Sunday, January 12, 2014

Theme 11: 2014: Appearances

From @kanakkupullai: 

"You cannot go inside", he was told. When asked why, the security retorted, "Your village clothes. Look at you, dhoti, toilet slippers. You have to only wear western clothes. This is a Five-star hotel, okay?"

"I know. I am the owner of this hotel. Now let me in."

He was ushered in with utmost respect.

From @ungaayaa: 

Archana stormed out of Hari's house, weeping. His cold words had pierced through her heart like a dagger.

She kick-started her scooty, saw Hari outside his door, through the rear view mirror. She kept staring and a minute later, she ran and hugged him because....

Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.

From @alksmehta: 

"Is appearance is all that matters"-Mehak always pondered because since childhood she had been discriminated amongst her sibblings.She became insecured.All her insecurities ended one day when Rohan entered her life and with his love made her realise that she was the most beautiful lady as she possessed the most beautiful heart!

From @haemlet: 

I took the liberty of choosing the singular form of the word in the story:

Red lipstick. A shiny long dress, low cut and with a long slit. High heels. Diamond ear drops. The short hair pinned to make it look classy. The outfit was just perfect for the formal party.

For his first public appearance as a her.

From @heyman_guy: 

Amar: Those stars in the sky look like a Lingam.

Antony: No, they look like a Cross.

Akbar: No, they look like Allah!

Amar: Wait! Doesn't Allah have no form?

Antony: That’s why I said, Allah.

itdoesntmaterwhatthenameis: Guys, It’s none of those. It’s the quarter bottle Old monk! You are inside a frigging room!

From @msmecheri: 

“Hey! Which bleach did you use to whiten your face today?”

Everyone roared with laughter as Shravya wept silently and walked home. She had had enough. She turned on the gas, waited and lit the matchstick. *Boom* The kitchen burnt down and so did she. Now people could only talk about her corpse’s appearance.

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