Thursday, January 9, 2014

Theme 9: 2014: Video Games

From @Byaatri: 

It was a slow Sunday morning. She felt frustrated at the other end. It was similar to an itch that she could not reach.

At the other end he was fighting militants, taking bullets & solving codes.

'What could he be doing?' She wondered.

Both were playing games, one was virtual and another was real.

From @aalfpaayil: 

He tried his best to dodge the Falcon, but in vain. He had exhausted all his Coins. The glory of his triumphs so far meant nothing now. He didn’t have another Life left to go back to the safety of the previous Level.

He wished he could press the Start Over button of life.

From @chaosparticle: 

Rex wasn't Varun's alter ego. He was the answer to unrequited dreams. The leap from a dilapidated studio to Rex's "Alternature" brought him the money, stocks and women he'd otherwise never see. And then one day, Sylvia went offline. A dejected Rex blew up his wealth on the turkey. Varun could recognize himself once again.

From @meticulousBlues: 

There is blood everywhere. People are falling like leaves fall off of a dying tree. 'I told you not to go back', he shouted. 'I had to, I saw a stranded kid', she replied. 'I'm proud', he said. 'It's just a video game', she snorted. 'So what. It's still you', he retorted.

From @DeeSCJockey: 

Everybody thinks I have it all - “poor little rich boy”, my problems are not real to them - I’m this spoilt brat, hooked to my video games, oblivious to responsibility. If they only knew that if it weren’t for this one outlet, this escape into my own reality, the other ‘I’ would’ve killed myself.

From @donbratman: 

He was the most successful man in the world. He tackled huge problems on an hourly basis. They came in all shapes and sizes. He used one problem to solve another. He laid a platform with them and stood on top of the fucking world. "Life is like tetris", he would often joke.

From @ungaayaa: 

Charan was playing 'The walking Dead'. Sensing a weird odour, he ran to the kitchen. "Damn, gas leak", he cursed himself and tried to open the windows and .... *Booom*

"I called him to know which episode of 'walking dead' he was playing. But why did he've to take his phone into the kitchen?", wept Shravan.

From @sourcasm: 

"What's up?"
"Nothing much. I am playing video games."
"Oh gaaaawwwwddd"
"What happened?"
"You can tell me"
"I mean, you are 25 years old and you are still playing video games? Don't you think it's high time you showed some maturity?" (And then she went back to watching Duck Tales on her laptop)

From @captain_speakin: 

"I love my gift" Tim said excitedly as he opened it."Why did Santa not get you anything Leo, weren't you a good boy this year?" he asked his brother. "I don't know" Leo replied. What he did know was that, it took all the money had saved in a year to pay for those video games.

From @wistyloony: 

Wearing only a towel, she came out of the room and purred, "Come, unwrap me." He looked at her in confusion. 

"Why are you here? I'm hosting a Warcraft marathon with the boys." 

She rolled her eyes and grumbled, "I must be the only woman who has to compete with video games.”

"Not the only one”, he chuckled.

From @vivekisms: 

They decided at the peak of their relationship to invent a video game. To create something new. Of lovers and love plots and wanting to be together. A Bollywood movie kind of game. The idea was dismissed. They parted ways. The game after all was just an idea. 

From @zoarcher: 

Amit, the college stud, was trying to impress the hottest girls. “Yesterday a car dared to overtake me. I just zoomed, navigating the twists and turns.” “And?”, asked a girl. “Ahead till the end”, bragged Amit. 

‘Awesomeness!!” Ritwik yelled, ‘In Hot Pursuit 1 or 2?” The girls fumed on realising the game he had played.    

From @alksmehta: 

Ronnie was fascinated to machines and was addicted to his mobile,laptop,I-pad and the most to his video-game which was his life.One day,after work as usual he reached for his video-game and BOOM,there was a blast.Ronnie's rivals took advantage of his weakness and Ronnie's life,his video-game,had taken his life.

From @snehzana: 

“Meet me at the temple today ” Meeta said to her boyfriend.

“Dear God, Please let the market bounce back today.” Mr.Shashi ‘s prayer. 

“Let it be a boy, I promise I’ll come to temple everyday” a pregnant woman’s  prayer.

Life is just another video game and everyone has their own version of temple run. 

From @kunalbaidmehta: 

Shalini was seething with rage and waiting for her husband Rajiv.

Her suspicions made her check the browser history of Rajiv and she found words like 'Infidelity and Sex'.

Rajiv came home with a box of cake and announced 'Honey. Months of hard work has paid off. My new video-game will be called 'Sex & Infidelity'.

From @ankitsharmatup: 

Today I resigned from my work and came home excited. As I switched on my computer I realised that we all live in a video game world where we keep running, collecting points, move to next level(s), tackle our difficulties and win rewards. When we lose, we all eventually die.

From @yehhaisparta: 

He held her hand and whispered "I love you", got down on one knee, pulled out a PS4 controller from his jacket and placed it in her hands. Bewildered, she looked at him and asked him to explain.

"I want you to be my second player, for life." He said.

From @AdvanceDexter: 

The boy was not even 18. He somehow managed to get a hold of his father's car keys. The empty road fuelled his adrenaline fire. He forgot real roads cannot be controlled by a joystick. The deplorable had occured. Unlike his video games, he could not restart life's race with intact limbs. The doctor had called for prosthetics. 

From @Stupidiotica: 

The universe simulator video game he had programmed from scratch had now been running on his machine for two weeks. There were still many occurrences that the digital life forms the game had evolved could comprehend. Unbeknownst to their creator, somewhere among the ones and zeros, the first concepts of God were coalescing.

From @xmanishaa: 

"Rohan, come here. Spend some time with us." A voice yelled "let me play this video game. This is much more fun!" "How to make him spend time with his loved ones rather than letting him play those silly games 24/7?.. He'll regret when we'll be game over. We won't have any spare life left."

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