Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Theme 39 - Poison

From @zaiuranjit: He stood, unblinking, breathing heavily. She sat calmly, curled up in the couch like a cat. He turned, and slowly spoke. “ Never again will I have to hear you speak, you vile creature.” Her eyes widened as he smirked and downed his drink, just like she had. He smiled at her now silent corpse.

From @TheOtherBanana: He hated her like he loved her. Her independence, sass, vivacity, it gnawed while being the only thing he looked forward to everyday. What little time the arrogant bitch deemed to spend with him made him scramble around like an alcoholic hunting for his wine. Nay, not wine. Heady and potent, she was his poison.

From @AbhiandNow: Tinku was excited; it was his favourite Rajmah Chawal for lunch. He had waited for this moment since morning, when his mom asked him to bring garam masala for Rajmah and few other items from market including rat poison. He put it into garam masala box by mistake. Don’t wince, he’s a kid after all.

From @greyalchemy: He had his share of authority on her. For him it was love, for her it was poison. A potion she was forced to gulp everytime she was dominated. For that was love for him, for which she gradually sank in her own death.

From @NumbYaar: George sat in his shack on Anjuna Beach adding Levamisole to cocaine when he got a call from Roshan. The Nigerian mafia came to know about George and how he ate into their share. They would hunt him down any minute. He decided to end it all. But poison too, turned out to be adulterated.

From @SugarsNSpice: This was supposedly the greatest invention. It just required a simple electrolysis. An elementary procedure of separation led to a new discovery. He smiled at his intelligence and achievement. What Humpry Davy never realized was that the chemical was poison now. His discovery ‘cyanide’ played its dangerous game and its vapours conspired to kill him.

From @nimue_: He loved her without expectations and judegement on her life. She was confused in the beginning but over the years fell in love with this idealogy of love . Rumi love they called it. She later married some other guy. The ideal love was left only in words. The reality poisoned the marriage to death.

From @mitigatedlying: I was at the airport waiting for her to come. I saw her. As usual she looked fabulous and graceful. Her face glowed with happiness. She was wearing Poison like the olden days. I had missed her. I was consumed with tears as I hugged mom. She's my soul mate.

From @RealFartShady:

A criminal polished the russet peeper he found in the corner of his cell. A jinn evolved in a gust of smoke.

"Thank you for freeing me, I must grant you a wish." Jinn said.

"I wish for immense power to destroy my enemies."

So the jinn turned him into a mighty poisonous germ.

From @roshd: Sunita was sure her husband was having a affair with Priya in office. They had not been intimate for a month. He phoned and messaged Priya a lot. Her thoughts were poisoning her slowly. Then he walked in and hugged her tightly from behind. “My office project over.” And he started to kiss her hungrily…

From @salonitia: Best friends forever. That is what they had thought they would be. Destiny had a different plan though. Today they can't be seen in room together, forget being friends forever. Just a misunderstanding is all it took for the crack to develop in their bond. This crack has now become the poison of her life.

From @IndianIdle: He wanted to prove that he was Shiva's messenger and heir. He poured the poison out of the bottle in to the veil. Covered his throat with a cloth and drank it all. Villagers stood gasping before the chamatkari baba. Fifteen minutes later he was “NeelKanth”. Magic of Ink he thought.

From @gauravjagwani: I had a serious problem. Rash. A possible poison. Folks told me to visit this doctor. I explained my problem. He gave me a series of white pills and said I would be fine. I didn’t get fine. I went back. Same pills were given. Still not fine. ‘Homeopathy takes time, my son,’ he said.

From @minolajekar: Murder-suicide said the newspaper headlines. 38-year old mother poisons 17-year old daughter and the drinks the cocktails of drugs, pesticides and cleaning agents. Death must have been slow and suffocating. Father arrested, said the headlines, post mortem/DNA testing showed daughter was abused and pregnant with her abuser’s child, her father. Euthanasia said the newspaper headlines.

From @wekneweachother:

“You know, Nikhil, I really like you and. . .”
“But what we have is just an internet fling, LMAO!”
[ went offline.] kept trying to get in touch with but she never responded back.
You see, she wrote in her blogpost, I don’t want unnecessary poison in my life. Lesson learnt.

From @RBTrary: Standing at Nariman Point he looked towards the horizon, then turned towards the city’s towering skyline. Guilt crept in; his conscience condemned him for the poison his factories were spreading. He checked his Rolex for the time, picked up his Louis Vuitton Bag and drove away in his Audi. Guilt died, Poison & Greed prevailed…

From @thearchness: And in that haze of Fire, heat, smoke and carnage, thousands lost their lives and thousands more their purpose. But was it that explosion that caused these deaths, this destruction? No, because, somewhere far away, beyond those mountains, slow poison being filled in young minds, was already destroying millions of other families. Perpetrators? Victims?

From @sapanv: “Where’s my tea?” he screams hurriedly, as he enters the kitchen. “You don’t like anything I make usually, so I tried something different today”, she says, as she hands him the cup. He takes a small sip, and then a big one. “This is nice, what is it?” he asks. She smiles, “Poison”. He dies.

From @drun007 : Anju's friends tried to console her at the party. 'I cant live with a man who doesn't understand my needs", she said crying uncontrollably. She reached home to find Shiv asleep. Her eyes turned to the little bottle on the dresser with a ribbon on it. It was all she wanted. Poison by Dior.

From @sumitrai100: Who says the best things always cost highest.In that corner shop desi wine was being sold like free water.People came,drank,laughed,cried and left.Next day they all met again but in a hospital.2 hours later they met again but in a crematorium.Cheap desi had finally paid its tribute.

From @sahilbulla: She slowly made her way towards him. He sensed her presence and raised his head. He looked resplendant and powerful in his attire. They came closer to each other. First their heads met, then their eyes and eventually their tongues. Minutes later they both lay dead. They had forgotten that they both were venomous snakes.

From @anushreekejriwa: The family had a history of failures that plagued their growth and prosperity. She wanted to break the cycle of karma and shine bright like sun. With the power of faith and action she was determined to change poison into medicine. She did. The poison fueled her power to forge ahead and emerge victorious.

From @rinashah: Once when she was experimenting in the lab, mixing chemicals, some vapours started coming out of the reaction. She got scared and a bit worried as those could be harmful and even poisonous. But when the vapours stopped, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Beautiful colours in separate layers forming a kind of nice rainbow look!

From @BoozeSexSundry: Like Cannabis. Like cheap wine. High on passion. But a passion yet unidentified. Intertwined into each other like lust into love. She nibbled on his ear as he caressed her back. A jerk chilled her up and the glass shattered. She smelt of Jack. 'It's okay', he said as he sniffed her. 'Who's your poison?'

From @zushk: It was my first night out in 3 months, the first night after my “stint” at the hospital, as my dear mother called it. Standing at the bar, I noticed one of the girls coming up to me, and gripped my sparkling water tighter. Looking at it, she smiled and asked, “So, what’s your poison?”

From @madhavisud: Ramu’s father, a village simpleton, lived in times when bottles had no labels, when men caught snakes, extracted venom and sold it for medicinal use. One hot afternoon, Ramu came for some honey, unknowingly picked up the poison bottle!! As the ominous liquid touched his lips, BANG!!! He woke up and startled the entire household.

From @quratzafar: He clutched the poison in his hand: the company was going bankrupt. The devil whispered a solution in his ear. That day, in the veiling darkness of night, they discharged the waste in sea and saved millions of dollars. Three months later fifteen people died in a small village in Japan because of mercury poisoning.

From @shekhartriipathi: The wine was sour on his tongue; the empty glass slipped from his fingers to shatter on the floor. His cough became a terrible thin whistle as he strained to suck in the air. As he sank to his knees, the man in yellow looked down with a villainous laugh, said, “He is finally poisoned.”

From @Marwaari: Leaving every attachment, every memory behind, they started their journey. A journey, which would be a story for their children. A journey that determined them based on the place they chose to live from now on. They looked forward to be a part of India. Just then the poisonous speech initiated riots.

From @whimsytales: He's been running all his life. He lived with strangers, shared their house and survived on their leftovers. His forefathers had been doing the exact same thing. Life was a party. Until yesterday. He accidently fed on that godforsaken chocolate cake I made- choking, choking, then ultimately, dead. I warned everyone but that poor rat.

From @saureign:

“Mama, this house is our world?”

“Yes, it is. I've spent my life here, see that?”

“That white, round thing?”

“Yes, never go near that, you understand me? Never! It’s poison.”

“Poison, Mama?”

“They put it there to kill us,” said Mother Rat, before telling Baby Rat why Father Rat wasn’t with them anymore.

From @The_Lie_Lama: He stole a glance at her bosom while she poured Duncan Taylor to her finest chalice. "What's your poison" she asked as she sought company for the evening. "You" he gave a snappy comeback. She indeed was a poison for his twelve years of happy marriage with her step sister.

From @neatbee: The acquiescing apple of his mother's eye, but blinding mine with rage. The splendid sunshine of his wife's life, but engulfing mine with tar blackness. The immovable rock supporting his sister, but turning my knees into the thinnest water. My reverence, my detest. My freedom, my mire. My wings, my cage. My elixir, my poison.

From @ritukarthik: She sat there contemplating the consequences. Should she leave or continue in this relationship. Was it even worth all the effort that she had been putting into it over the years. The unfound solace only continued to make her believe that the poisonous strain had left them estranged and their relationship completely untwined.

From @rati7: His hands and legs lay limp, all wrinkly; his back was full of bleeding bed sores oozing pus. His drooling lips had lost the strength to move but his eyes were smiling. They told me he was happy and wanted me to do this for him. I injected rat poison in his saline drip.

From @vagabondinact: After, what he believed to be a wonderful night, she had stepped out of his 1950 Chevrolet-De-Luxe and had walked away. He obsessed about her for a week thereafter, until he found her suitcase’s tag reading ‘Ivy’s property’. He knew than that he would remain, a man inveigled, for she was a Poison Ivy.

From @melittlepixie: The poisonous fumes engulfed the tiny space. He looked around. It was splattered everywhere. Yellow. Rotten. Flies. ‘Ignorant pricks’, he said aloud, ashamed at people’s lack of concern. He secured his mask even tighter and picked up his broom. ‘Filthy bastards’, he snarled again. Oh! How he hated being the janitor of the men’s restroom.

From @Violet_Droplet: She went to the supermarket and bought some rat poison. Even with all the money she inherited, she could no longer live with herself after the murder. 5 hours later, she wakes up in the hospital. He says, "Welcome back to hell. You're not getting away that easy." Her father's ghost continued to haunt her.

From @Gods_Evnagelos:Silence had entered between them. A message to say Good Morning and Good Night was only left. He was shattered and remained tensed with his main semester studies. She started living her Life but was also disturbed. It took one month to end up. Over Possessiveness and want of Freedom poisoned their relationship forever. Sigh!!

From @mizarcle: It is not like we are toxic individually. It is just that something happens when we are together. We destroy each other. Almost cannibalistically. There’s a sense of pride tearing each other down, to see you broken because of me. Do we continue? We are like sleeping pills and alcohol. Wonderful separate, poison together.

From @madrasmad: “I can’t jump off a terrace.” Thoughts clouded JJ’s mind. “What if I survive with broken bones? Slashing my wrists would be messy. Why destroy the house as well? There’s no place indoors from which I can hang myself. Where can I buy a gun from? How can...” JJ’s hopes of a suicide looked poisoned.

From @KonfusedKhopadi : A ganster said "boss I tried everything , but I couldn't convince him " . Boss said "poison him " .Ganster exclaimed "that's not possible !! " . Boss explained " poison his beliefs ,his thinking , and he will do it willingly ."

From @ThWanderingSoul: She had done it. She had drained the entire bottle of poison. She didn't just kill herself. She killed a life inside her too. She couldn't even bring herself to call it 'her' baby. It was that monster's baby The one who had cornered her in the dark alley. The one who raped her future.

From @oxymoronic_me: Nothing excited her anymore. The whips, floggers and crops did not work. He hit and almost strangled her, licking her poison sprayed body. He was fast losing consciousness. She orgasmed thinking of the venom that could kill him. There was only one way she would administer the antidote. If and only if he kissed her.

From @_Nehu: They met because of mutual friends (or destiny) at a pub; he asked her what her poison is? She replied Wine. He invited her at home to taste his wine collection. She visited and loved them. She invited him for wine festival at wine yards; they jumped on grapes and ended up falling in Love.

From @akshayabansal: Mangled remains of their car, all the shocked faces. So young, so foolish, they thought. The gift of life, no more. Bereaved family and friends. A valuable lesson for the rest. The sweet times from the previous night had now turned into poison, as one by one they left this abode for heaven.

From @pearly_swhites: Ram wasn't oblivious to the communal violence around him. His own community had witnessed the wrath of a provoked crowd. But he swore. To never become one among them. Better sense prevailed. Hostility didn't. Those snakes couldn't infuse into him, the poison of enmity. Because he still hoped for a tomorrow. One that promises change.

From @abi_da: I grabbed him through the exit door and pushed him against the deserted staircase. Nobody saw us. Nobody will enter. We kissed like there's no tomorrow. There is no tomorrow for him. I let go and before he could regain himself, I emptied the vial of venom between his lips. I only kiss to kill.

From @mydirtylinen: She straddled her, pinning her arms down, a mischievous smile playing on her lips. She peeled her T-shirt off, exposing her luscious breasts. Lifting her skirt up slowly, she touched herself for Anne to see and began to grind slowly against her cunt. This was going to be a slow, exquisite death.

From @UnendingQuest: Ryan loved their form, color, agility, the fright they build in atmosphere. He was fascinated by them. For Him, he was one of them. He could share their saliva and the poison in it. But they didn't think so. He could still be prey. I guess, you cannot be poison-friendly enough to live with it.

From @randomwhiz: Renu made great cakes. She was going to impress the ladkewales with such a cake. Only, she put salt instead of sugar by mistake. They coughed and left. Salt has acted like poison, dadi said. Only, dadi didn't know Renu intended it to. She was in love. Namkeen love.

From @vivekisms: Mastering the language was hard for her. She did. Patiently. She knew that the telegram imploring his return won't need translation. Language would not be toxic this time.

From @sahilk: At government schools, kids are paid to attend classes. Of course, if that hadn’t happened, I wonder if the government would’ve been able to make a Saudi employee mandatory at grocery stores. And after all those classes, we’ve got memes on Facebook. Just what we wanted. To play havoc. Y U NO use correct grammar?

From @thebongbabe: She had grown up dreaming about love and Mr. Perfect. But years passed and all she had to show for it was a lonely existence. Finally, unable to bear it anymore, she took matters into her own hands. “I really hope fairy-tales come true,” was her last thought as the poisoned apple did its work.

From @theslumdawg: I drink a lot. Some say, its a poison. The fact is, This poison heals too! That doesn't mean I'm dealing with problems daily. I prefer staying happy instead of dealing with problems. Since, You're a reader. I'm forced to add :s at the end just to make it easy for you to read. :s

From @Sanch_N: Alcohol, drugs, sex was her everyday thing. Why should she care? Not that she had anything to live for. Her family had disowned her, her friends had no idea where she was and her only support had let her go. Anger had poisoned her soul and now she only lived to destroy her identity.

From @vivek13th: Love could turn in pain in no time. This he had already experienced. The distance didn't do him any good. Someone had to die, that is how the love story would end. He flew to her city. There was death, that day. Love had turned into poison.

From @lady_shweta: Doctor read the report . Rat poison didn't kill her, her in-laws killed her. And all because of a ritual which fore said that she will give birth to a girl child. The doctor read the report again- female 7 months pregnant with male child.

From @sinpinklove: He loved her dearly .They had spent fifty years together . They did have their share of fights and silence .She never put sugar in his tea but she was the sweetness in his life .Now she lay motionless before him. He had his last cup of tea but with sugar and something else.

From @kaloladeep: It was the question of appraisal and as a matter of fact he poisoned his boss against his friend for the same, Without knowing the fact the role of him in giving any appraisal to them. Result was horrible he was asked to leave the job, because they cannot afford such person in the organisation.

From @kunalbaidmehta: Kunal saw today's theme and thought 'This must have made many people rub their hands in glee. Such a potent word. So many brilliant situations can be built.' He could imagine the sadistic pleasure they would derive by putting every word. 'Poisoned minds! How would a clean heart like his manage to pull this one? '

From @srdpsrknth: "1962. Loud cries at the break of dawn. A hoarse manly voice shouts from with the mud hut in the village. Silence. An old woman comes old, crying girl baby in her arms. Under a banyan tree, she sings, feeding her some blue milk. 5 minutes later, the cries die out. For good. "

From @JaaTeri: "Don't go chachu," my niece pleaded innocently. Mom and sister were smiling. My brother teased me. I saw an unending emptiness - a void. My eyes opened as water was sprinkled on my face. Someone said, "The Doctor is here." Subconsciously, I felt tears rolling down my cheeks. I wanted to live. Poison was a mistake.

From @SteelySilence: Slithering gracefully, she leapt off the couch, leaving him breathless. Her expression was the usual calm one, but infused with a hint of contentment. He closed his eyes for a while, wondering why he came back to her, endangering his life, reputation and solace. She was a poison , killing him softly, night after night.

From @Aawara_Mann: I was performing Annual Stock-checking at the end of Financial Year.. Every single Item of store was considered. Next item was- RAT POISON. After counting it, I said- "Uncle, should I wash my hands as I touched the Poison.?" He replied- "Rehne de beta, Kuchh nahi hoga, Ajkal to Zehar bhi Nakli ata hai.!"

From @bitchwanti: She poured a few drops of the lethal liquid in the Cerelac. She went to the chubby-faced girl and fed her. She put her in her crib, now dead. She picked out her best dress. Tonight she would seduce her new husband. She would have a boy. Her own. She sprayed her favourite perfume, "poison".

From @2emkay: He listened to what her mind refused to tell anyone else, all the voices inside. With each passing week, she got better. Her eyes sparkled, her hair shined and her cheeks brimmed with color. As her mind settled, little did she realize that the Doctor had filled her with a new kind of Poison. Hope.

From @floydianbrahman: The room was in a complete disarray. Tables turned up, curtains draping the floor. The heir lied still in a corner, drooling white froth. Detective Heat called the motel clerk for questioning. He remembered a beautiful lady dangling on the vic's arm when they came in. They had booked the room under the name 'Ivy'.

From @ghaatidancer: My job isn't the most entertaining. I sometimes make up stories about the people who come to my store. The accidental pregnancies, suspicious infections, frantic late-night visits for condoms. I never say a word to my customers. I shouldn't. But it's hardest to keep quiet when someone comes asking for poison. I hope they're killing rats.

From @bombaychor: "It's a weak plot, but I have to execute it. I have faltered to do the needful when the time was still on my side. We got married when drunk & the time to annulment is over. Even the odds are against me, that shady female loves me. I think I'll just poison her tea."

From @OhTeri_: 'She' was the newest of all. Untouched. Unused. Pure. Destructive. The owner sold the other ones first. Got good money. Saved 'her' for future and larger profits. 'She' thought, 'she' was safe. Harmless. But,'she' had to end a life soon. Anger. Distrust. Fights. He bought 'her' that night. Used 'her'. Murder happened. It's POISON.

From @AnOddYellow: She sat in a corner of the room with her hands over her ears trying to block all other sounds. He got back from work and looked at her bewildered; he shook her and asked, “What are you doing?” “I am trying to drown in the poison of your words from this morning” she said.

From @dhavalmehtas: He spent his all to buy the pesticides to grow farms at its best.but luck seems not in favour,he seated in farm, have to pay his debt till year ends thinking while looking at the sun which is about to set were waiting for their dad......he dranks it all(one of the pesticides bottle)

From @dhoopchhanv: Silence of the room, the darkness of curtained day, audible heartbeats. Pearls of sweat dripping down her face, making him tighten his grip on her. His eyes showering love, hers drinking it. The breaths trying to gain its rhythm after the storm. Her BBM tone, flashing the name, the poison he drank and lived with.

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