Sunday, January 5, 2014

Theme 5: 2014: Curiosity

From @PureNautanki: 

My friend's sister's boyfriend hooked up with his best friend's girlfriend. Another acquaintance got divorced and re-married. Who isn't interested in knowing what's happening in someone else's life? It has hurt someone who is going through it, but it doesn't hurt the one talking about it. I listen to it, discuss it, but don't pass judgments. I hear, but don't interfere. 

They call it gossip, I call it curiosity. 

From @chaosparticle: 

The senator who lobbied for gun control now lay lifeless on the sea bed. The diplomats aboard the Hollandez were reportedly shaken. Conspiracy, some cried. The tipsy old chap leaned back too far to read the ocean, some claimed. Most concurred. "Curiosity killed the cat," they whispered conclusively into the Atlantic winds that knew better.

From @AdvanceDexter: 

“Your shadow does wonders. Stay put young lad. Be patient”, the commander ordered on the covert mission. Young Mike pointed his rifle at the blind turn. There popped a head out of antsy curiosity to decode the shadow’s identity. It was a perfect headshot. “Good job boy! Said the captain”. Curiosity finally killed the ‘rat’. 

From @4m01: 

It was devastating. A break-up. He always thought this time is something different and she was the one, unlike the others girls he had dated but then....He started to add his two cents in sad poetry of heartbreak, used to keep himself high on weed.

She was just curious why she fell for him in first place.

From @wistyloony: 

The messenger boy had never seen a box that big. As he lugged it ahead, his curiosity got better of him and he juggled the box hoping for a clue as to what was inside when the box toppled over. The doorman spotted this and slapped his head. "No tip for you today, laddie."  

From @sravan63336: 

Lucy told her mom about her break-up. Her mom gave her advice she would never forget. "Guys approach you more out of curiosity than love. A couple will not face a problem until they have curiosity and anticipation. Even if they do, they'll help each other. But, once you lose it, it'll be hard to stay happy."

From @meticulousBlues: 

'No one is what they seem to be', she believed. She loathed the idea of a mystery and she hated people for hiding. At the end of a killing spree, a reason was demanded from her. ‘Out of curiosity. I had to know what's behind. In the face of death, they were all naked’, she answered.

From @vivekisms: 

He was only growing-up. The need to touch another body. The need to hold onto someone warm. The need to figure why he felt the way he did. The need to not let anyone know. The need to hide it. The need to explore. He could not hold it any longer. He came out and was deemed a criminal. 

From @MinolAjekar: 

It was her decision. Clean break, no contact,  best for all parties blah blah.

But online trolling to keep abreast on his whereabouts seems harmless. Its just a proverb, last time she checked no cats were dead.

From @snehzana: 

Huma knew there was dent in her perfect marriage. She decided to follow her husband to his weekly night disappearances to satisfy her curiosity. She opened the door to a dinghy looking bar and found her husband dressed as a drag queen dancing in front of other  men. Curiosity killed her marriage.

From @alksmehta: 

Mihika's charm attracted Samar on the very first day of college. Smelling something fishy about the girl who left college everyday at 12.00, Samar's friends disapproved of this girl. Curious to know the fact,Samar and his friends followed her the next day.To their surprise she entered a graveyard only to vanish in one of the graves!

From @kunalbaidmehta: 

She had two passions in life – writing and film gossip. To pursue these, she applied for the role of a film magazine journalist.
At the interview, the Editor asked her about her biggest strength for this role and her response was: ‘Curiosity to find out what is happening in their lives.’
She was hired instantly.

From @Stupidiotica: 

She placed the mysterious, bizzare circuit boards on the floor in front of her. This wasn't what she expected, but then, she didn't know what she expected. Her curiosity unwillingly satisfied, she returned to her toys nonchalantly. Hours later, her father would marvel at how his eight-year-old daughter clinically disassembled his computer CPU.

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