Sunday, August 26, 2012

Theme 132 - Angst

From @YearofRat: He sat patiently, watching the small car trying to make a rodent like escape from traffic, reversing in the middle of a busy highway during peak time. His passenger, watching the vein throbbing in his temple, like a rattle snake. This was going to be an epic battle of angst and stupidity on Delhi roads.

From @BhallaKar: What does the word “angst” mean? she asked. It’s a state where out of despair and a longing to be with you, I will propose you and hope that you will say yes, we both knowing that it is not going to work out later but we will still give it a try.   

From @kunalbaidmehta: It was a momentary lapse of judgment and Rajan's short-temper, which led him to hit Roshita. She went to another room and closed it to decide her next set of action between her sobs. The choice was between calling the police or forgiving Rajan. She decided for the latter by hanging herself from the fan.

From @roshd: She got his house,car and custody of their son. Post-Divorce it was the first of his monthly visits.She expected him to be seething. He came. Kissed and hugged Junior tightly, eyes closed. It was like she didn’t exist. Her guilt, in the form of a lump in her throat, almost choked her.

From @_saraU: They don’t understand the woman in me. The want to be a woman, to look beautiful. I feel isolated, different. My parents seem ashamed of me. I don’t know why? But, they keep saying “Be a Man”. Yes. There appears a man on the mirror. I fear him. There’s no end to this.  This angst.

From @PeaceOVent:

What an eventful weekend! She was entranced having seen her favourite band live. She was on the bus, going back to old questions.

Love seems simple.
Planning a career should be a breeze.
Love is agony.
A choice of profession is just that day's fancy.

She turns on her iPod.
"Maybe tomorrow is a better day".

From @CruciFire:

‘Why would he do that? He could have just bought some from our side of the road.
People are talking. Society can be so cruel.
Insects do it. Even group of humans named after insects do it.
No one asks them. Why my hubby then?
Insensitive bastards!’

Mrs.Chicken just couldn’t let go of her angst.

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