Friday, August 17, 2012

Theme 126 - Chaos

From @roshd: She was the free-spirited gypsy unafraid to speak her mind. He was the reserved, intellectual, corporate type ever mindful of social norms and etiquette. She turned his world upside down. Discipline and order were replaced by chaos. Surely she would ruin his life, they said. He didn’t care if she did. He had never been happier.

From @swordfish19: His bed is strewn with books and comics. His bookshelf is packed to capacity. Tall stacks now line up against the big wall. A huge poster of Def Leppard, with a corner off, adorns that wall. His laptop sits amidst various technological paraphernalia on a table.  His mother calls it chaos. For him it’s order.

From @blublubling: He had abandoned the world. After her death he left, no one knew where to. He didn't sing anymore , he didn't play his guitar. He just lay longing for silence. He is heard to drink the whiskey each day but the intoxication doesn't get him anymore. The chaos is within , and it won't leave him.

From @Whiteness: His last words echoed in her mind amidst chaos, “...dear, you know that I’m struggling to make a living here. One can only solve the problem by thinking beyond it, five years from now I’m sure you will be happy with your married life...” 

...and then she looked at her husband and smiled for photograph.

From @thescotchgirl: The children were yet not home. The radio was playing some old hindi music, Lata was singing, all melodious. The song abruptly was stopped for some important message about a possible bomb scare. Radha listens attentively & Ashok Nagar is mentioned. She calls the school frantically, the clerk is crying, Radha can hear the chaos.

From @Pscripturient: Of all quiet places she had been to, the morgue was usually her favorite. Until the day, she had to identify a loved one. Her peace turned into chaos with her first step inside the room. What was he wearing when he left? What were his last words to her? This could be the end.

From @absoluteme: They were all standing in a row, heads bowed down; the pro's stifling a smile, a couple of new girls sobbing, one guy continually asking to go to the toilet. Finally the principal barked "Who started it?". There was a long silence; and then somebody squeaked, "Chemistry ma'am, she left the class 5 minutes earlier!"

From @CruciFire:

“ we need 2-3 mockups of the cover photo by tomorrow.”
*Story yet to be written*
“Is the SEO article for today done?”
*Story yet to be written*
“What about the postings on this brand? EOD today?”


“Jay, you alright?”

From @bitchwanti: Engineer. Then a pilot.Doctor.A musician. A painter. A singer. A dancer. In this travel through life, she wanted to be many things. "I'll be a magician, yes!" she said as she stood there in the chaos of stampeding teenagers, staring at her mark sheet, wishing she had super powers to realise her dreams.

From @Ophelia_sDream: The amalgamation of honking cars, screeching tyres, buzzing bike caught in the traffic snarl had turned the world outside into utter chaos. She searched for an escape. She looked up at the radiant sky, smiled and thought of him, their love, their world.The world around turned beautiful again and she found peace in chaos.

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