Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Theme 7: 2014: Reading

From @sourcasm: 

His favorite past time while travelling by metro was reading everyone's face. Which station will he get down at? Is that person sleepy or is it her perpetual expression? Maybe he is holding that newspaper just to impress the people at his office. 

Until he heard, "Agla station Karol Bagh hai. Darwaze dayi taraf khulenge"

From @NumbYaar: 

19 days back, he befriended the book instead of the idiot box and kicked the cigarette butt. A little bored, that day, he thought of surfing television channels. In the next three days, he would light a cigarette and this would prove to be another year of unsuccessful resolutions. 

From @MeticulousBlues: 

Reading is a fascination to the 12-year old Vivaan. A reading assignment elates him. He loves the way thoughts appear out of thin air, like magic, and how it feels as if the narrator is confessing all his secrets to him and just him. When asked, ‘What do you want to be, a writer?’ he replies, ‘Better. A reader.’

From @hiway: 

Edgar sat in his old chair, holding a notebook in his hands. It had doodles and scribbles all over the pages. "Grandpa! What are you doing?" Jimmy asked. "Reading" … "What can you read in it?" Jimmy was curious… "My childhood, dear boy." he replied as he hugged his grandson.

From @vivekisms: 

He hadn’t stepped out of his house in years. Words were all that he needed. Books lay everywhere, like forgotten children on a picnic. Half-opened, half-read, but there, breathing life into him. Watching every move of his. Silently. He spoke with them. Read them. Remembered them and then he was gone. Books wept for him. 

From @snehzana: 

Lizzie glanced at the wall lined with books in her chamber. Her manager entered the room & asked her-“Ready for tonight's show, Lizzie? “Yes” she said. “And what will be your name today?” the manager asked her again. Lizzie glanced at the book she was currently reading & said 'Lolita..Tonight my name is Lolita.”

From @captain_speakin: 

Samuel sat on his favorite bench in central park. He had been there every morning for four decades. Reading people was his favorite pass time. People got used to seeing him there till a year back someone noticed he wasn't around. He still read the faces he saw, the faces that couldn't see him anymore. 

From @zoarcher: 

Smriti rummaged through his piles of books and files. Nothing at all. Where was it? The holder of all his secrets. She spotted it; sitting stealthily between his shirts. She opened it and felt a surge of relief. As she continued reading between the lines of his red diary, she knew his game was up. 

From @_souringpie: 

“Thank you god for the most precious gift a father can get! She is a beautiful little angel! From now onwards, my world belongs to her. I will give her all the happiness, fulfill all her dreams and make her the most special girl”. She missed him more, after reading this note, 23 years later.

From @kunalbaidmehta: 

"Pursue your passion and enjoy your hobbies." said the professor on the last day of the graduation ceremony.

"Oh that's easy for me. My passion is the same as my hobby. Reading." said Malini to her friend Beena.

"That's interesting. In my case, it is writing. So I will write and you read." laughed Beena.

From @AdvanceDexter: 

They had heard a lie detecting expert who was good at reading people. He termed it as 'studying'. He catapulted a range of questions to check the convict's expressions and gestures. He clenched his fist which gave away his anger and a vital clue. The case had a lead now.

From @kanakkupullai: 

"I l-o-o-n.. l-ov-ee.. sigh.. I love y.. y-o-u.. haha.. this is difficult. I love you, mom!" Ananya was reading the letter with a child-like pride. She looked up, "Of course, me too Raj, my dear son!"

Abhi stood there, the only other occupant, tears flowing down. Ananya never remembered, her son had died recently.

From @alksmehta: 

From childhood Marco was addicted to reading books.For him every character was a companion whom he would interact with.He would relate,understand and live with them day and night.For him books were a companion,life support system as he grew up as an abandon child brought up by a librarian!

From @bitchwanti: 

A mountain of books surrounded him. His eyes moved at the speed of light. One day they stopped and stared in amazement at his own face, captured in black and white. While he had been immersed in reading words, she had read him to perfection.

From @Stupidiotica: 

Outside, cheerful rays of the early morning sun and joyous chirping of birds slowly metamorphosed into a dreary afternoon and then into a gorgeous evening. Stars began presenting themselves in the rapidly deepening sky. A beautiful crescent was rising in the east today. None of it mattered to the child. He was too engrossed reading.

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