Saturday, January 11, 2014

Theme 10: 2014: Neck

From @hinnaz:

He had been a biter always. Or so he claimed. I had to find out. It wasn't the right moment, or maybe the place. But all my mind could think of, was his touch, his bite. Flicking my hair aside I baited him. He couldn't look away. There was his kryptonite. My neck.

From @sourcasm: 

"What happened?"

"My neck has been stiff for a while"

"Want a massage?"

"I don't mind"

He got up from his seat and messaged her neck, focusing on her clavicle. His hands were gentle and warm. As she was about to flirt with him, her cellphone started ringing and woke her up from the daydream.

From @kanakkupullai: 

"It's just a stuffed toy", he said and gave his toy a last forlorn look. It was one of the most hideous things the village had ever seen. As he was taken away, people discussed in hushed voices. 
"What a psychopath!" 
"What happened?"
"He had slashed her neck and..and is calling the body a toy!"

From @deeSCJockey: 

This was so reckless, so inappropriate, so unlike her, so... good! She swirled around the Hall in the stranger’s arms, causing no doubt a minor scandal among the elite crowd. The memory of his breath caressing her neck lingered on long after the theft was discovered - she couldn’t care less for the silly pearls.

From @captain_speakin: 

"I am not going to hurt you" He said as he pulled her closer. 

She cringed. He was holding her a little to tight for her comfort.

"That is a very pretty tattoo you have there" He ran his finger on the treble clef made on her neck. 

She couldn't wait for it to be over. 

From @donbratman: 

Eve: Hey guess what I found?   
Adam: What?
Eve: It fell out of that tree. 
Adam: I'm going to eat it.
Eve: Sure. Go ahead.  
Adam swallowed the entire fruit like a jackass. That is the story behind the origin of the Adam's apple and why shaving around it, is a bloody pain in the neck.

From @lungfakeer: 

It started with the beads of sweat on her nape. In one quick motion, he was kissing it; she, trembling, clasped on to him tighter. Her protruding veins, throbbing heart, assuring him of the magic his breath worked on her body. The nape won against the lips, the underdog, victorious, again.

From @hiway: 

"I'm neck deep in work, and you're asking me to have a look at bottles?" "Exquisite wine bottles, my dear… look at the necks, such slender beauties!" "You're a pain in the neck!" "Haha, we're having a neck to neck competiton eh?" "Thank goodness nobody mentioned vampires yet…" "Gotcha!"

From @ungaayaa: 

"Dude, Turtleneck Tee on a Monday?" Pradik expressed shock. Maneck lowered his tee, showing the plaster on his neck.

"Love bites eh?" 

Uhhm. I gave her a hickey. Seeing that, her dog pounced and ..." He saw him laughing "I know what you're thinking. With a name like Pradik, if only your wife had a dog."

From @wistyloony: 

The tailor stared glumly as the heavy set woman ran a tirade on how he'd ruined her dress. He protested, "But ma'am, you don't understand. Your neck is too well endowed to be flattering in this." She screeched. "Are you calling me fat?" and her handbag came flying at him. He ducked.

From @rahulDlewis: 

Clenching your hair, I inhale your quivering breath. 
I thrust harder. Deeper. 

You desire it. Your legs invite. Your neck, scarlet in delight. 
Your intentions are palpable. Your wetness is vicious. 

My tongue licks your neck. Contours delectably wet.

My erection is calm. Easing. I pick up your head. Blade clenched...
we bathe in blood.   

From @msmecheri: 

It was a sluggish morning and the station was dimly lit. Smitha was dozing, her head lolled on to one side, as she waited. A hand from behind touched her shoulder. She turned too fast and her neck creaked. Her friend smiled at her and pointed in the opposite direction. The delayed train had arrived.

From @podidosai:

The thought of the world record holder trailing him gave him the boost. But he was gaining on him. A glance sideways made him nervous. It was neck and neck. Finish line in sight. A photo finish. Jubilation! Not for nothing was he nicknamed giraffe. A gold medal, hung around his neck and rightly so.

From @chaosparticle: 

"My son is out at war," old Bala grumbled to his parrot. The parrot repeated: "Out at war." "Fighting for a world of deceit. You can trust no one." "Trust no one," said the parrot. "Damn right you can't!" Bala twisted its green neck. Stoically to his son's urn, he said "see what I mean?"

From @Byaatri: 

The dreaded criminal Dawood Kabrahim had been defeated with his own tricks. Now he could take his revenge. He drew an invisible line on his neck. The sharp piece of metal caught a drop of his sweat running away in fear. In a single decisive blow, he struck the area connecting his soul and wit.

From @kunalbaidmehta: 

He felt it on his neck first. He ignored it. He then felt it on his arms and he couldn't ignore it any longer.

He was visiting the same place where he had spent many memorable moments with her and today, when she was not with him, he was getting goosebumps all over his body.

From @aalfpaayil: 

He had ingeniously framed his junior, who was now being led away for the fraud. He had expected to feel triumph, relief at least. What was this emptiness? With a sinking feeling, he realized he would forever carry the weight, an albatross around his neck.

From @zoarcher: 

The diamonds dazzled with such fervour, her eyes involuntarily shut. The gold glittered glamorously. The string of pearls looked elegant. The emerald added a touch of royalty. The blue sapphire was stunning and grand. Meera looked at her reflection in the cracked mirror of her humble home, and wishfully touched her graceful but empty neck.

From @ppriyanka79: 

Kavita removed her mangalsutra and kept it with the note on the table . She could not continue this dual life. She had deceived her family, herself  but no more. If she could not be with Jai, then life was not worth living.

With a prayer on her lips, she placed the noose around her neck . 

From @yehhaisparta:

"Wow man, look at her neck."
"Look at those strings around her neck, man"
"Just look at her, look at her curves man. I think I'm in love."
"I can't wait to run my fingers over her."
"Let's enquire about her."
"Uncle, does that guitar come in black?"

From @Stupidiotica: 

Murdering scores of big cats in the arena had taught him that one well-placed blow to the lion's neck with his axe would kill the beast instantly. Victory would have to wait, though, before the veteran gladiator claimed it yet again. He had a crowd to entertain; they loathed finales this early in the performance.

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