted their divine unison.

Now, both yearn for the moment when they will finally meet, in their Creator’s home…

From @vivekisms: They did everything they could. To make it last. To make it stay. It did not. They put an end to "togetherness" that night. They found solace for the last time in each other's arms. Just as they used to. Just like they never would.

From @ghose_1988: Susan never took leave from work .But today was different. She was at home, going through her family album, which was her only solace during melancholic times. Even after 24 years her memory was fresh .Dad and Mom looked beautiful together. She was a happy child before the accident. Everything had changed after that.

From @swordfish19: Ganpat, a daily wage worker, earns his living by ploughing the farms in the village. He owns two bullocks which he uses to till the land. He works from early morning till dusk, mostly under the harsh Sun. His wife brings him lunch at noon. After lunch he takes a short nap under a tree.

From @flirtingshadows: There she was in her bridal finery; nervous, seeking solace from her childhood mementos. The pillow that had absorbed copious tears, the balcony where she perched herself to enjoy numerous sunsets, the phone by her bedside that had fueled all those emergency 3 am chats. Today, she only had memories. Back then, it was therapy.

From @roshd: He was a much married,suave diplomat and she the quintessential social butterfly. They got along like a house on fire and embarrassed everyone with their PDA. Don't support the '50crore Girlfriend' comment but hope it makes them act their age. He's 56 and she should understand the difference between priceless and price less.

From @DNRamki:

After the nightmare that were his exams, there was little he could think of. The phone call had made things only worse. "They never understood, they never will".

He sat down, lit one and puffed away. His thoughts just as cloudy as the smoke around him.

Few things offered solace as a lit cigarette did.

From @VidulaChakraDeo: Engulfed in dirt of the world, threatened by the dreadful night, lay a little wailing. Drenched in the rains of neglect, she was unwished, undesired.  Denied the warmth of a womb,  the bin was her bed. Suddenly came an angel, held her close and tight.  She who picked up dirt, Today had picked up life!

From @divigyaan: Left in the bushes used and abused. Leaves were red and body too. Numbness was all over but eyes wandered; finding the brutal that came over. However, they returned in vain and wept again but stopped bleeding when the change felt. Unlike the previous, those hands gathered the fallen apart and sheltered the shame.

From @slokabs: Amidst days full of Incessant phone calls, meetings and discussions, social gatherings and personal commitments, long distances and time constraints and more of life’s pressures packed in, Shanti’s release came in the form of those 30 minutes of meditation at 5 am – her way of detoxing her mind to survive the rest of the day!

From @iyer_raman:  He could have taken off the rag from his mouth. His hands were now free. He could scream if he wished. But this would mean more pain, more embarrassment. He pulled up his pants, still biting into the dirty rag. By muffling the sound of his pain, the rag helped the under-trial drift into sleep.

From @absoluteme: I moved from the small town to be where real action was - crowds, noise, sleepless nights... In the big city I slogged hard, every day, to escape the crowds, drown the noise, to dream a dream... As I move back to the small town I reflect, you need distress in order to find solace.

From @lucidillusions_ :

Darkness. Dead silence. Blindly searches around. He picks it up. Thinks of what she said.
Remembers the first time they met. She smelled how summer ought to smell. They couldn't help but fall in love.
The addiction took her, and he couldn't help. After her death his only solace was her memory.
The pain won, it went numb with one last hit.

From @Poptate:

She howls on a winter night. She blares though thunderous clouds. She hides her tears through sheets of rain. Like the sun she smiles, not all in vain. She smells like wet earth. She gurgles like a baby. She swings her head and whoa, it’s Sandy. She’s unpredictable, a muse for poetry.

Nature is her face. She’s solace.

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