Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Theme 13: 2014: Stereotypes

From @hinnaz: 

“She did what? “
“So expected“
“But didn’t you ask her why?”
“Hmmmm didn’t seem that way at all to me”
“Are you going anyway?”
“No I won’t say anything”
“I’m married not stupid”
“Yes, it’s ok”
“Yes, the unmarried ones will never get us”
“Carry a gloss for me, I can’t go home”

From @sourcasm: 

"Drive carefully. You just overtook from the wrong side"
"I didn't.."
After skipping the red light she crashed her car into a bus.

From @donbratman: 

I was extremely nervous about my date. The guy was from another country after all. Then I saw him for the first time. He stood up, knocked some plates down and somehow managed to stammer the words "NIHONGOGA SUKUSHI WAKHAREMASU".

"Are you alright?", I asked, in English. Arghhh! How much I hate to be stereotyped.

From @aalfpaayil: 

She changed, checked her voicemail and played with the dog. “Supper is ready,” he called from the kitchen. “No salt in the curry,” she grunted. She put away the plate, grabbed a beer and settled down to watch football. She was the man of the house, after all.

TRRRRINGGGG, the alarm went off

She sighed. It was time to make breakfast. 

From @NivethaThiru: 

Muhammed placed his first step in a first world country, with hopes plethora.

"Sir can you please step aside and follow me?" said an officer tugging at his shirt as a hundred accusing eyes bore into him.

As yet another victim of harassment owing to stereotypes, Muhammed had his numerous hopes devoured by spite.

From @_souringpie: 

He were to compile 55 words regarding ‘Stereotypes’. He had couple of ideas in mind. But they seemed too mainstream. He sought something different. Unique. He thought profoundly. About different stereotypes existing. In society. At home. In his own mind. Everywhere. Stupid. Illogical. Uncharacteristic. He was dumbstruck. He left the story. To ponder. To rectify.

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: 

It had taken them by complete surprise.
Day One: Instant attraction
Day Two: I love yous
Day Four: The protective streak set in
Day Seven: They were inseparable
By Day Thirty they’d been a mother, sister, lover, and best friend to each other.
Stereotypes weren’t for them.
Soul-mates they were – magical, divine, completely insane.

From @deescjockey: 

"You Marathi women dominate your menfolk."
"You Delhi guys are all chauvinists."
"We know a thing or two about chivalry, unlike your Marathi men."
"Because your Punjabi shrews make you dance to their tunes."
"Cheers to that!"
"Cheers," said Sai, and kissed Amit, "Happy Anniversary, my sweet chauvinist bastard!"
"Happy Anniversary, my darling feminist bitch!"

From @kanakkupullai: 

He wouldn't be stereotyped. He hated science, it felt populated, spammed. He picked Commerce, in his 9th grade. They said Commerce was for dunces. 

In the end, he beat them all to it. Who knew, they'd all end up in management after 4 painful years in engineering, them lost souls, who had quoted huge ambitions!

From @ankitsharmatup: 

He sat by the window staring at the starlit sky. The keyboard was waiting for the touch of his fingers. The words in his mind were dancing inside and screaming to be let out. He shut his eyes, took a deep breath and switched off his computer as he had nothing good to write on "Stereotypes".

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