Monday, April 23, 2012

Theme 55 - Words

From @gauravjagwani: He read that very word from his guru in the letter addressed to him and he went on a killing spree. His guru visited him in jail. Asked him why he committed sin. His reply, ‘You told me to.’ The saddened guru left. The man read ‘Words. Use them.’ as ‘Sword. Use them.’ Dyslexia personified.

From @deceitful_angel: After what seemed like eternity, he asked her to come in, she lay on his bed. "Are you comfortable?” he asked. On answering yes, he closed on the distance between them, took her face in his hands and looked deep into her eyes. Calmly he uttered the words "yes, indeed a case of sore eyes".

From @veturisarma: They kept coming at him, raw, violent, passionate, and poetic. He wanted to stop them as he saw the clock ticking and rubbished a few of them in haste. They probed, prodded justifying their presence but he did not heed.  As he concluded the miserable story, he felt they deserted him in a distasteful vengeance.

From @dumbsterr: 

"If you say that the pen is mighty than the sword, you must fight with words and I'll have a sword. Let's see who survives then."
"That would be unfair though"
"For you?"

"No, for you"


"Injury caused by your sword will heal with time, while those caused by my words may not."

From @numbyaar: I sat deciding what to write and how. I then wrote on, but still felt something wrong. I changed the story, changed the characters, and changed the entire plot. Yet as I concluded, the word limit was crossed. I again edited, revised and reworked. I had finally completed my first story, exactly of 55 words.

From @MissBlurrii: I scribbled, I tore and I wrote again...Trying to tell you all my pain..I sketched, I fumbled upon all those words unspoken..But it didn't work either...In the end it struck me hard; if you were my Love, you'd know even the untold stories apart.

From @TheOtherBanana: It was a relationship dragging along on the shreds of broken dreams. Promises and plans that were made together now gathered dust on an emotional shelf untouched for a long time. And now, sitting here in the coffee house, with the aroma wafting around them, the silence was heavy with the birth pangs of separation.

From @Marwaari: It was just another retweet, Characters stitched together to make words and sentence. I wondered what this was. It had a meaning, a deep thought, a great motive, which I realized later. The tweet read " Today’s Theme: Sexy " There started my journey, the word I searched for, everyday, "Theme". 

From @swordfish19:  “…You have made me who I am. I love your blackness. I love your curves. I love the way you allow me to express my thoughts.  Thank god for all of you…” The author had just won his first Pulitzer after writing ten books, and in his acceptance speech he paid an ode to ‘Words’.

From @aaroo4: 

“Hey man, looking good I say. Working out? I can see you’ve lost a few pounds. Smart outfit too. Hot date eh? Have fun”
He turned around to see her smiling at him, looking gorgeous in the deep blue Kanchipuram saree.

“I love you sweetheart” he said with his fingers.

“Me too dear” she responded.

From @xmanishaa: Her English vocabulary was very limited. She never tried writing; insecurity had taken over as she would never be able to match up to others. He came up with a concept: 55wordstory. That made her write again. She found a way to express herself. And he didn't care about grammar. He just wanted a story.

From @oyeujuoye: Thank you Maa. She said teary eyed holding a Masters Degree in her hand. She had topped the University. Whatever I am today is because of your words. The words echoed "Always add an extra amount of Determination, Dedication and Devotion in whatever you do."  Slowly she offered a rose to the photo.

From @wekneweachother: The scars on my body are the words of your animal desire. Carved in places in hot red and pale orange, the literature bleeds every second my bones mourn the weight of your body on mine. This is a beautiful symphony of unspoken words yet it sweeps us away into the world of elusive poetry.

From @abhiandnow: “There’s a secret in my heart, lying there since the start. I’ve a feeling that wants to spring out, dance with this fragrant wind and be free. I have few words which I would like to share with you, but hey, would you like to share your words with me?”She smiled and said yes.

From @rati7: Those three words changed my life. They did. The songstress sang, Champagne flowed, and his hands hovered over my body as we danced. The world seemed to constitute of just us, together, forever. He looked into my eyes, kissed me on my cheek, and then with a puppy dog expression said “you are fat”.

From @kingoFlames: For him, Life was, always different. He had an ability to feel the words. As he wrote, his fingers created an imagery. His eyes yearned to see what his fingers could paint for him. His eyes yearned to wake up to a light, which his skin felt. Braille, is never easy, to read or write.

From @sahilk: There’s a fine line between religion and mythology. The scriptures are what you want to believe. A ram appeared out of nowhere just when Prophet Ibrahim was about to sacrifice his son so that we could make a celebration out of our khabsah consuming habits. But of course, that’d be sacrilege to think so. Right?

From @Supramario:
After a car accident destroyed his larynx, Soumitra lost the ability to speak for five years.

Last week, he got an electro-larynx – a device that would help him speak. His family gathered around him excitedly, anxious to hear his first words. In a broken, robotic voice, Soumitra said, “Jeez, you guys suck at sign language.”

From @bhytu: 

He had learnt new words. He returned from school very happily. He would be praised today. As he reached home he saw his mom sitting with her friends. More praise. More chocolates. He was enthusiastic.
"Here comes my tiger. So what did you learn today my dear?"

"Fuck you Mom" he said proudly.

From @anushreekejriwa: She lives on the streets and satisfies her hunger by picking up the leftovers. She has no one to go back to, a child who has been mocked by destiny. Many sympathized by using kind words but their actions shattered the innocent soul. The words betrayed their action, now they mean nothing to her.

From @YashaKothari: Words. Lots of letters huddle up together forming coherent sentences. Sometimes not. Communicating to the world my wishes, needs, desires; transforming emotions into audible sounds. It's all I've got. I search in vain for the perfect combination of words but they don't surface and all I'm left with is a choked throat filled with emotions.

From @billoobuzzkill: He mimed exaggeratedly underwater. Limbs agog, the goggles fogging over and bubbles achieving release from the snorkel. The darkness was near and the reciprocation nil. He gestured to what he thought was the sky and screamed, "I'm here!". The words were loud yet the response unclear.

From @oxymoronic_me: 

The babu had worked very hard. Fourteen years of his life had been sacrificed for her. He had forged deals. Transferred lands to trusted people. Converted government grounds to high-rises. Made money. Killed a few.  All in the name of the President.
But the only words he could write were Abhinav Kelkar. He was illiterate.

From @salonikap: She looked at him the echo of his harsh words ringing in her ears. She wanted to say something to express her disappointment and hurt. She picked up her bags, her eyes never leaving his. She saw a thin film of water enter his eyes. Enough said she thought and walked out of the door.

From @roshd: 

Me: It’s OK darling, don’t be upset. You know I love you.
She: These are only words they mean nothing to me.
Me: You stupid, fat, arrogant, ignorant bitch!
She: How dare you! (Bursts out crying)
(Putting my arm around her tenderly)

Me: Thought you said my words have no meaning... Never say that again

From @teejavus: Spanked. She cries. Eyes open gently. People staring at her. She looks back at them. Them smiling with tears of joy. She blinks not knowing what to say. Few years pass, she observes everything, says nothing. One fine day she tries and fails, tries again. Finally she swoons as she utters her first word "Mama".

From @MinolAjekar:

Radio was my first ‘name’, taunting my loquaciousness and my first true love, words. 

Life is good, I have words, intertwined, interspersed beautifully juxtaposed.  Words imitate Brutus sometimes, sedition. Desert me, destitute without a drop of humanity to call my own. Commit treason, arriving unpredictably. 
I don’t have words; they have me, by the cojones!           

From @hauntedhero: Words carry a power. To death, and to life. They create boundaries of race and religion. Blessed are those who are speechless. For they are universally tied. The words the heart speaks, through the eyes, is what eternally lives.

From @aanchalator: "I think she was pulled right of the brink, another hours delay she would have done it, for sure.  I hope, that was averted, and a beautiful soul saved, for another shot at Life that she NOW knows she deserves. It happened only because she spoke, I spoke. Words can do this much THIS MUCH."

From @drac_69: He should have never taken that fuel conspiracy assignment. It could destroy more than his professional life. His family was in danger. He might get killed. But truth has to come out, that’s a reporter’s job. He decides writing a mail to the editor, revealing his true words - thing he believed as most powerful.

From @AmanjotKSandhu:

He was already home before her. She had had a really bad day. As he let her in, a look at her face told him something was amiss. He wrapped her up in a warm hug and there she stayed. She thanked God for him, silently.
No words were spoken. None were needed.

From @zushk:

“Hey Di, you want to have a drink with me tonight?” he asked. She smiled, “Sure, that’s sounds great.” “Ok, I’ll meet you at nine at Ali’s?”

“Yeah. I’ve got to run for class. Bye!” Across the lawn, her ex-lover was looking at them, mystified. “I wish I’d learned sign language,” he thought to himself.

From @RiddhiAswani: The world can't be limited to a cubicle. There have got to be more colors to life than black and white. More than being a lackey. Somewhere on the horizon is a point where peace exists. Fixing my eyes on that beacon of hope, I shurg. 'I quit.' The words set me free. Freedom. Hope.

From @dipakmah: I know words like, Hi, Hello, What, Are, You, Doing, Now. I Also Love These Kinds Of Words Like, Its, Nice, To, See, You, And, Your, Family, Are, Very, Happy, With, Your, Success. I am also good at these kinds of words like, Never, Fail, To, Try. & I, Smile, Before, Anything.

From @hydrocolloidal: Slowly the raindrops drip, smudging your name which I had traced. It breaks my heart to know you have left. Leaving only memories which I trace onto window panes.  It the end of this story and your character has played its role. New words shall take their place soon, and then, all shall be well.

From @SugarsNSpice: Tears dropped on that small piece of paper which stared blandly at me. I suffered with dead thoughts in a cold arcade. Imprisoned without the key was my existence. The hands were bleeding in agony of the poor heart’s fate.  Nothing could suffice the pain, and then words unleashed frantically, to scribble its own destiny.

From @hope_finder1: Boy was dumb. His father’s only wish was to hear his son’s voice-his “words”. Son was treated, operation was successful, father was elated that he could hear his son. On his way to hospital Father met with accident and becomes deaf. Irony- his wish of hearing his son’s voice-“words” could never be fulfilled.

From @tunnvi: “One day, three autumns” said Sheila. “What are you talking about?” asked Raj. “Hey it’s that Chinese thing na? That idiom used when you miss someone so much that one day feels as long three years?” chirped Ria. “What are you girls upto?” Raj looked confused. “No, it feels that long since my last kill”.

From @sahilbulla: 

All he ever faced was ridicule. Constant jibes calling him a duffer. Enough was enough. He was not going to stay quiet any longer.
“I am not a stupid mute, I’m just a man of a few words.” he proudly thought.
“Manmohan, come here please” yelled Sonia Gandhi.

“Yes madam”.

Those were his ‘few’ words.

From @writingchalk: 

Apology. Break-up. Crying. Devastation. Elation. Freedom. Gallivant. Heartache. Inspire. Jive. Kiss. Live. Meet. Naughty. Ogle. Pinch. Quell. Repeat. Sin. Torrid. Uncalled. Vice. Wrath. Xanax. Yearn. Zeitgeist.

After all this, he was ready to begin again. He could do it any number of times. His life was a vicious circle. His love, a staccato rhythm.

From @RBTrary:
Audience were left spellbound whenever the words spoken by this magical-orator caressed their hearing-senses.
One day, he saw this angel of beauty and fell in love. Walked to her and expressed his love in a beautiful articulation. With-a-blank-expression, she signaled with her hands about her hearing-impairment.
For the first-time, his words were rendered meaningless...

From @MrNarci: 

“Shakespeare practically invented the modern English language as it is,” he said.
“That guy was a freak,” she said. “If he were to court me, words would not have been enough.”

“Come on, the charm lies in those words.”

“What’s in a word, friend? What are words but just letters strung together without any meaning?”

From @crazyandhow: Their time together was perfect, the smallest experience with her defined passion. The evening was drenched in wine, in Love. Their eyes met in naughtiness; sparks flew; strung the melody in him. Her smile; dipped in sweetness of honey; lit the moon. He would do anything to bring the happiness back.
Words glorify past. Stop.

From @ShwetaAnil: "You mean the word to me". I was baffled at first, then excited. He wasn't going for the stupid romantic cliché. A puzzle maybe? What word? Love? Trust? Ecstasy? All of them perhaps. Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted by my phone's beep. " Sorry dear, I meant world* " his text said.  

From @shah_dina: 

“The plan is still on right?”
“Of course girl, we haven’t caught up on our girl talk in months now.”
“See you in 30 at the steak house!”

It was the same shriek of excitement every time they met, just that this time it was followed by astonishment and then silence.  They had the same pair of shoes on.

From @iReginaF: Since my imagination refused to see any sort of escape, I had just got used to being trapped.Time pressed on as I lay under the heavy burden, drowned in sweat, suffering dehydration, suffocating.The moment I heard the voices, I struggled to climb steadily upward, longing for liberation.
Just then, words failed me.

From @shantusharma: Suddenly, the world seemed perfect to him. Every one was looking mirthful. He could even feel himself floating. The moment she nodded affirmatively and lowered her head shyly, his life appeared sublime and complete. And then from somewhere this song started resonating inside his head- "jaisa filmo me hota hai, ho rha hai hu bahu"

From @captain_speakin: Even though they had never met, she thought he knew him forever. She had read all his stories; it was like he made love to the words he wrote. The words made each sentence beautiful and every sentence made the story just perfect. She thought it was true love, but he was a fiction writer.

From @anubhavjalan: 

‘Is it so tough for you to speak two words of love to me” She laments.
 “Does it really need to be spoken?”, He wrote.
 “But what good it would be”
 “It will heal me”
 “What? Don’t talk non-sense. You can’t even hear. You are DEAF” He scribbles furiously.
 “No. Not me. You are”

From @madrasmad: I’ve been bed-ridden after that accident. Possibly for the rest of my life. But, I’m a lucky man. I can still read and write, speak and hear. Books and notebooks, conversations and music. This is Nirvana! Infinite words support my soul. Medication and Oxygen merely support my life.

From @sumitrai100: March15, 2880, Asteroid 1950DA hit our earth. In year 2895 aliens were exploring my room. All they got were words ‘HYIS ASA’ written all over the walls, furniture and documents. After many years they were able to decipher it.H-2, Y-4, I-6 and so on gave them the most awesome word of our civilization.

From @aatifsumar: 

Covering his ears with a pillow, he managed to partially muffle out their yelling.
"I can't believe I have you as a husband"
"If it weren't for that kid I would have left you a long time ago"
Gripping the knife in his hand, he realized he could un-complicate their lives with a single action.

From @satyaagraha:  His teacher called him “brilliant”. His friends called him “King”.His colleagues called him a “snob”. His employees called him a “tyrant”. His lover called him “selfish”. His competitor called him a “thorn”.The man with the contract called him the “target”. The newspapers called him “victim”. The inheritors called him “fortune”. Words change… lives.

From @Ladycardiidae: In silence, there are words unspoken, struggling in a world unfamiliar with the sound of voice. In life, feelings are like lyrics which are sung without being understood by the one who’s hearing it. When there’s time, there’s a song in your heart playing someone’s name. If words aren’t read or written, they become memories.

From @whimsytales: She says those things and hopes that her words strangle him. And then, just maybe, he'll like her a little less. The exact amount that she deserves. But her words don't seem to bother him much, they don't bother him at all. As he refuses to hate her. Not even a little, not even at all.

From @DevilKanan: She had few words in heart. She wanted everyone to hear her but she never spoke aloud. Life was spent in silence. All she was waiting for was “perfect time”. No one knows what she wanted to tell because that better opportunity never came. Those words were left unspoken & finally buried along with her…

From @theslumdawg: I was going through my timeline, I saw @vivekisms's tweet which contained hashtag #55WordStory in it. Later, I started writing stories. My work was pretty much appreciated. When I felt like 55 words are not enough for me I started writing blogs which was liked by many. Now, I'm addicted to writing thanks to @vivekisms.

From @woohoochild: The first time I was at a loss of words was when he left and went to this place my mother called 'heaven'. My entire life, I'd been in love with their mere existence. They helped me understand, connect, experience. With them gone, I was left on the most unfamiliar grounds I'd ever tread on.

From @BongBuffoon: 

"Webster, can I have a word?" the boss asked.
"Sure. How about gargantuan?" I quipped.
"How about fired?" he shot back.
 I was in his office faster than you can say fuck.
"Did you ask Oxford?"
"Sure, I gave him my word."
"Which one?"
"Give him a new one. Deadline."
'Dick,' I whispered.

From @IndianIdle: 

He looked at his mother's picture. He scanned memories, nothing came out. He was fogged and confused. Then he looked at her mother's diary. 

Her words,her poems, her stories. An instant glee appeared in his eyes. A smile on the face.
“A pictures is worth a thousand words”. He always laughed at that proverb.

From @juzzojas: 

The cryptologist stared in vain at the coded lines, alternately sensible and illegible.. His brandied head spun for the thousandth time..!
"Women!" he muttered, giving up.
He heavily stared at her painting one final time.. and it came to him in a flash!
After fifty years, the septuagenarian could finally decipher her last words!

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: He fell for her writing, she for his simplicity. She found his laugh addictive; he could never get enough of her voice. Eyes constantly on their phones, their lifeline. An automatic smile when that name flashed. He lived in Mumbai, she in Delhi. Words were all they had.

From @fountaintales: Could one think in colors? smells? As she sat sipping her coffee… wondering about the waitress… she found this calm on her face, simplicity, an inexplicable charm… maybe, the gift of language wasn’t one at all… for love, all you needed was a hug, a kiss…. There was so much more vocabulary required to hate.

From @binivijan: “A hand held out in need is the greatest of all deeds. A firm stand for collective progress is the greatest of all intents. Good in heart is the greatest of all Gods.” So I was taught. But propagation by few religious leaders has changed all this. I call it wrong interpretation of words.

From @kaloladeep: The perfect manipulator of the game became the victim of early exit with a moral of understanding the importance of every catch phrase in life. As he was told earlier to concentrate on words when you are being described about the game and not try your skills. But not listening to them was the result.

From @RealFartShady:
"I can play flute and drum machine!"
"Shuttup will, I’ve brushed up on and forgotten to play more instruments than you know exist!"
"Like catalan, czech, danish...."
"They’re languages, you idiot."
"Languages?!! I’ve brushed up on and forgotten to speak more languages than you know violin, keyboard, banjo."

From @My_Summer_Eyes: He told them about the green fields that no longer were. The secret pond, the buffalo rides. He recited the tales of the summer sun, the mud huts, and the sari-clad women. Only all the while, no words escaped his lips. He’d lost his voice the day the riots had burnt down his world.

From @Violet_Droplet: He wrote, scratched, tore the sheet from the booklet, squeezed it in his palm, made a paper ball and threw it in the bin, several times. How could he not recollect the words? He did this for a living. He wasn't the only one suffering from Alzheimer’s. They forgot to take away his prescription pad.

From @sinpinklove: We met at our usual coffee shop but it didnt really look the same. You ordered my favourite chocolatte but it tasted sour and bitter. You made some small talk but my mind was somewhere else. Everything was the same but all very different because you spoke those four dreaded words, " we need to talk ."

From @The_BuffMaster: He lay amidst in the woods, hit by three bullets which made once a proud soldier languid. His eyes got gloomy as swinging leaves halted. Submerged in tears, full of thoughts his eyelids started descending. Memories started fading. Struggling, he fought with time and won few breaths just to say, I WILL LOVE YOU. FOREVER.  

From @Saiyona: With star covered bodies and alcohol consumed minds, they rolled over each other on the fresh smelling grass. It was the long awaited escape. She tried to say it; he stopped her just in time. He didn’t want to lose this night to words but to passion long felt waiting to be expressed.

From @ishansaluja: Some are meant for great things, to augment destinies of great people; many sadly, remain unread, uncelebrated. In a corner, in a wordpad, in a diary, on your computer's notepad. Do they dream? Why yes, yes, they do. Words, they dream. Happy words, murderous words, crazy bootilicious words. They dream to fly. *makes paper airplane*

From @abi_da: Tear me in two... Or three... Or even more.... I don't care... Burn me down to ashes... Kill me physically... Don't leave me neglected... Slit my throat... Crush me to my bones... Just don't leave me here to survive... Mutilated and maimed forever by pictures that spoke a thousand unspoken words about you and her....

From @quatrainman: They came out like bats, screaming, steaming, streaming. Happy to be free, knowing they were lucky to see daylight. They collided with each other, momentarily scrabbling the air into an alphabet-soup filled with the likes of 'aadvark-supercali-noccinihili-expialidocious' and 'flocci-fragilisti-pilification-zugzwang'.
"And those were my last words", said the sad lexicographer before the hangman tightened his noose.

From @sanoop_s: As the cameras flashed to capture glimpses of the fastest man on earth, he could hear his mother’s words when he had collapsed in her arms, crying over taunts that he was too weak to walk. Far away, sitting before a television set, an old woman mumbled – I told you, you were born to run.

From @Vipin_Decentboy:

“Bitch, moron, …..”

 “bloddy idiot, psyco…” “how dare he is! say LOSER my son”……..

Both the silent victims(their sons) watching & murmuring with innocence,.. “why your dad is talking with my dad like that L” , “ale! Leave it, let us start game ONCE AGAIN” WHY WE READY TO KILL HUMANITY FOR JUST PETTY WORDS……?????

From @vagabondinact: Words are but mere expressions, thoughts are mightier and worthier she said. He thought, thoughts would but remain at source, if not for words, thoughts gain perpetuity through words, shape through utterance. He dint proclaim his thoughts. Ironically, he won the war of words, while she felt a sense of self- accomplishment in his silence. 

From @hilonee: There was passion. There was companionship. There was also verbal abuse, albeit subtle. He held her responsible for all wrong in their relationship. He said she was the reason for all things perfect in his life. It was beautiful. It was broken. Their relationship survived not on love, but on words. His, embittered. Her's, apologetic.

From @quencro: His car stopped running .He was already running late. He was in the running for the vice president's post. Today was THE day. With no cab around, he began running to work. He was running out of breath, and time. Just then he ran into the owners, who picked him up. He runs the company today.

From @donbratman: He rehearsed his words for the millionth time. Today at the bus stop, he'd tell her. She came and glanced at him. She saw him daily and grew to like him. He said- "Hello, I really like you a lot."  She smiled. She understood his sign language. She was deaf and dumb too.

From @randomWhiz: She'd crinkle her nose and her mother was concerned. She'd cry her lungs out and her dad would come running. She smiled and her parents were overjoyed. Da-da and ma-ma aren't even proper words, yet when she utters them, they give her the status of an orator. Love gets across, with words or without.

From @rumna: He was always described as a perfectionist.  She was standing at the corner, hoping for business. He followed her into an alley surreptitiously. Watched her die as he tightened his fingers around her neck. And then went home to describe the gruesome death of his character in his new book. A chilling, but perfect description.

From @Kantaap: The words tumbled out of him as he wrote feverishly on every bare surface he could find. When he ran out of paper, he turned to the walls. When they came for him, he went quietly. ‘Obsessed’, some called him. Some called him ‘the greatest lover ever’. Words, he smiled knowingly, would never be enough.

From @AlreenaPinto: Rehearsed and re-rehearsed, million times inside my head. We were making History. Such was the pressure to get the words right. It would start ‘Romans, countrymen, and lovers! ’ But breathing his last, the words on his lips changed everything. Six words. Irreparable damage. ‘Et tu, Brute? —Then fall, Cæsar.’ Last words. Words of impact.

From @eklavyagupte: She walked a mile with him but they didn't speak much. His eyes gave it all way. Conversation would have spoilt the moment. Words were a distraction. He had been a lonely man for a while. He was sick of filling in with words. He needed the human touch and an eye to gaze into.

From @VxShash: I felt ignored the whole day. Even though I heard those words from many people, it never filled the emptiness in my heart. I waited for her call. The day wouldn't make any sense without hearing those words from her. And finally, MOM called "Happy Birthday son".

From @salonitia:
"How can a eleven year old say that, are you all crazy, she has been injured, after all."I said reading the newspaper.
"Chill mom, I'm cool, and I will handle it .
But the truth is mom, being brave is being honoured, so relax, I am honoured "and she walked away.
She spoke the truth.

From @anjana_murali: I love you. They were the right words but apart from that, everything else was out of place. He had intended to take her out on a romantic dinner and propose. But he had to make do with a bullock cart in which they were escaping from goons who had almost taken their lives.

From @SausageTangdi: She dint know what they were but to talk to him was what she knew was right. She thought she was oozing care out of every pore towards him. He called her pushy. All this she told me when I was in the hospital talking to her and the nurses tending to her cut wrists.

From @CruciFire: 

“What theme should we give him today?”
“Yuck! How about 'Particle physics?'”
“Bite my boson. What about 'Imagination?'”
“You don't have any. 'Irrational' as in numbers?”
“Don't be one. 'Creativity' it should be.”
“STFU, these are all just words.”
Vivek: Doctor, I hear voices in my head.

From @Hope_Vs_Destiny: He sms’d her if free for a lunch/coffee, whenever. She replies, busy these days with family, “maybe”, we can go some other day. Out of all possible words; “surely”, “definitely”, “positively”, “certainly”, “offcourse”, “mostly”, “absolutely”, “pukka”; she chose “maybe”. For that one word she used, he couldn’t ask her the question again. Lunch/coffee never happened.

From @nameetshetty: "Why would you say something like that?", yelled the father, exasperated. "Remember, words are weapons. They can cut through someone's emotions like a knife when used carelessly." Little did he know that his own words had sliced a scar through his child's emotions. The child, teary eyed, nodded. He had understood the worth of words.

From @bitchwanti: A passing touch. A nervous glance. A little smile. The whiff of breaths inter-mingling. The flying hair touching his face. The steadying hand on the arm as the bus lurches to a stop. Two strangers. Some stolen moments. No words.

From @SarwarBaig: The discovery of a dog-eared copy of Moby-Dick at eleven set him off on an obsessive lifelong quest. He trawled for treasures in bookshops wee, sprawling, musty, shining; everywhere life took him. Books inspired a talismanic reverence. He smelled and caressed them like a lover, disappearing into mythic worlds, these tapestries of words.

From @CogWheels: Words kept running through my head. What genre should I pick? Romance? Psychological? Science? Mystery? Drama? Possible storylines revolved in my head with words weaving themselves from abstract fabric into concrete designs. It felt great. Then I saw the world limit. So then I sat down and wrote a story about writing a story.

From @lady_shweta: Alan's letters were her personal comfort zone in war torn Afghanistan. It was around dusk, when a little boy gave her a letter. The words in the letter sadly & quietly said that Alan got engaged last month. Some words break your heart.

From @ScribblingOn: Sitting by the window, the mist on the glass window clouds her vision. The clogged memory lanes comes undone. "I have to leave," he'd said, "We can't be 'us' anymore." " pr..omi..sed", she'd choked on her tears. "They were just words," he'd answered. His shadow haunts as the last two words reverberate even today.

From @tweettabulous: I’ve always been called a chatterbox. I have an opinion on everything and I like to express it. Friends say I'm eloquent. And yet, when my dream came true and he finally asked me out - I was tongue-tied. 
As I eliminated various forms of acceptance, he took my silence for rejection. And walked away.

From @priyankakantak: He was a lawyer. Speaking was his profession. Winning was his food. Once a teenager asked him, What did he fight for? Truth or Money? Ethics or Fun? And for once in his entire life, He was Lost for Words!

From @ChoteyDilWallah: Her classmates passed by. She wondered whether they even knew she existed. The teacher who'd molested her passed with his hands around another timid looking girl. She wondered whether she was like her. The girl she liked passed by. She forgot to wonder. She buried her head inside the book. The words knew her.

From @chronozshre: 
 “You know, Mohan, only truth will lead us to victory.”
“Don’t be absurd.”
 “Just you watch. Someday I will use the force of truth to better the country”.
Gandhi sighed and closed his eyes slowly as he recalled the scene from Durban. Satyagraha. The right words at the right time had made all the difference.

From @Ad_Coelum: They thought it was teenage angst. He knew it wasn’t. It was the stifled choking voice. He could not write the words as they were meant to be read. Till the afternoon he tried the razor on his thigh. The same words etched crimson on his skin finally conveyed what he meant. Finally someone understood.

From @srdpsrknth: She stared at the piece of paper in her hands. She stared at the meticulously written words, rejoicing their deep love. But she had seen. She had seen him, his tongue being engaged in someone else’s kiss. A tear dripped on the paper. It was all, just mere words on a tainted sheet now.

From @textuallyhorny: Words were what they fell for. Words of vows united them and then words only came in between, like the mistress, a distracted comfort for him, distorted disdain for her. Severing, they left, to form another story elsewhere. Today, it’s the absence of words they have found comfort in, with different regrets for different words.

From @Freelosopher: It was his first time. Her fragrance Wafted through the air. Holding her by the Waist, he intended to Waltz through, but she held his gaze. He Wandered across the Wealth of treasures she bore; mind Whirling with Wonder. Thumbing down the dictionary, the kid exclaimed joyously. He'd found the Word he was looking for.

From @floydianbrahman: Toddler's scrawl to cursive charcoal. Flashy ink to illegible rush at the stroke of bell. Achievements  locked on a CV to future sealed in one letter. Honey-dipped sonnets in love-notes exchanged to calligraphic invitation for holy matrimony. Miracle documented on a birth certificate to blurred newspaper without bi-focal aperture. A million words paint a life.

From @Sychlops: 

He liked how pretty she was. She loved his sense of humour.  
The switch from DMs to Gtalk took minutes. The one from Gtalk to Text messages took hours.
From Texts to Phone calls, couple of days.
They don't talk anymore.
They were just Words. But it made them happy. Or Maybe just less sad.

From @sesomyrrej: He wondered if he had the power to use the words that others used, the ones that made others weak, the words that consume people alive, the words that made him feel like jumping off the roof. He knew better than that of course or did he? He’d decided to find out!

From @ritukarthik: Not once did she have tears, or scream out in pain. After being hit by one of the best sixes that Gayle has ever hit, all Tia had to say was; its a game, and these things happen. She left us completely startled and speechless with her amazing attitude. Brave lil niece!

From @AnOddYellow: Words can cut like a knife but they can heal as well. They make people smile but can make some others cry too. They do whatever you want them to do, for they are yours. And if you treat them well they might work some age old magic for you as well!

From @perniciously:

“So, you had a terrible childhood and you’re a writer now… well, congratulations, you’re a cliché!” she snickered as she signed for another gin and tonic.
He was in love--the only self-loathing, masochistic and deprived variant of love he had ever known.

From @GleeBee_: It was one of those quiet nights. He stroked her hair while exchanging smiles. His kind eyes met hers. Making small circles on her cheeks, he rocked her to sleep. She didn't mind the silence. He always understood the inexplicable. Tonight, she didn't feel the need to speak. She felt loved.

From @kunalbaidmehta: He got into a relationship early in life. It was game of scrabble which led to the initial sparks. What followed was knowing each other more. Love blossomed further while graduating in English Literature. Its been years and they're still going strong. As a writer, today, words are his addiction and his companion for Iife.

From @dinkypinkybrain: She rescued eight year olds left to distinguish between lose and loose. They'd mastered painting thoughts on walls, bellowing feelings in cheery tunes. She taught them to blow bubbles of speech. Hum poetry. To exclaim and pause, so that when they lent the lead of their pencils to words, they'd own their strongest weapons.

From @MystiquePai: "Mamihlapinatapai: a look shared by two people, each wishing that the other will offer something that they both desire but are unwilling to suggest or offer themselves." She sighed as she closed Wikipedia. It'd taken her twenty years but she finally had a word for what had passed when she'd first met her husband's sister.

From @drun007: Tom and Sue were ready for their first dance as man and wife. Silence in the room while the guests waved  their hands in cheer.  They dance to “Its only words and words are all I have to take your heart away”.

Moment – The very first wedding in the school for the Deaf and Dumb. 

From @vivekisms:  Whispered secrets. The way his body moved when she touched him. A punctuation of sorts. A writing on the nape of his neck. The subtle traces of ink. She kept writing her name and erasing it. Knowing that she belonged.  

From @SermonsInStone: They spent a lovely evening together. Later that night, he stood by her door while she waited for him to say it. But he smiled & walked off. She closed the door, feeling sad.
At once she pulled open the door. He was back!
At last, he spoke, “Can I please use the bathroom?”
From @RimshaB: She was standing at a shore alone, watching the sun set. She walked into the water with sand in her feet. He screamed out her name aloud. He ran towards her, gasped for his breath. She mystically turned and he was behind her. All he wanted to say were those three words, I LOVE YOU.
From @_PWN: It’s a wonder how silence can speak louder than words. I had forgotten to pause and reflect. I kept repeating mistakes, and resting on past laurels. We must take a break sometimes; let destiny take its own route. When you have done all you could, and things still don’t work out, let God take charge.
From @nimue_: She was busy reading while next to her, he tweeted about her. She checked those after they made love. It made her happy to be his muse. She had no words to express her joys. Words failed to define that sense of belonging. She kissed him and let words stay out.

From @abhrapal: 

-“The last night? Oh! That was so great.”
- “Tell me about it!
- “Oh! It was worth the wait. We longed for the touch.”
- “You weren’t tensed?
- “Umm, yes. But the music soothed.”
- “Really?”
- “It was superfluous. Then the spasm, melting and aftermath.”
-“Dam! Sure you are talking about rain?”

From @laalfirangi: With all the fancy thoughts, I always try to bind them rhythmically. Does it sound right? Does this make sense? Am I sounding too LULZ? Thinking. Contemplating. Debating. The fact still remains, no words can ever define what I feel for you and what you mean to me. They never have. They never can. Ever.

From @dhavalsmehta: Read tweet "in absence of girlfriend there is friend,in absence of friend there is book,in absence of book there is..." these words really forced me to itch my head.what would I do in absence of books??.. and I got my answer its 55wordstory read and write.funny,short,romantic,thriller stories collections.

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  1. A certain boy once wiled away his time lost in the sea of randomness. A woman enters his life, charmed by her he changes for her. Moral of the story, people change from one addiction to another; from wine to woman to money. Addiction is the only thing constant in your life!