Friday, August 10, 2012

Theme 118 - Hedonism

From @TheScotchGirl:

Jill was dating the football jock school heartthrob Gerald.
She was a junior but everyone loved her. The attention was a high.
She didn’t bother about her friend’s thoughts or feelings.
Sam was new to school & very cute, a junior.
Jill leaves her friends & heads to his table.
He’s yummy, mine to have.

From @karthikisthin: He shut the blinds, drenched the towel and tightly wrapped it around his neck. He brandished the rusty butter knife and licked its end. It shone a muted red from the zero watt bulb overhead. He took a deep breath and smiled into the mirror. Reopening the stab wound took him to his preferred dimension.

From @swordfish19: Mr. D___, 43, lay dead in his living room. A life spent drinking, smoking, womanizing and enjoying the myriad pleasures of life had had its toll on his body.  The empire would naturally go to his only son, M____, who was sitting solemnly beside the corpse.  The “limited edition” designer coffin from B_____ was awaited.

From @sinpinklove: He kissed her toes and slowly moved upwards,at the same time using his hands to caress her breasts.His lips found her  tender flesh but he did not stop there.When he felt she was aroused he entered her slowly and then with force.All he lived was for pleasure. 

From @flirtingshadows: The whirring ceiling fan above her head told her that she was in a familiar place. The fingers kneading her scalp, forehead and cheek bones made her feel otherwise. Not to say she didn’t enjoy that sensation. She was just unaccustomed to it; flinching and itching to curl up into a ball at every touch.

From @slokabs: He looked in the mirror. A groggy-eyed, sorry figure stared back at him. He lived an android’s life – doing what was told, communicating thoughts that were not his, day in and day out. If those few minutes of ecstasy allowed him to dissociate from the overpowering world outside and be himself, was his action condemnable?

From @roshd: They were an odd-couple to the world. She playing Meena Kumari to his Sharukh Khan. He, pleasure seeking, she almost an ascetic. It was a miracle that were still together. The world had no way of knowing they were made for each other. He brought her happiness. She kept him rooted to terra firma.

From @CruciFire:

His only wish in life was to watch a movie in Shahrukh's private theater, with the superstar.
He won a nation-wide contest run by a multiplex conglomerate.
“Hey Jude, congrats and come in man. So, which movie do you want to watch?”
“Do you love Sunny Leone, Shahrukh?”
“You bet!”

From @vagabondinact:

I stroll under the moon,
I bask beneath the sun,
I sleep till its noon.
and worry about none.

She loves me, why else would she be married to me?

Why should I toil,
When he in my love
spends all his spoils.
I,Me and Myself are happy in my cove.

From @monathais:

I moulded the voodoo doll and I poured in it tears, pain, years, helplessness, sadness, disgust, and self-loathness.

My body flourished and my soul rejoiced. The greedy youth plunged me into a sea of inexpugnably pleasures.

I was orgasmic, while the doll ragged.

A sudden slap on my head:
“That’s my story, bitch!” said Oscar Wilde.

From @vchatting:

DINKs, they were called, in marketing parlance. Limitless hedonism to celebrate life, of getting ahead in some delusional race. Foreign travels, countless friends, ruled their days; living a lifestyle far beyond means.Parties,drunken brawls,hangovers at work, performance suffering...
The realisation, of living as two strangers, in a home, bereft of soul, .......too late!

From @mixelrandy: We stood on the balcony, blowing dense clouds of smoke into the starless night sky. It was muggy. Sweaty. I played with the buttons on his shirt as I kissed his marijuana’d mouth. He broke away to take another drag. Another sip. Another kiss. This time, I pulled away. And pulled him into the bedroom.

From @ponderpuffman:

They all took a corner.
She went and sat next to him. With gleaming eyes she said, “I like you”.
They were always friends, but it was slowly turning into something else.
He knew this conversation would happen. He wanted it to happen.
“I think we shouldn’t meet anymore.”
He walked away with a smile.

From @PeaceOVent:

He was deathly quiet under the long grass. She was weak. In a minute, he would have her. He would feast on her flesh.
She sauntered in, long, meek and graceful. He braced himself, raring to go.
He pounced.
She crouched.
The rapture of prey complete.

The tiger was no match for the deer.

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