Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Theme 116 - Girls

From @TheScotchGirl:

He knew why he was doing this.
This is what the city does to you.
When he needed help – no one came to his rescue, so why should he care?
His mother had abandoned him so he believed these girls deserved what they were getting.
He checked the men waiting out in line & smiled.

From @almost_humane: She wasn't sure. He was her boyfriend. They were watching TV.  he held her hand,She felt good. He gently kissed. She closed her eyes. And then she felt his hands pull her lowers and place it there. She wasn't sure. He was her boyfriend. She pushed him and went away. She was only 17.

From @deescjockey: The teacher had lectured the class blue in the face on how again, this term, girls had performed much better than the boys, and how the boys just weren’t taking studies seriously. Post lunch, someone had scribbled on the blackboard: Girls, you can top all your exams. You will still end up in the kitchen.

From @Thats_so_Sana:

"That girl was my best friend and first love. She rejected my proposal and fucked up my life for four weeks. I was depressed and dejected. Then, I resolved to get even. Every relationship of mine ends with the girl getting a heartache."

A casual conversation, for him.

An insight into his psychology, for me.

From @slokabs:

Male standpoint
Nagging, irritating, yet loved and revered,
Mothers, sisters, wives and daughters;You are awesome, we know that,
Yet we can’t help staring at others hotter!

Female standpoint
Shopping, fashion, gossip and emotion;
With women, make the best connection;
Evolving with times, brain over brawn,
Vulnerable but strong, we are always proving men wrong!

From @visualizashan:

“Push Push, don’t stop.”
“I can’t, I am tired now.”
“No! I know you can.”
“I am not a Superman.”
“But I have started to enjoy.”
“Idiot I am just a normal guy.”
“But Rohit does it for 15 mins.”
“Because he takes Proteins.”
“Ok stop, I am getting off the Cycle.”

From @roshd:

The girls at the orphanage were tense. The minister was here again and would sexually abuse someone tonight. Shanti,13 was most at risk. He fancied her.

Actually, mantriji was also at risk because unknown to him she was armed with a vial of concentrated acid smuggled in to her by the gardener Shambhu kaka.

From @flirtingshadows:
She had been blessed with too many of them. Three, to be precise. Daughters, they called them. She wasn’t particularly fond of them, except probably the first-born. The first-born had been her husband’s favorite. Had modeled her life to that of a son’s. Short hair, a masculine gait and a second name she held onto.

From @Crucifire:

I like you. You and you too.
You, on the other hand, are really pretty and I want you to know that.
I would totally do you. And her too.
I would love to collaborate with you.
And you, I want to feel those lips... just once, I promise.

So many girls, so little time!

From @sinpinklove: We sit together for lectures. We eat each others lunch boxes like we have never seen food before. We tease each other. We sing songs together. Our topics of gossip are endless. We take each other for granted and know that we are always there for each other. That is my girl gang - my bffs

From @vchatting:

"She got better marks , the teacher favours 'girls'!"
"She got the job because, 3 men on the interview panel, obviously!"
"She got the promotion. You don't know?, she's sleeping with the boss !"
In any story, where she's ahead, 'she' is a looker / hooker/ hustler/ fixer/ ditcher/ gold-digger, never deserving, never on merit !

From @DMysticFille_ :

“Why did you marry me?” she asked.
“I was captivated by the twinkle in your eyes.” He replied with a smile. She smiled back, appearing convinced. “Why did you marry me?” he asked.
After some thought she said with a mischievous grin “I was captivated by the twinkle of the diamond ring you got me.”

From @absoluteme:

She bites her nails so she is never tempted to paint them. Heels make her dizzy, she always wears shoes. She still participates in burping competitions. She indulges in pedicures but never in lacy lingerie. She opens doors, hails taxis and travels alone.

She is not a tomboy, but obviously is not one of ‘them’.

From @dimag_se_paidal: "Girls i tell you.." said Omi with his usual notorious expression. As soon as he said that, his friends gathered around him in anticipation. This happened every time he returned after dropping a girl back home. But today was something special. There was no story to be told. She was the love of his life. 

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