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Theme 47 - Fear

From @TheOtherBanana: Her eyes would be the first and last thing he’d see every day. They would be filled with warmth and concern when he was sick, passion when they made love and rage when they fought. But today was the first time they were filled with fear. At him and his raised hand. He was devastated.

From @AbhiandNow: The black letters danced around the fire, the headings were singing a ghostly tune and the models in a car's advertisement were shedding tears of blood. His hands trembled, as he picked up a newspaper for the first time in five years since the last one, which carried a picture of his father's mutilated body.

From @Sneak_Speak: She was beautiful and believed in everlasting love. He was rich, handsome and looking for a bride. They met at a party one night. They kissed, fell in love, overcame all obstacles and got married. On their wedding night, he slapped her for the first time. Now Cinderella shivers when the clock strikes midnight.

From @mitigatedlying: One part of her loved him. One part was scared if she might get hurt. She had two people living inside of her. One had to go. She decided. She would run after her fear. But she wouldn't let her fear destroy her. Fears are to be conquered and perished.

From @Supramario:

At 18, he biked through the Himalayas on his own. At 21, he got into a bar-fight with three people and emerged victorious. At 36, he sued a local politician, who settled out of court.

At 54, he sat in the waiting room, his knuckles white. His first round of chemotherapy was only minutes away.

From @quratzafar: We are all insecure. Mothers often play a trick: they mold the role of father as someone who has to be feared. He is made the threatening authority. And the poor father, the bread winner, the hard worker is never able to get past the barrier of respectful fear his children have of him.

From @zushk: He screamed. As he turned to run, his leg hit the stool and he tripped, falling on his butt. Random abuses mixed with hysteric thoughts swirled around his brain. Looking around for help, he saw a newspaper. He flung it out, and as the sheets slid all over the floor, the caterpillar quietly scuttled away.

From @gauravjagwani: She feared him for he had that weapon. She feared that he wouldn't act. One would think that this doesn't make sense. I will reason it out for you. Their relationship hit the point where there were empty promises. Words are a coward's sword. Bold deeds are the weapon of the brave. Actions weren't seen.

From @riddhiaswani: I clutched the blanked close, all but my eyes peeking over the top. The darkness was unending, pitch, velvet. An owl hooted outside my window. Shivers of fear ran down my back. A noise. A turn of my head. 'I like to watch you sleep'- Edward says, sparkling in the dark. And I scream.

From @Deceitful_Angel: "Julius Caesar should be a beast without a heart if he should stay at home for fear." He went forth like a lion, ready to conquer the hearts of the fickle minded crowd. Stabbed twenty-three times the valiant soldier died only once unlike the cowards who constantly lived in the fear of death.

From @sahilk: For most, Bin Laden was just a Muslim. What they’re not aware of is that he was a Saudi; rich family and all. We’re subjected to scrutiny at the airport because of that fast. But that can’t instill fear in us. Fear was when a cylinder blast in Khobar was mistaken as a terrorist attack.

From @maverickaneek: A dingy motel room..,12o'clock in the night. I got up from bed and went into the bathroom. Just the faded light of the moon, I looked into the Bathroom mirror. Noticed speckles of blood all over it!! A shiver of cold ran down my spine, I turned away, my reflection didn't...

From @ScribblingOn: "I'm scared", she said. "Don't be, darling, I'm right here", he said, comforting her. It ached his heart to see fear writ-large on her face. Embracing, they slept. Waking up, startled, brimming tears, she sat upright, stunned. Finally, she faced her real fear. Her only fear. She was ready to take on the world.

From @RealFartShady:

"Jesus, they are here again!"

"What you want me to do Helen?"

"You gotta fucking kill'em. Before, they'd only sneak into our house but now they’re stealing from us. What's next? Oh lord, I can't take this anymore."

"Helen, relax, they’re just squirrels."

From @RBtrary: Family disowned him for marrying that girl, then the marriage also failed and now he was thrown away from the job. With trembling feet he moved on the rail-track as the train approached. Bright streak-of-light; roaring sound-of-the-engine… and then… he moved away. Fear got the better of him, but for the good this time…

From @rohtalks: She was afraid, the most she ever had been in her life. One cool evening, strolling down the road, a red car stopped by her. She tried to scream but futile and those drunk, hungry wolves of men tore her down. But now, sitting on her tomb, she is calm.

From @tweettabulous: "Grandpa", as the entire village called him, offered her chocolates and her nine year old heart was overcome with joy. She followed him into his hut, trusting. Unwrapped the chocolate sitting on his lap, smiling gleefully. But when he lifted her skirt, she understood. At 26, she still can't go near chocolates or old men.

From @tunnvi: She furiously stuffed clothes in her bag, her toothbrush and her favorite jersey and slammed the door behind her. She didn’t want to stay in that hell hole of a place anymore. She left everything behind and walked down the stairs. First thing she did was to light a smoke. She didn’t fear anybody, anymore.

From @whimsytales: She let it inside herself, the fear of change. The fear of uncertainty, the fear of not knowing. The fear of separation. He was her one and only. He had already gone missing once. For seventeen atrocious minutes. She never lets her two year old out of her sight since then.

From @hilonee:

They were watching TV. Her calm demeanour ensured him of her recovery. She too felt at ease. Then the whispers started. She covered her ears. The voices grew louder. She said, 'They're coming to kill me.'


He was wrong. Her fear of them was real. And that killed her.

From @indianidle: They say being drunk makes you remember the close people in your life. I gulped down all that I had in that bottle. Still I stood there without emotions,Music filling my ears. I was in the herd. People around me. Known faces,unknown feelings. Fear of being alone came to the mind again

From @sumitrai100: He kissed her. She kissed back. The longest kiss they ever had. It was kiss of departure. Defying gravity they were now moving up, together. Then that free fall. People were screaming. Just few seconds and they all were going to die. It was april14,1912.Titanic hit the bottom and 1500 died together.

From @numbyaar: Her husband treated her like dirt; only worse. Her ex-boyfriend could not see her plight; he was falling for her again. He asked her to come along and start afresh. She would never agree though she knew his feelings were true. The idea of freedom suffocated her. In fear she sought refuge.

From @vagabondinact: The Boggart,he said was a shape shifter, that it was fearsome for it assumed the shape of what one fears most. She wondered what she would see. She had not known fear, was scared of nothing. What she saw surprised her, for the Boggart became her. Riddikulus! said her vanity, the Boggart simply laughed.

From @the_buffmaster: The Roulette wheel went for a spin. A million dollars with hopes attached to them revolved with it. He was watching, thinking whether to play or pass on. All his misfortunes flashed one after another. Skeptical and suspicious as he was, he finally conquered his fear and said, Fuck It ! It’s Vegas baby. Let’s roll !!!

From @wekneweachother:

“What’s wrong?”
“I think I’d stepped on an egg at the beach and it’s the breeding time for the turtles. How could I forget?!”
“Well, so?”
“I’m afraid I might have killed a baby turtle.”
“Yeah, OK?”
“You won’t get it. I’m a woman and I know how it feels to lose a baby.”

From @madrasmad: "How can you be so sure that it won't reach our home?," the little boy in Bangalore asked his mother. "What if the tsunami crosses over all the cities? There is so much water in the ocean." She smiled, and patiently explained all over, again. He appeared convinced, again. For a moment. "But, still, mom..."

From @anjana_murali: She cursed the moment when she threw the bracelet in anger and he went to get it. She did not know whether he could swim. Now as she swam frantically, all she could feel was the cold water and the fear of losing him forever. Till she saw him, with the bracelet in his hand.

From @sinpinklove: She felt him follow her everyday , everywhere - to college , back home or wherever she went. He had a rope and a cloth dipped in chloroform .They found her one day , dead. Her wrists , tied tight by a rope and a cloth held near her nose . She did what she feared the most.

From @anushreekejriwa: His father was a devil king, he feared death but wanted to conquer the heaven. He was blessed by Gods that he will not die under normal circumstances. The son was a God child. He tried killing his child but lost his life instead. The fear of death overpowered the father and he lost himself.

From @salonitia: Started with her ex boyfriend. Then she got married, few years of abiding the rules and then it got boring. Then came her husband’s best friend but it too became monotonous. Now she's on a hunt. The fear has yet to set in her ,what if he ever finds out the wild side to her?

From @swaravali: Once while he was having lunch he saw a flying cockroach The next thing we knew was the food flying all over the room. Petrified, this 70+ retired Brigadier was screaming and running amok. Luckily the cockroach flew away soon. Intriguing that a man who had been through gruesome wars, had to deal with this fear yet.

From @rohanindori_: "Slap!" and she fell off on the floor. The scars on her face symbolized her Mother-in-law's desperation for a grandchild. In spite of earning the bread and butter for the family,there was no one in their 5 bedroom flat to help her fight this horny beast she was living with for so many years now.

From @roshd:

Sharma miss, the Hindi teacher, was much feared by all the students.
“Any questions?”, she asked.
I raised my hand, heart beating wildly.
“Teacher, Melodee itni chocolatey kyon hai?”, I asked with my most innocent expression. I didn’t feel the pain of the sound thrashing I received. The wager was won, the treat was mine.

From @fountaintales: She smelled it first… black and white stripes, chains around ankles, cuffs around hands, the desperation in their eyes... All had the same markings. She didn’t know who they were, why they were there… she didn’t care… but she knew… what this smell meant… fear… of her, her fangs, the hunger in her animal eyes...

From @bhytu:

Shruti felt fear as she tiptoed the railing. Fear of her parents, her relatives, her peers. How will she ever be able to face them? Their taunts, the scolding, the expectations, the love. She had let down everyone.

Trembling she took the step.

The wind took her body in a cosy embrace. She felt fearless.

From @kingoFlames: Once, he feared cockroaches. He feared dogs. He feared meeting new people. He feared coming home. His younger brother would beat him. He feared school, due to bullies. Now, fear, feared him. He stamped cockroaches, threw stones at dogs, made people tremble with his name. It all started, with a bullet, in his brother's heart.

From @munchin_jughead: On a Sunday afternoon, a crowd gathered at Mahatma Chowk. Amid much joyous singing, band-playing and chanting of oaths and incantations, they watched politically motivated demonstrators and impassioned youths from a regional political party, burn upwards of 2000 books decreed to be "un-Indian". The writer stood in the crowd, speechless, fearing his life.

From @amanjotksandhu: She never believed in God. One day as she was walking back home, alone, she felt someone following her in the dark. All kinds of bad thoughts started coming to her mind. For the first time in her life, she prayed. She reached home safely that day. Yes, FEAR changed her into a believer.

From @Crucifire:

“He is still staring at us”

“There is no one there”

“He is. Standing there in a sailor’s cap and a bowtie”


“Oh God, four more like him. None of them is wearing pants”


One after another, two silhouettes run out of the Walt Disney theme park shrieking loudly.


From @Gods_Evangelos:It was the first lecture of PGDM and sir just entered the class. He explained a case study. He started calling students to come down to the podium and explain. I was at the last bench. He started from the back.I was second to the last. 1 minute I spoke and then I was “Blank”

From @kyahaibey: …and as she stood there looking down 11000 ft., she remembered her father’s last words, “darling, one can never get rid of fear, all they can do is, show more courage.” She let go, of the aircraft, of her thoughts and more importantly, her FEAR of heights. “Daddy, are you watching?” she screamed and flew.

From @donbratman: Yes! I've accomplished my goals. I'm on top of the world. Now that I look down, there's nothing left to conquer. I've reached the top, by stepping on everything/one that came my way. Now I'm all alone. On my forehead, first drops of sweat appear. I won, and only now I fear...

From @yashakothari: The blue monster was approaching. She saw it coming. She stood there, feet clutching the ground. Eyes shut tight, hands stiff by her side; she thought of happy things. She dared not open her eyes, less she retracted. Then she felt it, the blue monster washing over her feet. She surrendered, letting it engulf her.

From @sarwarbaig: I envy the ones with clothes on their backs , food on their plates , love in their masters' eyes and a home to live in. They never knew the fear of getting their paw run over by a man backing his car or their ribs stoned by a kid for sniffing out food on his street.

From @mrnarci: He typed hastily. Backspaced it. He opened a dog-eared notebook, wrote in it. Scratched out a page. Doodled on another. He looked at his watch. Five minutes to nine. He looked at his blank .doc file, the word ‘fear’ typed in bold across it. He typed again. Writer’s Block was life’s way of murphying him.

From @_PWN: An angel, who reminds you of you. Reminds you of your smiles. It seems that the sole raison d’être for this angel is to make you happy. Yet the angel does not fear being happy itself. The angel doesn’t forget, like you did, to smile. And you realize, you are just a mortal after all

From @drac_69: She turned back horrified listening to her little kid’s scream. An old homeless guy with decaying skin had grappled him. She took the kid and walked away fast-paced. He thought with pitiful eyes, ‘Was just trying to save kid from the dog. Scare them? Aren’t I the afraid one here?’ Loneliness is the only fear.

From @lady_shweta: "You can do it" his mom said. "i don't want to" the boy said. "remove peur from your heart" his mom said . He went to the bakery, stole the croissants & ran away. That day he learnt 2 things-1. fear the unknown & conquer it. 2. always steal fresh croissants.

From @kaloladeep: Being Lady Pilot, she always had a fear of losing her husband who was too a officer, serving mother nation. They both were known to be best pilots for Mig, But Unfortunate happened, Flt Lt Lost his life during a crash, And that's where her dream were shattered! A fear trounced, but not of worth!

From @oxymoronic_me:

Fear crept in, as he pushed her onto the bed. She couldn’t see who he was, but could feel his presence. He devoured her body, almost sucking her life out of it. He smelt awful and felt cold. But his lust was feverish. Chillingly feverish. She cried. He climaxed.

The incubus had taken her virginity.

From @ritukarthik: He had heard people talking about it. Not once or twice, but often. Searching high and low, here and there, and he still hadn't figured how to find it. And just like that one day, life took him down a strange path. A road that introduced him to sheer darkness, to anxiety, to fear.

From @laalquimista: Two officers stood on her doorstep, dressed in dark blue, with their navy caps perched jauntily on blonde hair. She stood and stared at them, fear coursing through her veins like warm blood. This was the moment every wife and mother lived in perpetual dread of. The younger officer handed her the envelope. She fainted.

From @chocoholic_213: Walking in the lonely alley at night, encompassed by fear. The filthy stench made her scrunch up her nose in disgust. Hearing noises, she stopped. The biggest mistake she made. Three drunkards, eyeing her up and down, like some object of pleasure. Which is what, she was to them. Her life was never the same.

From @dipakmah: Once a girl was always treated like a outsider in his family. Just because she is a girl, they hate her. So he thought, if he hurt himself her family will notice him. He hurt himself without fear until death, but they never acknowledge it.

From @bongbuffoon: He felt the sting of the bullet. The pain, he knew, would come later. He blinked away the tears and charged, his MP5 submachine gun blazing. He kept firing till he saw the terrorist fall from the window of the Taj. Only then did he feel the last remnants of fear exit his perforated gut.

From @Rheality_Bites: After the funeral, the nights were the worst. Growing up when he feared the boogeyman in the dark, his mother put a night lamp out. Now he searched the dark hoping to find anyone to not feel so alone. The boogeyman looked more like the grim reaper and no night light could fix it.

From @alienatedwind: She saw him looking straight at her. That look, she had seen this before, had fallen for it hard. She turned towards another direction. But her eyes went back to him. Again. The same look. Two years ago, she would have fallen in love. But ever since her heart broke, all she felt was fear.

From @Nil_Soul : Her father had taken a flight for his Business trip to China. She was waiting for his call, already 6 hours late, crying beside the telephone. Unable to fight her fears, she was expecting the worse. Drenched in tears and sweat, she tried Telepathy to console and to fool herself. 15 minutes later, it rang.

From @minolajekar: She walked around the house switching on all the lights. She played her mother’s Krishna bhajans CD, and started reading the Hanuman Chalisa.
Every shadow, every creak, every movement and every sigh was infiltrating her already fertile mind with more fodder. Well serves her right for doing a horror marathon at home when all alone.

From @priyankadharmsi: Relationships broke. Things crashed. Grades degraded. Health deteriorated. Friends complained. Parents were worried. Every possible thing was going wrong in her life. But she wasn’t afraid. One thing helped her survive- her belief in “Everything’s gonna be fine soon”. Ironically, this li’l phrase turning out to be untrue was the only fear she lived with.

From @anuanupam88: The last psychological session was over. He has improved a lot. He has now learnt to overcome the fear – the fear of defeat, the fear of loss, the fear of power. He now understands that all negative emotions – anger, jealousy, depression – are manifestation of fear. It’s now time to enjoy his victory over the F-word.

From @tuhinaneogi: Little Sia was worried about her plants as they were searing. She asked her father, “Papa, why are my plants drying up?” Her Papa answered softly, “It’s because they sear in summer sweetie.” Sia inquired, “Can’t we save them?” Her father took the water can and answered with a smile, “Off course! We’ll save them.”

From @bitchwanti: She moved about the house.She had been inside that house for as long as she could remember. Rarely did she have company. Then the family moved in. The little girl looked at her with curious eyes. They became best friends, secretly. One day she decided to show herself. The child lost her father to a cardiac arrest.

From @marwaari:

"No Dad, I cannot do this. It'll hurt." The child pleaded.
"No Beta, I'm with you. How can anything hurt you. Take my hand. Come with me"
"Promise you won't leave my hand?" Her eyes were moist.
"Yes I'm here, now put the right leg first". She finally overcame her fear of escalators.

From @bombaychor: "There must be an answer. I cannot watch her like this anymore. Those eyes, I fell in love with those eyes for the happiness they bore within. Now they are blank and terrified. She refuses bailout. She refuses to accept that our son will never come back. That accident has left her scarred for life."

From @vivekisms: He held out his hand and was able to for once, put out his heart in her eyes. They stood together in the dark for the first time, without any fear of each other, hands loosely clasped, as almost a sorrowful understanding, unable to help each other, but there, together, no longer strangers.

From @writingchalk: The boy looked around him as he sat on the chair. Clean, white walls, glistening furniture, air-conditioned room, his parents’ reassuring smiles. Nothing would happen to him, they said. “So, is your son ready for transorbital lobotomy?” said a stranger, pointing a long, thick and sharp needle, right in between the boy’s wide-open, innocent eyes.

From @harryneopotter: He was surrounded by men, as their leader, “The Butcher” moved towards him. The menacing eyes sent a shiver down his spine. There was no escape. The butcher threw his shiny weapon towards him. The wooden club in his hands moved, instinctively. The ball raced to the boundary. The crowd roared. The Fear was gone.

From @Sychlops:

She stood nervously at the edge.
They were close. There was no outrunning them.
They'd eventually find her.
She peeked down as her legs trembled. Her body froze.
They closed in on her.
With tears streaming down and heart beating faster than ever, she jumped.
Sure, she had Vertigo. But she feared their lust more.

From @CaptiousGazer: He had been living in fear for two years. How would his parents react? Would anyone want to come close to him? What would he be? A pariah? Would he be loved? He was a homosexual, but otherwise the same as always. He lived in fear of being shunned, unloved and alone forever.

From @ladyclonidine:

He lingered around her classroom, hoping to run into her.

Even thinking of the plan made him nervous- hand her the Rose and ask her out.

Simple. Bad Plan! She would laugh at him.

No, she liked him, she found him funny. That’s a sign right?

He saw her exiting class, was NOW OR NEVER.

From @IncompleteWaste: Charles was an amazing writer, though he lacked confidence. He was scared, feared that people will hate his stories, criticise his abilities. So he published his work by a pseudonym. They read, they loved it. He was shot to fame. Not Charles, his pen name. He lost his real identity. He was happy but sad.

From @SausageTangdi: Her bag full of what her life had become. Speed was what she was afraid of. Dadar was where she took a train from. Fear of being crushed under the heels of women violently struggling to push their way through that door. Every day she faced her fear. Each day horrified, worried and scared.

From @Freelosopher: “I have to bear the brunt of this moron’s indecisiveness every time he finds a new girl. Why doesn’t he write the way he feels at one go?! Not like she will eat him up. Aaarrgghh!” exclaimed the Backspace key in trepidation to the Enter key, as the boy’s finger came down for another punch.

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