Monday, April 16, 2012

Theme 49 - Airport

From @aatifsumar: The rush to be the on the first bus to the terminal. The half walk half jog to be first to get a bathroom stall. The expert manoeuvres to get your luggage out of the belt. The panting to get the prepaid taxi first. Only to get jam packed in traffic right outside the airport.

From @zaiuranjit: The door closed, but he couldn’t leave until he saw her plane take off. If she was leaving him, he wanted to make sure it was for good. She’d been good to him, loved and cared for him. He’d been everything she needed and wanted. She still turned him in. She had to go.

From @Saiyona: In spite of the web check-in, they sold her ticket to someone else. The guards wouldn’t let her enter. She was going home after 2 years. Tears streaming, stranded, she called him, “why aren’t you here?” He smiled and said, “I wished you would come home to me today, one last time before you left”

From @SugarsNSpice:
The eyes were familiar to this place. Euphoric faces, commotion and even the coffee evoked familiarity. But today was different. An anxiety overcame me as I waited at the airport lobby. It was a tough decision. You ran forth and instead of the embrace fell on the knees. I blurted out immediately -I am engaged.

From @MonkAvantGarde:
The plane had been hovering over airport for about 2 hours now, something was wrong. So it wasn’t just a dream. 300 people were going to die. She was drenched in sweat. Suddenly the plain dropped in altitude. She felt a jolt, her eyes opened. She was at the airport waiting to catch her flight.

From @2emkay:
An announcement was made; he was diverted from his reverie. Three months ago they were inseparable buds. Today he was running away from his pain. He sat there alone, none to wish him Goodbye. The Airport was cold and heartless; overwhelmed, he locked himself in the washroom, and after months of stoic silence, he cried.

From @swordfish19:
Sales were picking up. The “hot-shot” sales executive was literally living out of a suitcase.

As he was making his way out of the plush office building, a colleague, who he bumped into, asked “Where to?” “Home.” he replied tongue-in-cheek.

Outside, he hailed a cab. “Domestic airport please” he told the cabbie.

From @ladycardiidae: It was before the sinking of that colossal ship. She brewed her coffee, awaiting customers, unperturbed by the whooshing sound of the flying, man-made gigantic dream. It didn’t bother her anymore. Now, she would rather watch these almost-extinct sparrows nibble the left-over bread crumbs on the table. The birds flew as she rolled her chair.

From @SpinandSwirl: Crowds milling about at the terminal. No patterns, everything was chaotic, frenzied. Just like her life. She’d always been an outsider. Looking at the flight schedule, she contemplated running away. Forget, be forgotten. A man, smiling eagerly, approached her. Hope you’re ready to board, he asked, adding ‘honey’ tentatively. It was their honeymoon, after all.

From @sahilk:
Since we have the cheapest fuel prices, might as well make the largest airport in the world. The 250 King Fahd International Airport. Who cares about excess capacity. Passengers prefer Bahrain’s airport. The royal family prefers the old Dhahran facility. But we’re Saudis. Lavishness is a requirement. Like trays of khabsah being wasted.

From @SermonsInStone: She waited next to her car holding a bouquet of daffodils. Her eyes longed to see him. He was returning after 11 years of self-imposed exile.

She saw him appear outside T3. He looked frail in a wheelchair; his hair now all salt, no pepper.

She bent down, kissed his cheek and said, “Hello papa”.

From @dipakmah: Airport A Very High Security Zone For Ordinary Peoples. Oh Sorry! Only For Rich Peoples. Otherwise We Get Same Treatment In Bus Stand Or Train Station.

From @riddhiaswani: 'And then your daddy ran through the airport shouting my name.' 'Really?' Asked the child, eyes widened in surprise. 'Yes and the police chased after him. But he caught upto me.' 'And you kissed?'Sighed the child dreamily. 'No. He said your airplane has no phalange.' A fond smile, 'and then we kissed.'

From @numbyaar: The beer was extra chilled and the ice was instantly broken. Ashish and Megha met at the airport bar and hit off instantly. The delayed kingfisher flights had landed them an unintended date. A good 5 hours later they had to part ways. They kissed goodbye as she winked and asked “Your city or mine?”

From @gauravjagwani:
He waved goodbye to his folks and departed on his daily flight. He was living his dream as a pilot. His parents were okay with him flying as they would see him each day. One day, his plane crashed. His dream didn't end, though. The child was gifted a new plane from the toy store.

From @MrNarci: It seemed so different from the movies. She had never been to an airport before this; it was definitely huger than the railway station back in her village. But here she was saying goodbye to her husband she loved so much. Airports are like hospitals, she felt. She hugged him, never to see him again.

From @roshd:
Gopal sounded grim over the phone. His staunchly-brahmin parents in Chennai wouldn’t accept Cecilia from Mumbai as their daughter-in-law. He was sorry and asked her to move on. He would be leaving for the US tonight. Her whole world came crashing down. The doorbell rang.He stood there grinning. Fresh from Chennai airport. April Fool.

From @rinashah: She was so excited to leave for London. A cab was pre booked which arrived on time to pick her up. They reached the airport, she bid goodbye to everyone and went ahead to the door. Security guy stopped her, asked for passport and ticket. She looked into her backpack but didn’t find them. Shocked!

From @oxymoronic_me:
I’ve always had a thing for pilots. Standing at the airport, I watched the handsome pilot talking intimately to a beautiful air-hostess. Smiling, I walked towards them. He was my man. The bitch was never going to see him again. He glanced at me without interest. I arrested him for holding a fake pilot’s license.

From @_Nehu:
He was teasing her "I am leaving on jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again". He held his 7months pregnant wife in his arm, whispered "Baby I hate to go". To chase his dreams boarded a flight to NY. Destiny had different plans. Yes it was 9/11/2001! In a flash everything was finished.

From @realfartshady: The captain's first reaction was shock. Then angst - against airport security. Then fear - for his life.

The air hostess had serenely told him there were hijackers on plane.

"Wha....what the fuck they want?" he asked, trembling.

"We want this aircraft." she replied, with a gun at his forehead.

From @thatbhandaguy: 'Tere ghar mein ma-behen nahi hai khana banaye?'

The airport authorities explained he couldn’t take eatables with him.

'Toh achaar khol ke dikhau?'

The authorities gave up and repacked his eatables. Once he landed, he smirked while taking out the diamonds from the pickle jar.

From @RBTrary:
6 hours before the next flight and I was stuck at the airport. She was sitting beside me at the waiting lounge, adjusting her reading glasses from time-to-time, pushing that loose streak of hair behind her ear, a smile on those rose-petal-like-lips and deep-dark-eyes engrossed in the book. And there, I lost my heart in-transit.

From @alienatedWind:
There is a place, where you can find all the emotions together. Happiness as the long period of separation ends. Sorrow, because distances are about to increase. You find new ambitions. You can see the endurance of pain but also strength to move on for better. You find it all in one place. The Airport.

From @IndianIdle: They were a corporate couple. Their marriage was like an agreement. They flied frequently and Airport was their second home.

Today for the first time they were traveling with their newborn. By habit the mother also put the kid on the conveyer belt with the luggage.

There was a reason People called them Machines.

From @sahilbulla:
"Ladies and Gentlemen we will be landing in Delhi soon" said the captain as he unscrewed the cap of his flask.

“You know. I like my alcohol like I like my airports" he stated.

The co-captain stared back.

"Domestic! " he said as he took a swig. They laughed.

The plane never reached the runway.

From @shirina83: She was an hour late...Just a few steps more. A lifetime of love..of longing...the heart of a 20 year old still fluttering at 70. Where are you? Please be here...A girl came ahead..."Krishna amma??...we are flying dadaji back to Kerala...he passed away an hour ago."

From @SarwarBaig:
He didn't yet know how to pronounce Eyjafjallajokul, so he turned to his 4 year old daughter , who'd been tugging at his sleeve, and said, "Princess, there's a giant who's been coughing and we can't fly home until he gets better." His daughter said, "Mommy has a couple of Vicks tablets in her purse."

From @Satyaagraha: No one’s giggling. No two friends are talking animatedly. No one’s striking up a conversation with strangers. No one’s announcing their wares on the top of their voices. No one’s enjoying chai-vadapav as they wait. Children aren’t squealing in delight as they play.

The Indian Feel. Missing.

Railways: now that’s another story!

From @laalquimista: They’d announced that Flight 175 was behind schedule. Mary was getting tenser by the minute as the elevator dropped down from the 110th floor. She should’ve been receiving John at the airport by now, but her meeting had run late. Suddenly, the traction cable of the elevator snapped as entire building shuddered. Something had struck.

From @GleeBee_: It was nightfall when she landed at Mumbai. An unknown city with an unfamiliar ambiance. An air of anxiety surrounded this newly wedded bride. Right then, she caught his proverbial charming smile amidst the crowd at Arrivals. Her eyes lit up. The alien airport had now turned into her favourite place in the whole world.

From @quratzafar:
One brown army cap, two, three…still no papa. Minal only knows counting till twenty so every now she has to start counting again. The lines of sad faces emerging out of the arrival center at the airport near its end. Her mother silently cries: Minal doesn’t know of the official letter lying in her drawer.

From @rati7:
She danced around her mother playing with her split end filled orange tresses tied with ribbons. Wiping her nose she looked at her mother coughing because of the smoke emitting from the chulha. Scratching her bleeding foot she looked up at the looming airplane on the airport-roof. One day, she thought, I will be there.

From @tunnvi: She saw their eyes light up when they saw a known face. She saw the sadness, mistrust vanish. For once, she wanted to feel the way these people felt about each other. That excitement of seeing someone you care for the first time in weeks, months even. At the airport she sat. Lonely, yet again.

From @radhikamohandas: The suitcase handle squeaked as his sweating palm caught hers on it. The air was breathing trepidation into their lungs. While smiles and tears were being passed around them, two pairs of eyes were inhumanly still. But then, this was routine. The flight purser & airhostess dreaded the familiar call before the terminals separated them.

From @nishjain7: He sat and thought. The abstract ones were easy. Love. Pain. Anger. Art and emotion have forever been inseparably bound together. Then there were the common ones. He thought of mothers and friends and holidays and beaches and forests. But how does one even begin writing about an airport? He sat and thought some more.

From @bongbuffoon:
I spotted him near Terminal-3. His coat hinted at a touch of pedigree but the layer of muck screamed mongrel. I whistled. He ignored me.

“Probably waiting for a long-dead owner.”

Suddenly, his tail became a windshield wiper.

I looked up and saw an airhostess. Correction! I saw was a miniskirt and stilettos.

“Lucky dog.”

From @anjana_murali: Harsh had come to the party to meet his friends. It was there that he saw her again. He saw her every time he went on a business meeting abroad. Their eyes met and they realized that very soon, the airport where she worked would not be the only place where they would meet.

From @akshayabansal: Oblivious to the World outside of theirs, they had been living here since hundreds of years; farming, hunting and selling hand-made wares. "You must give up your land for the nations progress, this futuristic airport will be good for our image", implored the Minister, as the entire village looked at him indignantly.

From @TheRealSoup: I always thought I am an evolved human being. The Liberals sitting on a flight owned by the Conservatives crashed while landing on the right brain. Left is now planning to take up the matter with heart. I sat muffled. He smiles and says, “The airport of the human mind is now in shambles.”

From @highheelswaali: She was lying in one of the toilet stalls, with her arm twisted at an unnatural angle, and blood covering up most of her features. I could see the eyes still, staring at me. I walked out and bought the first ticket to nowhere. She will never catch up with the one who raped her.

From @captain_speakin:
She got off the cab and walked through the gate, dressed in her best, dragging her tote behind. There was a comfortable chaos around. Sad faces walked besides happy ones. Stiff suits moved away from excited voices. Anxiety circled around with the airplanes. She smiled at the gawking eyes and walked on. This was home!

From @theshreyasnaik: Tony wasn't a healthy kid. He lost his hair at an early age. "Airport.. airport", teased his friends. One day he took up the guitar. He picked it up quickly. He went on to become a rockstar and a popular youth icon. The very same people who teased him, now sported the bald Tony look.

From @moonsez: They had exchanged all the customary pre-journey warnings, prompts and reminders. The air was thick with expectation and flight announcements. “I hate airports.” she said easing herself away from him. “Will you marry me once I’m back?” he asked not letting her go.

From @quencro: They boarded the plane to L.A. They had planned this trip long back. Nobody was coming to receive them. It was a secret. But they wanted to go to The World Trade Center, New York. They made the pilot take them there.

The date was Eleventh September 2001.

Everything changed forever. 2,606 Died. Mission Accomplished.

From @Crucifire:

Flight iDeA1 was shot down due to budget.

Flight iDeA5 wasn't 'BIG' enough to fly, so disapproved.

Flight iDeA7 was blasted on feasibility grounds.

Flight iDeA10 was intercepted mid-flight due to radar breakdown.

Thoughts take flights.

Creativity is the hangar and my brain, the airport.

From @zushk:
A clap of thunder sounded, and he shivered. “Any minute now,” he said. As it started raining, he took off his glasses and shoved them in his jacket, pulling the collar up at the same time. It was becoming hard to see, but he would recognize her. Or so he thought. And so he waited.

From @tripteased: She took a flight and instantly cutoff. Being in a space above all her manifestations,she'd see herself more clearly; the roads that misguided her,the fog that had blinded her,the vulnerabilility that'd bind her. After much back and forth to the Departures,only,she'd come to know,would she finally get to the Arrival.

From @salonitia:
They had come, in search of his love. They found her; she agreed to come back to her home town. But she died in a car accident. Now they were taking her corpse to her parents who would be waiting to receive her at the airport. Director said cut ,a typical Bollywood scene.

From @bhytu:

"My daughter here is your big fan, sir"

"She has a few more days to live. As a father, this was the least I could do. I am retiring tomorrow. Sorry sir"

The chief officer started crying. He smiled and picked up the ailing child. Media buzzed outside the airport. "Superstar Detained."

From @neurondoctrine:

"Be nice! Else, your goodies shall find their way into the Atlantic."

"Let's see you do that.” he grinned.

"Idiot!” she exclaimed, as she logged out on Skype.

This conversation played on mind, while he sat in the airport, devastated, watching Air France 447 plunge into the ocean, with his fiancé and 216 other strangers.

From @madrasmad: I worked as a barista opposite Gate 6. Tourists with cameras, children riding on baggage carts, anxious first-timers who leave no sign unread, smartly dressed crew, travelers with dictionaries, seniors on wheelchairs, celebrities in sunglasses.. I’ve seen them all. Each has a different story behind the trip, I’m sure. They rarely talk about them.

From @drac_69: It was a bit more swarming at the airport than customary. But nothing could bother him now. He was all equipped. His target was in front of him. He took a quick glance; people’s ignorance will be his benefit.

A perfect hit.

‘Mummy, Dev used his slingshot on me again!’ cried his sister.

Mission accomplished.

From @deceitful_Angel:
"Babaji, I think I'm going to die soon", the devotee said with great anxiety. "Avoid the airport, you'll be safe." The devotee was relieved.

He died on the spot when his hard bound copy of 'The Airport' by Arthur Hailey fell from his shelf, straight on his head.

From @sinpinklove: He was waiting at the airport .She was returning after her chemotheraphy treatment.Head shaved bald and dark circles under her eyes. Weak and tired. Their eyes met. He hugged her tight and kissed her on the lips. She smiled. He cried. They had reason to rejoice -both had got back their life.

From @Violet_Droplet:
It was impossible to tell where he ends & she begins. They decided to part ways for 365 days, discover themselves & test viability of their relationship. He just had to drop off a contract at work & then go meet her at Central Park. It was 11/09/2001 & The Twin Towers were the airport.

From @vagabondinact: Fields, green and lush covered the earth till the horizon, dotted with few brown rooftops. They decided to build their home here, away from the city skies, where their young could soar into skies unimpeded. Alas! They now reprimanded their little eaglets for flying too high, as large noisy metal birds had become their neighbors.

From @TheHumerus: Tiju’s nose was stuck to the glass screen at the departure lounge overlooking the tarmac. He loved looking at the planes on ground. And that is when a sleek but soft object hit him, as he turned around to see his sister Juju grinning at the paper aeroplane that had landed near his feet.

From @anushreekejriwa:
His father was travelling and had promised to come back soon. He didn't know that it will be the last time he sees him. The plane crashed and he lost his father. He couldn't believe and still hopes that dad will come back, he goes to the airport everyday just to come back alone.

From @ritukarthik:
It's been over 20 years that he has been coming through these gates. The guys know him well and he has always tried and stayed aloof and yet friendly with them. News at 4pm: Bomb explodes at the Heathrow airport. Over thirty thousand expected to be dead. He smiles. He's made it once again.

From @eklavyagupte: "I will keep this story short. I had not seen my dad for 10 years. I went to collect him from Heathrow. I soon learnt that he had suffered a heart attack on the flight. Next I had to fetch his luggage but I was told his suitcase had gone on the wrong flight."

From @shivaanie:
The flight to Delhi was late again. He had his face against the glass window. He saw the planes- Gigantic.Fantastic. Awesome. His mop clattered to the floor, and he bent to pick it up. He liked it down here- the excitement and chatter, the shops of strange things. But to fly, now that’d be something…

From @freelosopher: He got fined for cutting lanes, didn't miraculously find empty roads and got stuck in the evening Andheri traffic. At the airport, he wasn't allowed through the first security checkpoint for want of a boarding pass. He watched helplessly as her flight took off. His favorite reel life fantasy had failed him in real life.

From @vivekisms: If she wouldn’t have forgotten her book. If her cabbie wouldn’t have missed the signal. If the suitcase wheel wouldn’t have been off. If she would have run faster towards the entrance. The dancing inside, the frenzy, people not wanting to miss their flights, the rush and she bumping into a probability of love.

From @donbratman:
I knew I forgot something. Was it my passport? No! It’s in my backpack. My wallet? No! Pant pocket. Ticket? No! Then what was it?? My cab pulled up in front of Newark Liberty International Airport.

Just then I caught a glimpse of my ticket, it said J.F.K International Airport.

I knew I forgot something.

From @NeatBee: She gazed at the night sky searchingly, piercingly; waiting to be taken over by its buoyant liberation. Instead, she crash landed with the memory of how it clipped her wings. The sky meant airplanes. Airplanes meant airports. Airports meant the eternal departure of her father in 1999. They meant the notorious Delhi bound flight, IC814.

From @Catpricious:
Months, years had been spent waiting for this day. At the airport, she was positively bouncing. Saying hellos to people from the orientation, leaving little time for the goodbyes. She crossed the check-in gate and suddenly the ground gave away. She turned around for reassurance but her parents' faces were lost, it was too late.

From @Gods_Evangelos: The cumulonimbus cloud whispered in his ears. Every other evening he gazed that aircraft with dry tears that ruptured his heart. It reminded him of the final day he was to meet her Beloved. Interminable wait of 10 years. The incident resulted in Blasphemous behavior. The infernal machine was planted on her flight. Buried her.

From @shantusharma: "He swung around and gazed her. Now, his sight was unobstructed. She was fiddling with her cellphone anxiously. Apparently, her flight was delayed. She was texting someone. Her curls were swinging around which made her look more beautiful. Suddenly, he felt the haze clearing. The flights must reschedule now. His wonderful morning was ending thus."

@TheGhostWriterr: On 6th February 1958 British European Airways Flight 609 stopped at Munich for refueling, The Busby Babes were returning after being qualified for the semis. The Airport was elated to see their heroes smile & sign autographs but only moments later; they saw the event that shaped the future of Manchester United Football Club.

From @rumna: Lena leant against the airport walls. Her son got married – married! – in Paris. Would she now have to cook meat? Maybe these foreigners wouldn’t like a traditional Indian welcome, but come, she had to bring the sindoor, didn’t she? As she worried and fretted, her son arrived and said,”Mom this is Peter, my life.”

From @swaravali: While I waited for my brother’s delayed U.S. flight a Rohit was waiting to receive his brother for their father’s funeral; an excited Samyukta for her fiancĂ©e; an old couple, for their son coming after 10 years and six-year-old Aditi for her dad, she barely remembers. The myriad of people, emotions, absolute strangers, brought together!

From @rbd_sqrl: Ross played and rewound the last ten years in his head. He was finally going to lose Racheal. He had never thought it would come to this. They had made up and broke up many times. But her leaving for Paris, he couldn’t handle. The radio played ‘Leaving On a Jet Plane’.

From @rohini_sekhar: He walked onto the wide open space stretching ahead, a silvery snake in the blinding sunlight. The creature seemed to mock his smallness, as did the monstrosity behind him, with its pointed nose. He waved the all ok signal, the flight took off. The air-traffic guard walked back to the airport – his smallness all-encompassing.

From @AmanjotKSandhu:

When he was around she would never stop talking. He would hug her and listen. They did all sorts of crazy things together.

She smiled sadly as a tear rolled down her cheek.

It was a year since she got the news of the air crash while driving to the airport to pick him up.

From @AlreenaPinto: Baggage Screening. Check In. Security. Then making her way to the smoke lounge, she lights up a cancer stick. There’s a man across the room in a suit. Their eyes meet. It’s a look that says it all. No one around, they get to business. Call for boarding, everything’s changed. A trip like never before.

From @BoozeSexSundry: She had maintained a straight face. Unnamed bridges will be left behind. The plane had to go down. She glugged down her Jagerbomb and there was a straight face with tears. He'll be hopeful at the airport, she knew. 'She needed a new school bag, you know.' She texted him. 'I love you all.'

From @kaloladeep: Everyone were busy with there onboard or arrival wait at Airport. Some relatives were waiting for their beloved one to arrive, some were hugging there's to be departed, A place where all emotions can be seen, was the place where Chana Chor wala was best for that kid, No emotions to feel Just Chana Chor!

From @bitchwanti: The little boy held his placard - Mr. and Mrs. Roy. Passengers poured into the lounge. Families hugged after long-absences. The boy stood eagerly, scanning faces. Hours passed. His grandfather touched his slumped shoulders. "They won't come my child", he said with tears in his eyes. "God called them on the wings of the steel-bird".

From @gunjanx: He stood in the airport and stared blankly. He looked on as there was both happiness, with loved ones meeting, and sadness, with loved ones separating, around him. There was a tear in his eye as he recalled the day he died in a plane crash. He was in this very airport that day.

From @randomWhiz: She was 7 years old. She saw the planes, start from the airport, go higher and higher, until they disappeared into the sky. What would it be like to fly in them? Or even fly them? Chutki smiled at the thought, then shook her head and got back to washing clothes.

From @BombayChor: The human mind is a complex emotion ruled by the simple urge to be superior at everything that everyone else does. Airport is the finest example to study such anonymous minds, where even a non reader will carry a book in hand & even a person travelling to deserts will be covered in fur jackets.

From @tuhinaneogi: The airport was filled with strange faces but, Riki's eyes were hungrily looking for that one familiar face. She found it as it was the only face that had tears of joy and wore a sweet smile. Riki ran into her mother's arms and broke into tears. Finally after ten long months, she came alive.

From @minolajekar:

Obsessive-compulsive freak.
Skanky ‘ho.
Serial Killer.
Likes wearing wife’s underwear.
Still in the closet.
Spits does not swallow.
Always swallows.
Likes it doggy style.

While working at the Business Class Lounge at CSI Airport Mumbai, Zara’a favorite game was people watching and guessing their dark personality side!

From @fountaintales: Airports terrified her... that melting pot of people, culture, class coming together trying to decide who they are...where they belong. A life time of dispersion came crashing down on she struggled with the forms in front of her... which box stood for moving to a new foster family - business /leisure/ visiting relatives ?

From @tweettabulous: I still meet new people every day, but more intimately now. Some clean, others unbelievably unhygienic - hand sanitizer allergy? At least I have a job, even if it’s cleaning muck left by frequent flyers. But I keep hoping one day I’ll get back my job of reservation manager and see them impersonally again.

From @priyankadharmsi:
Lots of love, lots of fights. But gradually, only the fights remained. He decided to call it off. Li’l did he expect her to come running to stop him and then he’d call off boarding the flight. And she did! But only, to bid him the last goodbye. She had actually called it off!

From @captaintoon: "You have a training flight @8:30 tonight" said Dan, her flight instructor. "Also tell Jo she goes before you @7."Now it's 9:30; sitting on the cold tarmac she is looking at the sky in the hope of a returning aircraft.

From @_PWN: She didn’t know what to say to her parents. She didn’t know how to say goodbye. She just hugged them tight, as if trying to make them sit in her heart forever, so she won’t feel lonely in the new home she was going to.

From @aaroo4:

“Are you ready?” She yelled.

"What’s the hurry, we have 2 more hours, it’s just a 15min drive away” he answered , sounding impatient.

“I cant wait, this is killing me, let’s go already” she quipped, excitement and anxiety filling her voice.

Hugging her, he says “I know, let’s go bring our baby home”

From @drun007 :
Excitement in her eyes. Sakina’s first time at an airport. The 17 year olds’ eyes sparkled. 5 hours between Cochin to Riyadh. Her wings were ready to soar the skies.

Little did she know that the tiny wings were to be clipped forever in Riyadh where she will be working as maid to a Sheikh.

From @AboveAvgIndian:
Before we met the sky, life seemed facile. Goodbyes we said, few tears we shed. Gifts rightfully returned, goals rightfully withheld. All ready to fly—Directions different. Reminiscing that final glimpse; Letting go of your bag, you’d turned! Before our eyes could meet­—I’d turned away, letting go of you. Sky reached out.

From @anushalalwani: Waiting, perched on the railing, I am overwhelmed by remembered snatches of intimacy. I am caught off guard as you suddenly assault me with your kisses, and my legs wrap themselves around your waist as if they have a mind of their own, staking their claim. It is hard to find happy people at Departures.

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