Monday, April 9, 2012

Flipkart and 55 word story Contest

I am happy as a lark and I bring good news! Flipkart has decided to get linked to 55wordstory and run a huge contest on the 55th day of the 55word story. This happens to be on 23rd of April 2012, coincidentally the "World Book and Copyright Day"!

For the uninitiated, the 55wordstory is a daily post, where I tweet a theme for the day in the morning and participants are required to send in a story around that theme in 55 words or less. All stories need to be sent to by 9 pm. Please ensure to mention your twitter handle in the subject or body of the email.

The rules to the Flipkart contest are simple:

1. On the 23rd of April 2012, which will be the day of the 55th 55wordstory, the top 5 stories (based on the theme for that day - to be announced on the morning of the 23rd as usual), will receive Rs. 1000 vouchers from Flipkart and a book each (to be chosen from a list) of the value of Rs. 500. So the total prize value for the top 5 stories will be Rs. 1500.

2. Flipkart will also be looking at the next 11 themes (leading up to the 55th) and choosing one top story each day (starting April 9th 2012 and spread across till April 22nd 2012). The winner of the daily contest will win a Rs. 500 voucher from Flipkart.

3. To give everyone a chance, a person can win the daily contest only once. However, the same writer could end up winning the daily contest and the 55th day contest.

4. The winning entries for the 55th Day will also be posted on Flipkart's blog - (and also on their Flipkart Facebook Page -

5. The contest is open only to residents of India.


  1. Can we post in Hindi also, or is it only for English language

  2. Congratulations Vivek for the success of the blog... it was 2 stories old when I first came across this blog through a common friend... and boy... look at it now... what makes this special is the quality of the contributing writers...