Sunday, January 5, 2014

Theme 4: 2014: Quintessence

From @sourcasm: 

"He is the quintessence of immaturity, did you seriously expect him to come on time?" 
"I know he is a little immature, but he tries so hard. And honestly, you may find it weird but I love everything about him. His immaturity, him being protective, his lame jokes. I wouldn't change a thing about him"

From @ScribblingOn: 

Sitting in an isolated corner, she lived in her cocoon of thoughts. A cynic at heart, she watched people pass by with a strange longing in those hollow yet deep eyes. “I drain the life out of myself willingly”, she mused silently. “Quintessence of life”, he amusingly thought to himself peeking from a corner.

From @alksmehta: 

Raj's passion to travel made him visit the Konark Sun temple,famous for its erotic sculptures.But he was amazed to know that the quintessence of it was the main entrance where when the first sunlight fell would give the exact time.This kind of history always excited him and the longing to explore remained unsatiable.

From @MeticulousBlues: 

Money. His life revolved around it. He believed, without money happy endings are seldom possible. She loved him, but not enough to watch him lose perspective as to what's right and what isn't.  The day he bagged the contract is the same day she left him. Irony is the heart of life; life's essence.

From @kunalbaidmehta: 

Salil got his big break when he secured the role of Vice-President in a leading MNC. But he was surprised at the culture of the company, where even Vice-Presidents couldn't have a difference of opinion with the CEO. This was quintessentially coming from the subconscious mindset of Indians  due to years of ruling by the British.

From @mekkanikk: 

He pointed his camera at the baby chimp struggling in water, which made little effort to swim but surprisingly, managed to stay afloat. When it approached the river bank, he saw another figure that had been carrying it all along: the mother chimpanzee. He clicked as many photos as he could, of a quintessential mother. 

From @Ms_Unattached: 

He started his day gambling and ended it with a hoe,
Seven seas away, his family was a boat without oars
Sometimes after months, otherwise after years, rarely did they meet
His pups considered him a quintessential monarch,
While he slogged and slaved to clear the cloud of bankruptcy.

From @DNRamki: 
Throughout the flight journey, she flipped through old photos. During the cab ride, she stared out the window, reliving her memories. She walked through the gates, took in the smell, roamed hallways and even sneaked into her old classroom.
It still didn’t feel like a reunion. After all, her best friend wasn’t by her side.
From @Stupidiotica: 
The sharp suit, expensive watch, even all the gold in the vault paled in significance to the letter he now held. It had been years since he'd needed it to battle his hardship, yet its value hadn't decreased. "It isn't the end of the world." The quintessence of all his wealth read, signed by himself.

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