Friday, August 24, 2012

Theme 131 - Destruction

From @slokabs: The painted lady lay on the window sill – dreaming and waiting to dry. Soon, Sujay would varnish, frame, wrap and gift her to his parents. And then, she would adorn one of the whitewashed walls of the sprawling living room. Suddenly, she felt raindrops.Later, Sujay crumpled the canvas and threw it into the dustbin.

From @eklavyagupte: We sat outside sipping liquor brewed from the mahua fruit. Someone made a wry remark about how we were fortunate that some liquor had survived the several military raids and destruction; we smiled, refilled our glasses and dropped off to sleep under a moon we would not see for another 18 years.

From @bongbuffoon: The rain destroyed his home and his hope. As he sat and stared at the ruins, his eyes blank, his mind numb, watching the last remnants of his possessions float away on the dirty waters of the neighbourhood, the voice of a child pierced his thoughts. “Dadu, when do we start rebuilding.” And he smiled.

From @roshd: Geeta had heard Rajiv had quit his job and hit the bottle after their breakup. Serves him right, she thought, hope he self- destructs. As he sipped his scotch, Rajiv sat back content. Things were great post his break up with Geeta. He was taking up a new job in Australia. Hopefully he’d find love again.

From @BoozeSexSundry:

It was a mean, nasty world she thought. Thoughts adamant like a bratty little cancer kid who just lost all her hair. Dry skin flakes falling off her white dotted hospital apron.

'Your writing is beautiful'. He said, like a Sun providing indirect inspiration for chemotherapy. 'So much chaos.'

'I'll edit, bring a sunflower around.'

From @PeaceOVent:

The intense agony of having given birth to someone. The pure ecstasy. Her son is leaving her today. His wife finds her inconvenient.

She is crumbling, the walls are closing in on her. They reach the old age home. She moves away. This is the last time she will see her angel.

She turns around, and spots her high school sweetheart. Old, yet new.

From @filmypurna:

Boo _ s
_ _ ndom
F _ _ k
P _ n _ s
Pu _ s _
S _ x

No longer stood for:


Her innocence had been destroyed.

From @CruciFire:

Dev kept his barrel rolling till all the six rockets were loaded. *BOOM* James was gone.  
Aaron ran into Raj who flak’d him.
Millions cheered as Arjun decapitated David with a *head shot*.
Nikhil sniped Nathan as he was about to behead Rohit.
Steve found himself staring down Rohit’s Redeemer.
2012 Unreal Tournament Champions: India!

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