Saturday, April 21, 2012

Theme 53 - Decadence

From @zushk: As he crossed the room, he felt a rush of excitement. Then he saw her clearly. The diamonds seemed too shiny from up close. Her face, so softly lit, actually looked garish and over-made up. The lilt he had imagined in her voice was absent; she was positively cackling. Shaking his head, he turned away.  

From @pbkulkarni: He used to worship his parents. He was an obedient son. He then came in contact with rich brats and started measuring everything in money. He despised his parents for being middle class and started insulting them. Started taking drugs. Keep the unhealthy habits aside, but he never understood the decadency.  

From @wekneweachother: An Irani family bought our sofa-set. Their father and mine did the man-to-man dealing. Their daughter, though covered in burqa, was texting furiously and I, wearing jeans and t-shirt, was listening to Gaga on my mp3. We both didn’t give a damn. This decadence ingrained in our psyche comes so naturally to us it’s amazing.  

From @AbhiandNow: “But how will you give me a blowjob with your mouth stuffed with all this cake?” He was baffled by her red eyes glowing with seduction.

“Darling, last night I practiced it with him. Just to present you with the ultimate pleasure,” she said pointing towards the decaying corpse lying in corner of the room.

From @riddhiaswani:
Our glasses clinked. The good King narrated his exploits, my head nodding reverently at the appropriate moment. The smell of wealth permeated the air, the aroma of delicacies dizzying. 'You will stay with us,' ordered King Akbar. I thought of my time machine and impending Mayan doom and then looked at where I was. 'Sure.'

From @woohoochild: Society makes me question but will kill me if I'm too vocal. The daisies will still grow but they're forced to exist in a cloudy, selfish environment. What do I have to offer to my unborn child? Where is this God I've been hearing about since I was a kid?

From @HighHeelsWaali: It was getting too much. All the expenses, the frivolous waste of money. They had to cut back. But it was Anu’s birthday.

The mother could not let it just pass. The cake was beautiful, with pink icing and tiny hearts on it. The mother walked to work for a month.

From @Gods_Evangelos: The night was vernal. Their bodies attached. Stimulation at par. The precipitous stab. Morning wasn’t that glad. He used her for pleasure. One night stand. She spooked him. He is no where now. She is roaming free too. Blood stains in her heart. Bruise on his soul. The commendable role. The repercussion controlled. The End.

From @SarwarBaig: "My last record sold thirty million copies, Jack. You know what that means? It means I ride a hovercraft to get to my studio. At concerts, girls throw their underwear at me. I have enough cocaine to get half this town high. I need to have everything that reminds others of what they can't have."

From @Oxymoronic_Me: The child looked at his notebook. He could not solve those sums. Tables were too difficult to remember. Angrily, he switched on the computer. ‘Calculator’ would help him solve them. He started playing Counter-Strike. Got bored in ten minutes. Ipad next. Bored. Cartoon then. Bored again. PSP followed. Boring. Decadence of the brain. Wasn’t it?

From @roshd: I can talk of my moral degradation. Or of the late nights, booze, random women and weed that keep me busy. Or I could just speak the truth and admit that I have a boring life and enjoy my 4th pint of salt-n-lime rimmed Corona. They don’t call it the truth serum for nothing.

From @dumbsterr:

"Sai Baba's deluxe darshan for 5000/- Saheb, isse sasta nahi hoga", the agent said.

“Do you guarantee deluxe blessings from Baba for same rate?"

The agent mocked at my sarcastic question and was about to walk away. "What about those who can't afford?"

He smiled, “Unke liye Bhagwan to har taraf hota hain na"

From @vagabondinact: Reasoning had chosen to wither away in the face of novel love. His inferno of emotions had charred all that he knew and had. He had basked in the euphoric freedom the new passion brought. As has always been with anything alive, decadence crept in; all he now has is a void to embrace.

From @MrNarci: She locked herself in her room, away from the sets, the people. The next take would be of her breaking down after a drug intake. She knew she wasn’t prepared. “Method acting is a bitch, isn’t it?” she told herself, before injecting herself with some more cocaine. You have to go the distance to decay.

From @Ad_Coelum:

Journal Entry No. 7301:

I had doubts. You mingled my identity with the outcasts I didn’t know and tagged us all as decadents. If you had held on a little longer, tried a little harder and not submitted to the bullet of shame, you would have seen Dad. We aren’t the decadent any more Dad.

From @punvati: "Look at these decadent fools. Luxury is but temporary. Self indulgence is foolhardy, always springing from insecurity. To show the world what you have is madness; they'll just take it all away."

They found him weeks later, buried under all the gold he had hoarded, swimming in what he could have spent.

RIP Scrooge McDuck.

From @Crucifire:

Power X Treme. Doc Terror. TurboKat. Turmoil. Cybertron. Romina. Cryptic words for today’s generation.

Doraemon. Beyblade. Ben 10. Times have changed. Preferences too. They know not what they missed. Decadence you could say. Or just plain gay!

From @Realfartshady: We grew up together. Best pals. Studied fiction and drama. Then she became famous. I didn’t. Very famous. But not me. I wanted to kill her. For fame of course. Bad idea. She’s Bollywood's new golden girl. I’m Tia’s new fuck buddy. But is she happy? Well, I am.

From @Akshayabansal: He was emotionally detached, or so he thought. He found solace in the depths of his favourite scotch. Indulgences fraught with decadence, he sensed his time was limited. An autopsy revealed a heady cocktail of smack and Jack Daniel. The coroner remarked, "Love. The deadliest disease."

From @drac_69: He gave me a sly grin with his smoke releasing lips, might be a code he learned at the orphanage. He disguised well in front of his foster father and my boss, who was dead now leaving the will to him. But now I could feel the sweat cultivated wealth transforming into weed and ashes.

From Rashmi Menon: Ahh, chicken. Succulent, young flesh. A salivating dream of a dish that can arouse even an old man like me and get him to perform, to do justice to the young meat. If this is how I react to a plate of chicken kebabs, I must fit the bill of the decadent old man, huh?

From @dipakmah: If you are sinking in a Well, and I save you by pulling your hair. And after that if you say, "You ruin all my hair" then it is Decadence.

From @gauravjagwani: He looked at the photographs from the album. He saw his son dressed as a rock god, a painter, a doctor. Today, his son is a musician. He painted the town red, alright. He overdosed on heroin. Taken to the hospital. He wondered while living, how the dreams we have as children just fade away.

From @Anoddyellow: His loved all kinds of food; he only lived to eat. Each morning he woke up thinking what he would eat all day. During lunch, he would start dreaming of tea time and the scones waiting to be eaten. He often wondered what it would be like, to die surrounded by all this food.

From @IndianIdle: He sat there alone, a whiskey bottle in his hand. He laughed at the irony of fame. Few days ago he was the most popular star in the country. But a single word destroyed him. It was national television and 'Fuck' ed his life from his own mouth.

From @Hilonee: In the darkness, he walked towards the rain hit window. The lightening illuminated his scared face. Blinded, he looked away and found himself in his mathematics class, wet. Confused, he looked about. His ears started buzzing with sounds. Equations swam in front of his eyes. He collapsed in his chair.

Decadence had won over genius.

From @kaloladeep: The period of deterioration was about to gulp him when he was the plotted for the murder of his wife. The all happy days were changing the phase. He couldn't resist why his wife was the target. Due to lack of evidence he was released, which ended the identification of a Sheriff as the murderer.

From @binivijan: She remembered the first time she heard the laughter and giggle of a new married couple. Just like them, she thought it would last forever. Until one day, they turned their backs on each other and eventually on her. That house which was once a home now lies in decadence.

From @quencro: Today I visited my childhood barber for a haircut. 10 years had passed; his face was no longer beaming. He looked tired, bruised. Shop was a mess .Two years back he had delivered my pizza, an embarrassing moment for both of us. Seeing me brought a smile on his face, a tear in my eyes.

From @ladycardiidae: Her favorite flower was the lotus. Its sheer evolution amazed her. Her favorite sport was swimming. She could lay deep, flutter like a butterfly and somersault like a dolphin. She believed in Samsara. That’s all she could do now. “It’s gangrene,” the doctor said after the accident. All she could now do was lie still.

From @chronozshre: “You know, all I read about in the newspaper these days are kids abusing alcohol, teenage pregnancies, MMS scandals, drugs being sold on campuses and rave parties… makes me wonder where our country is headed”, he said to his mistress as he cut an incoming call from his wife.

From @cogwheels: My daughter had been reading a lot of those ridiculous American books that middle school girls find irresistible. I didn’t want her learning the wrong values so I brought home Asterix comics which I’d enjoyed in my youth. I was satisfied until she came to me and said, “Mom, can we have an orgy?”

From @vivekisms: The sex gods went at it first. It was their dominion after all. Food argued as well. It was their territory, they debated. Morals intervened. They were pushed aside without a thought. The mind after all was easy to mould and could not say anything. That night it began. The human body was ravaged. 

From @sanoop_s: Seated on a dingy hotel sofa, phone in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, he watched their lissome naked bodies entwine temptingly. “Love you. Talk to you later”, he said as he disconnected the call, emptied the wine glass over the two exquisite beauties on offer and threw himself between them.

From @AmanjotKSandhu: She used to brag about how modern an outlook she has. She flaunted Western dresses. She was there on Facebook, on Twitter. Women in the neighborhood envied her.

And the next they heard of her was that she married off her barely legal daughter off to an illiterate NRI who was much older than her.

From @madrasmad: He lingers around a blind-folded man on his knees. Just a few years back, the sight of bloody wounds, and the smell of death had him in shock for days. Today, taking a life in public satiates him like nothing else. He raises his sword high, and aims for the man’s neck. Bliss.

From @KonfusedKhopadi: I self destruct every day, slowly within. I blame it on a friend who cheated, a lover who left, a bad boss, ungrateful children.  I pretend to be another victim of fate. I fuel it with anger, jealousy, alcohol and all my hate. I am a little bit of every YOU.

From @bitchwanti: "Who is this, grandma?” asked Anya, touching the grainy, black and white image of a strikingly beautiful woman.  "It's me", she replied with a tender smile. Anya looked surprised, as she searched the wrinkled face for hints of lost beauty. In its decadence it shone through.

From @swaravali: For Natasha, self-indulgence stopped at books, each one of which was her own.  Over the years, she had pangs of guilt, considering the money she was spending on them, but the joy of reading would far outweigh.  Much as it might seem like an obsession those long nights of reading into the wee hours…priceless.

From @donbratman: He just won the Olympic gold. He could knock anyone out. Suddenly, this man mocked him. He took his stance and asked him to bring it on. The mocker took stance. Outside, the doctor took notes about the legendary boxer. He was yelling at a mirror. He wasn't improving. He walked to the next ward.

From @anushreekejriwa: Nadia was a resident of Kabul and was very beautiful. She loved Ali and they dreamt of leading a happy life. The country got embroiled in turmoil; power in the name of religion grew which lead to the decadence of humanity. Love became a crime and they criminals. Their story never got written.

From @My_Summer_Eyes:
Caesar sighed. Constantinople had fallen.  
“O Thanatos, why didst thou kill me that ides of March? Decadence of Rome, I canst bear.”
Enter Brutus. “Noble Caesar, dontcha worry. Rome shan’t fall overnight ‘coz Rome wasn’t built in a day. Lulz!”
“Brutus, you nigga. Thou stabbed my back, at least now spare my ass.” Exit Caesar.

From @Freelosopher: 13.75 billion years ago, it started with the Big Bang. Countless coincidences later, life flourished on planet Earth, an infinitesimal non-entity in our vast cosmos. Heaven was every place on Earth. Humans originated and evolved. And since then, what has taken millions of years to build has only taken a couple of thousand to break.

From @TheOtherBanana: He looked at her, mesmerized. Her eyes were closed, mouth half open, the raven black hair eddying along with the furious wind that was whistling in his ears. His caress opened her eyes. Heat swirled through them. Like molten chocolate that was the right consistency for licking it off the spatula. She was decadence itself.

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