Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Theme 123 - Disappointment

From @TheHappyNoodle: The days' last rays of sunshine burn holes in the imperceptible time that passes with me not re-imagining your myriad looks of disappointment. It's immeasurably sad. There’s a shift in things; you know so little about them. When you've a good thing going, you don’t want to be reminded of things that could end it.

From @TheScotchGirl: Mrs & Mr Cardoz looked at their one bedroom with a dumb waiter fitted into the corner.Never did they in their wildest dreams think this was how Sid was going to repay them. The boy Friday comes in to state lunch is ready. Thank God the homeless shelter offered them two meals at least.

From @jumidas1: She uploaded her new facebook profile picture and went to sleep. Next night, she logged in...106 likes ! With a smile she started checking out the names of people who has liked her photo. His name was not there. She changed back the profile picture to the earlier image and went to sleep.

From @roshd: Rajiv had called to say he’d be late again. It was her birthday. Sneha was disappointed and angry.Just then the doorbell rang. Rajiv had sent her an exquisite diamond ring as a birthday gift. She was happy again. “A small price for peace”, thought Rajiv, as he lay with Aparna in a hotel room.

From @swordfish19: Do animals feel disappointment? Does the concept of disappointment exist in the animal kingdom or is it a purely human phenomenon? Take an ant. Do you think it gets disappointed when it loses a grain of sugar? It starts finding another one. Disappointment is not programmed in an ant. It’s either working or not working.

From @BluBluBling:

"I love her Maa"

Reema's words rang in her mother's ears. Ree, her lovely girl, loved another woman. She couldn't understand how that could be. She wasn't raised this way. All the sleepovers were becoming clearer now. My daughter and love a woman , what a disappointment she thought as she put a garland over Reema's photo.

From @PeaceOVent:

Age 5: Smile. Don't slouch in your seat. Why do you drag your feet?
Age 15: Who are you meeting all dressed up like that? Be nice to your parents. She is better than you.
Age 25: Marry a nice boy before you're too old. Do you want a career? Don't go there alone.

Just one constant across ages, constant letdown.

From @Pscripturient: I had never been outside home. Until mother fought a conservative father to let me attend post-graduation in Ahmedabad. Mother was a college drop-out, victim of early marriage. I remembered her strife everyday, as mother kept losing memory back home. My convocation, brimming with happiness, coincided with mother’s leaving. This was disappointing, in the least.

From @quratzafar: I met many men after him but none of them had gentle brown eyes that lit up every time they saw me. He said I had disappointed him; I was not what he expected me to be. But I was hopelessly stuck. After being the center of his love, how could I contend with anything else?

From @_Nehu: Whenever they visited mall, she would stop by jewels shop and view beautiful necklace. He worked hard, saved single penny and gifted her expensive necklace. She was more than happy, now she wants another one; to his disappointment she valued money than anything else. His love went in vain; her greed grew day by day.

From @slokabs: The clock ticked the minutes by. Yet, everytime she looked, the hands had barely moved. His favourite food was becoming cold; She, hungry. The elevator's feeble music grew louder till it stopped on her floor. "Finally!", she thought. The bell didn't ring. The phone beeped."Going out with friends. Not coming home for dinner tonight."

From @flirtingshadows: The taste of defeat lingered long after the fight had ended. That and the deafening silence, which threatened to engulf them both. The chatterboxes they were, they were not used to them silences. She professed an apology, if only to banish some of the silence away. He brushed it aside. The room reeked of disappointment.

From @ponderpuffman:

She died without letting him know.

There were many stories to whisper. There were many promises to make.
There were many more jokes to crack.
He had one more kiss for her. He had one more silence.
The day before she died, she had asked for pink hibiscus.

He held on to all these, disappointed. 

From @The_Buffmaster: Seconds seemed hours, minutes seemed days and days seemed months. He had his left eye stuck on the pendulum and his right eye focused on the mobile screen, waiting for it to ring and just hear “YES”.  A wait, he just couldn’t bear. A zillion thoughts flowing amongst his mind, in which “disappointment” was none.

From @vagabondinact: I hoped. Hope gave wings to my thoughts. They soared. They flew, gathering expectations.  Expectations strengthened the wings.  Reinforced, they flew further and farther, amassing desires. Desires wedged  the wings. Wings failed and beliefs plummeted crashing into life, crippling it forever.

From @vchatting: Nothing he did, ever got him his father's approval.He strived though, everyday, for an acknowledgement of his worth,in his father's eyes. Triumphantly, he announced, filing the patent ! Father's reaction was the same, habitually disdainful!That moment, he got over a lifetime of disappointment, for how could he've expected appreciation from a limited, ignorant person?"

From @visualizashan: I was overjoyed that she finally wanted to meet me. I have met her before but this meeting was special. I was very excited and was thinking what to do and how to do.Before I could do anything, She asked my hand………To tie a RAKHI.

From @ushfajk: He started running as fast as he could. Fear clouding his confidence, he looked behind. Ten years old and a smile on his face, he ran harder. The finish line beckoned his feet. Nearly there… The towering figure scowled at the silver medal hanging from his neck. “What a disappointment …” his father murmured.

From @Ophelia_sDream: She never had much expectation from him. He never ceased to be his obnoxious self.  Many times she had let her heart rule her mind but not anymore.  She was not disappointed that he didn’t turn up for their wedding; her only disappointment was that she would not get to live in his sprawling mansion!

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  1. He usually avoids it for the stereotypical people he meets and is tired of trying. He goes anyways, hoping it would work just this once. Tries to blend in, laughs, sarcastically pulls legs, showcases his wits and gulps down pints after pints of beer. But then suddenly 'When are you getting married now?' "Never". Retires to a corner, disappointed bu the world so obsessed.