Friday, August 3, 2012

Theme 112 - Contempt

From @pinkfluid: She looked away amidst all the chaos the bomb has caused. People were running all around her. Some gathered in circles to look at the only person who was killed. None helped him in his suffering. “Maybe they could have saved him from the bomb. Then he would die at the hand of Dementors.”

From @servantofkrsna:

"As soon as I see you settled in life, I'd waste no time in leaving this house." She said in a matter of fact tone.

"It's easier said than done considering the society we live in." He remarked.

"Contempt is a very strong emotion, son. Makes me indifferent. "

From @TheFraudMallu:

Nayan had his eyes fixed outside the window.  Anagha and Sumukh, holding hands, were seated on the floor. Jay and Neharika were still arguing and finally Neharika shouted rather screamed “Contempt kiya Jay. Apologise kar”

Startled, Nayan turned around and asked “Kaun tempt kar raha hain tujhe”

Moral: Dear Ex Girlfriend Your Delhi Accent Sucks

From @haemlet:

The mirror wouldn’t lie to her. Right?

She looked at herself again and again. Her hair flowed beautifully. It was much longer now. Her lips looked luscious. She was dressed well, and looked presentable. It was strange for her to admire herself, yet she could see that she liked it. Then why hadn’t he.

From @TheScotchGirl: Sheila knew she bagged this one but Neha was just one point away. One point away err well she was everyone’s favourite. Sheila walks into HRD hoping for some information, no one’s there. Neha’s personnel file spread on the desk.  Damn it she is two points ahead of me Sheila makes the change, sorry Neha.

From @slokabs: “My dear brothers and sisters! I am glad to see you all here, showing your support and confidence in me as I assume the mantle of Chief Minister. As a token of appreciation, please collect your coupon for a free air conditioner as you leave.” Manish spat contemptuously and switched off the TV in disgust.

From @CruciFire:

The Dark Knight.
Ocean's Eleven.
Mission Impossible.
The Italian Job.

Movies that lure me into robbing, stealing or committing felony.

Con-tempt, the emotion they evoke!

From @roshd: She looked at him with contempt as she visited him at the asylum. A vegetable. She had proved he was crazy and violent in court and had him confined to the sanatorium. She was enjoying his wealth as he rotted away.She didn’t expect him to throttle her to death. Paagal kuch bhi kar sakta hai.

From @monathais:

"The forest had always been her mysterious place.
Few dared touch its black-leaves.

Spells and spills protected its magic treasure.
Then He came and asked her to erase it. She wept bitter tears. She suffered. She cursed.

“Why would men like something so ugly?” she asked herself, looking down into the mirror.
She felt naked."

From @JeeveSobs: He continued making the same mistake again and again, and it got continually exploited again and again. Finding no other alternative, he finally emailed, with helpless hands, asking for help to fix his network's security. The 16 year old complied, replying in contempt to the 30 year old professional web administrator.

From @vchatting:

Why are we 'airing' the contest for 1hour and not 4?
Boss, when the medium is 'Radio', with an 'average listening time' of 12mins, who will stick for 4hours to win those dumb coupons? Even an hour is a stretch...
In 20years experience, I've made every contest work...
Atleast 'try' to be logical, Boss!

From @BoozeSexSundry: She left the horde clanking glasses with fake smiles. Backless dresses, neon ties. He sat beside her on the empty stool. Not maintaining eye contact, she acknowledged his presence and shifted in her seat, her chipping black nailpaint, chipping further. ‘Who ARE you sitting beside?’ echoed voices. Voices he contemptuously ignored. Voices she indirectly thanked.

From @PeaceOVent: The lights were off. She was alive in the silence of the night. She turned on the television, flipping channels aimlessly. Scene after scene of incoherent thought filled her senses. Damn this idiot tube, she thought. My Shaw beckons. The lights were on.

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  1. The weather was beautiful. With forget me not blue skies, it seemed to be mocking him; playing him like a fiddle. From nowhere in particular, a singularly monotonous thought squeezed its way through the welter: uninhibited and virulent. All it said was “Life: Thou art a merciless wretch.” And he stared ponderously at his palms.