Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Theme 130 - Oblivion

From @WannabeSanyasin: Concrete promises made. Countless hugs exchanged.  Endless smiles smiled. They seemed to be close friends. Probably it was something more. A silly misunderstanding resulting into a prolonged silence. They knew where they belonged. Separated, drifted, and torn apart as they longed for one another. Never to see, smile or speak. Into the deepest oblivion ever.

From @swordfish19: At a time when they needed each other more than ever, they became strangers. Life was now a tangled mess of incoherent speech (not to mention the rambling), confused stares, dependence on external care, precarious steps, bed sores and the inadvertent waiting for the final moment. In one fell swoop, Alzheimer’s hit the old couple.

From @sinpinklove: Rasheed believed Sujata to be his destiny.She kept her head on his shoulder as he played with her hair.She nuzzled his neck and they had their first kiss.Their love was oblivious to society but they knew the dark truth.They took the train to Mumbai to live their dreams

From @AmanjotKSandhu:

“I know you are keeping something from me.”

“It’s nothing, darling.”

“You can tell me, you know that.”

“You don’t want to listen to this.”

“I do.”

“I miss my previous girlfriend. She died this day 2 years ago.”

Shocked into silence, she was missing the bliss of the oblivion.

From @roshd: She was only a primary school teacher in a nondescript village. Very plain looking and not intelligent enough for Him. So she stayed there in obscurity and oblivion while he ruled as India’s most powerful CM aspiring to be the PM someday.She won’t talk about it. She fears for her job.

From @krishna_marathe: As an artist, he loved attention from admirers for his craft; yet because of it he couldn’t create. Oblivion was his best friend whom he sought for creation’s sake and shunned it for being acknowledged. It’s a bitter sweet relationship this one.

From @anjana_murali: She saw the little girl conversing with the dog, oblivious of the fact that it did not understand her baby language and that they belonged to different species. It was then that she threw the poison bottle into the dustbin. Life was too beautiful and precious to be wasted, she realised.

From @slokabs: Seated on the ship deck, his eyes soaked in the blue expanse. The encounter had killed hundreds, including him. No one would mourn his death. His family had disowned him the day he’d picked up the gun. A silent tear left his eye and merged with the ocean, to be lost forever...just like his existence.

From @NumbYaar: He finally created his new invention, a teleportation device! All one had to do was touch a point on a globe to reach there. He took note of his current location and went for the kill. He spun the globe and would lay a finger on his destination. It was probably somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle.

From @vchatting:

Shrunk,suffering incontinence, lying in a pool of urine in his corner in that dingy old-age home. He was almost a vegetable now. Helpless!
Once, he'd been the guiding light,provider,everything, for his family. How and when, did he fade into oblivion from their lives and get dumped here? His slow mind couldn't recall......

From @minolajekar: You erase me from your memory, like autumn’s discarded leaf or yesterday’s newspaper. My identify in your memory has vanished and it is like I ceased to exist.  Do people see me as they walk past, do they hear me scream? Maybe I do not exist maybe I am a dream.

From @CruciFire:

She caressed his manhood through his jeans as he returned the favour.
Blissfully oblivious to everyone outside their world, they made out passionately.
In the distance, they saw two uniformed silhouettes walked towards them brandishing sticks.

He woke up sweating profusely.
Some memories never fade into oblivion, he thought and went back to sleep smiling.

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