Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Theme 8: 2014: Delirium

From @kanakkupullai: 

The starting bell rang. He picked up the question paper. Question One killed him. He fretted, his palms sweating, he looked behind him. His friend was intently writing. He watched the rhetoric questions make a mockery of his life. Unable to take it anymore, he walked out of the exam hall before he broke down.

From @DeeSCJockey: 

A bit of temperature was no match for her inner strength. She gathered her shivering self, strode up to the crib, grabbed the monster with all her remaining strength and flung its massive body across the room. Then gently, she cradled the crying baby. They found her on the floor, clutching a vacant crib.

From @sourcasm: 

That day began with uncertainty. Having waited three years for these exams to get over, severely disappointed when he walked out of the examination centre a month back.

Finally he had cleared them. Even though there was a stoic silence on his face, if someone read his mind you could hear him shouting in delirium.

From @captain_speakin: 

She woke up with a loud pounding noise in her head. She was dressed a skimpy red dress, her fishnets were torn in a few places. A leather jacket lay on the floor next to the strange bed. In a state of acute delirium, all she could recollected was leaving the hospital in her nurse's uniform. 

From @wistyloony: 

"He was here, you know. I spoke to him. We talked about you.", she whispered. The little boy looked at his grandmother and sighed with exasperation. "No, Nana, you are deluded. Father's been dead for years."

The old lady smiled, "Deluded maybe. But I'm not hopeless. He was here. You'll see too."

From @vivekisms: 

How could it all be in his head? he wondered. There had to be some sense to it. Something to be made out of it. All the chance encounters. The love making. The holding of hands and some more. Was it just a figment of his imagination? The slight and sudden descent had started. 

From @grrrvita: 

She was excited for the night.

His touch, his reaction, ‘What next? ...’

...The anticipation of all this kept her jumpy throughout the day. And then came the call.

She was numbed for his reaction had been lethal, and ‘What next?’ was still the question. Death had left its early signs of delirium on her.

From @hiway: 

"What do you mean Skynet shut itself down?" Richard was in disbelief. "Well, we had built it such that it could learn everything, including emotions and state of mind from people. It realized its own potential for destruction and in a state of delirium ordered the drones to destroy the datacenters!" observed Brad.

From @bhukkadmata: 

The room seemed to spin all around him. His monk like glass seemed less innocent than before. Was it love in his heart or was it just pain in his head? He swayed between the two for hours and more, until the monk made him fall to the ground, amplifying the delirium in his soul..

From @ungaayaa: 

The relatives that had gathered, felt bad for Sujith more than they did for his dead grandfather in front of them.

Sujith ambled out, his legs still trembling, his face vapid. He went into the kitchen. He looked around, his expressions slowly evolved into a huge grin "So, nobody doubts I could've killed?" He laughed.

From @meticulousBlues: 

She loved him, an illusion that felt real. She lived a life that is far from reality and she enjoyed it too. She labeled her dependence on him and called it love. She fed on every single word of his, yet she wanted more; her loneliness and its insatiable appetite were to blame. She said ‘enough’ before, but she meant it this time. 

From @MinolAjekar: 

From his bed, he watches the people walk in the corridor. Sometimes they seem to walk on the ceiling and walls too. Sometimes they call out to him, he tries to touch them but they are shy.

They would befriend him, they are afraid of the chains that bind him to the bed. One day…

From @snehzana: 

Mrs.Sama was angry because she found out drugs in her daughter’s bedroom and was deliriously high on trying them. Mrs.Sama’s daughter was deliriously happy when she was kissed by her boy friend.  Mr.Sama was feeling deliriously low, because his business collapsed. The world revolved around in different orbs of deliriums. 

From @shekhartripathi: 

Having served India for 20 years Capt. Batra spent his last days in an old home in Varanasi on the banks of River Ganges. Despite being unmarried he was busy with his golf, but delirium took over. Loneliness and boredom gnawed him from within. His sole companion every night- Smooth 25 year old Chivas Regal.

From @oxymoronic_me: 

She looked at the phone in her hand. She checked her mail. Nothing. Where was he? In the arms of another woman? Work? Shopping with his wife? Or was it simply a detachment?

That was when her delirium took over. She did not want to know now. She wiped the tears. She killed her existence.

From @AdvanceDexter: 

He had an idea defying conventions. He had the perfect plan for a national uprising that would change the face of the nation. They called him delirious for his mercurial ideology. He proved himself emerging as a winner. The same lot who thrashed him were now his followers.

From @Stupidiotica: 

The iridescent colours that no one else could see were quickly vanishing, the nebulous patterns on the walls fading away into the normalcy that was reality. Slightly annoyed, he loaded his syringe with yet another dose of the sinister, lustrous blue drug. Delirium had become his preference, reality a notion he had left far behind.

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