Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Theme 133 - Fetish

From @swordfish19: An indigenous tribe in the forests of Central India worships a black clay sculpture of a spigot, offering it prostrations and circumambulations. They believe that it blesses them with adequate rains helping them grow their crops, so necessary for their subsistence. However, this year’s drought makes one wonder – has the tap run dry?

From @aaroo4: Holding on to her foot, he kept running his hands up and down. She stared at him, as if to make sense of what he was doing. He kept at it, rhythmically, eyes blank. Silence engulfed them, until he heard a thud. The mannequin had fallen down, but his hands continued working the foot.

From @TheScotchGirl: He slapped her in the middle of their naked conversation. He loved how her skin bruised red under the slightest touch. She was in shock if only for a sec, slapping him back. They were meant for each other, Forever bruising each other.  She had to dress her wound somehow, her husband arrived tonight.

From @slokabs: His nighttime routine spelt waiting patiently for sufficient quiet, peering from below the bedroom door looking for signs of movement, gently opening it, walking noiselessly to the kitchen cabinet, pulling out that elusive bottle on the topmost shelf and stuffing a handful of sweets into his mouth. Now, he would finally be able to sleep.

From @JaaTeri:

Husband: “I just hit the mouse with a shoe. I didn’t mean to kill it.”
Wife: “You know how much I loved it?”
Husband: “I am sorry. Poor soul...”
Wife: “Sole? You have spoiled the shoe.”
Husband: “Oh. Hah! I mean… Let’s go shopping!”
Wife: “Two pairs. I would have 350 pairs then!”
Husband: “Done.”

From @roshd: "Go sleeveless on him” the TV commercial for the underarm deodorant proclaimed, promising to whiten even the armpits. She smiled. Almost blushed. She never wore sleeveless dresses. He loved her unshaven and natural there. And she would do anything for him. That it drove him wild, was an added bonus.

From @CruciFire:

He stuck it on a sports bike.
He stuck it on the vodka bottle.
He stuck it on his touchscreen phone.
He stuck it on the AC bus.
He stuck it on his electric guitar.

He stuck it on his girlfriend's forehead and that was the end of it.

His fetish – printed 'LIKE' buttons.

From @PeaceOVent:

Dresses did nothing for her. She didn't know how to apply makeup. Then she enrolled for ballroom dance. High heels were mandatory.

"But I can barely walk in flats.", she thought. The minute she put them on, she couldn't get enough of those heels. It was deep love. You'll never know what it is with girls and shoes.

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