Saturday, August 4, 2012

Theme 113 - Equations

From @TranceWriter:  He had suffered all his life, struggle for survival had worn him down and he lost his ability to see light, completely given over to darkness. She took it upon her to compensate him for lost years, she would make him happy.

From @slokabs: She added to his joys, reduced his sorrows, multiplied his responsibilities and shared them too. When they were with each other, they didn’t need anyone else. When they weren’t with each other, it didn’t much matter whoever else they were with. Their equation was what all couples shared and yet it felt unique and special!

From @TheScotchGirl:

He never loved anyone like her. She didn’t love him. Simple.
The whole plan was perfect, why were her equations going wrong now??
Stabilize him. Once better, walk away gradually. End it. Nicely.
Why the fuck is he on his knees now??
She was not up for this. It sucked the life out of her.

From @dimag_se_paidal: The bond I shared with my step brother(brother from a different mother) was something out of this world. Dad was still single, because of his violent streak. The streak that made us come as close as we were. We couldn't thank the violence enough. It gave us the strength to run for our freedom.

From @RuthSaldanha: 'No!!!', her 13-year old daughter shrieked, 'I will not tolerate that tramp! She is NOT my Goddamned "Other Mother"!!! I want my father back!!! God!!! I hate you!!' As she watched her daughter storm out, her new wife glanced up over her paper, 'Well, you did upset the equation...'

From @roshd: I remember life when it was a linear equation, highest power was one- me. Then I got married and it grew into the quadratic form- the highest power was two. A few years down, life is now in the stage of simultaneous equations which need to be resolved together to get the right answer.

From @PeaceOVent: Sparks flew when they met. He was positive but she was a double negative. They were explosive when apart, strong and powerful when together. The canceled each other out yet, intensified their existence. Tailor made ions, hydrogen loved sulphurous, becoming one, corrosive but stable acid.

From @sinpinklove: She sat dreamily admiring Prof. Anuj as he was teaching her favourite subject, costing.He gave the class a challenging sum.She got the equation right and timidly gave the answer.He looked at her sternly and then gave his rare but heart taking smile. She had a story to narrate.

From @writingchalk:

Why ex…?

I don’t need her. If SHE wants to come back to me, so be it.
We never hit it off anyway.
I wonder how we got together.
Our relationship was an unusual problem.
That’s why I never went looking for my ex.

My thoughts were interrupted, “… find the value of x, students!”

From @vagabondinact:

2+2=5 he said. She rolled her eyes, sat next to him and corrected. He was 6.
2(a+b)=2Abs he said. She patiently explained to him. He was 16.
C2H4+H2O= Alcohol he said  mischievously. Impishly, she leaned over his shoulders and wrote the answer for him. He was 18.

He had learnt young that pretty girl+act little dumb=life set hain boss.

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