Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Theme 57 - Gravity

From @aaroo4:

“Ouch, hurts” she mumbled walking into the room nursing her butt

“You fell again?” Her dad said nodding his head in disbelief

“What am I to do, all I wanted to do was sit in the chair and some moron moved it... And then…gravity took over. Damn you Newton” she whined.

He couldn’t stop laughing. 

From @gauravjagwani: Phil did not understand the gravity of his situations. He had the knack of shortening words which annoyed people. He would refer to people as peeps and so on. He fell sick that day. Wrapped in his blanket, he dialled 911. He passed away. The operator did not comprehend ‘I am Phil in the Blanks.’

From @RealFartShady: 

"Excuse me sir. Please come down."

"Is there an issue officer?"

"Yeah, you’re standing on the roof."

"So what?"

"It’s against the law."

"What laws?"

"Oh physics mostly."

"Hahahaha, you're kidding me ri...."


"Thank you for cooperating, Sir. Ambulance?"

“...Please....thank you...”

From @TheOtherBanana: The rain did not matter. She just stood there, drowning in her own torrential rain of emotions. The world around her seemed different, like looking through a stained glass window. The pretty colours merely existed in name.  In one fell swoop, the strings that tied her to her world had been cut. Adrift, she was.

From @sahilk: Gravity’s the culprit. It causes buildings to collapse, bombs to drop and toddlers to hurt their palms and knees. If it weren’t for gravity, would petrol prices would be cheaper? People take drugs, to feel as if they’re floating in the air. Maybe, if it weren’t for gravity, the world would’ve been a better place.

From @BongBuffoon: Gravity was not the fat soldier's best friend. As he placed his rear end on a rock, one of the most dreaded men in the Valley, self-styled Commander Hafeez Hideous was crouched behind that very boulder. As luck would have it, the chubby soldier slipped, and his copious posterior was recommended for a gallantry award. 

From @aaliznat: 

He fell. She would pick him up and say, 'don't fall for me'. He would blame Einstein.

She would blame herself. They would talk of walking into the sunset together.

At 5PM, she would get onto the bus and go home. He would wait to fall again.

He never understood the gravity of the situation.

From @veturisarma: 

It was another day for the consigliere who made his way towards what is now Michael’s room. Michael stood looking at Sonny’s portrait.

Tom: He didn’t get it

The youth whose face gave nothing away noticed his presence and followed it with a quizzical glint in his eye.

Tom: Gravity. He just didn’t get it.

From @writingchalk: Failure would mean no job and a bleak future for his family. This was his last paper and he only had to write down a simple formula to pass. Unfortunately, he was unprepared for just that question. The weight of expectation was too much to bear as sweat poured down his face at 9.8 m/s2.

From @IndianIdle:
She removed her smiling mask. And looked around. She had company of dark as always. But today it was not her friend.
She wanted to cry and let it all out when she had worn the mask. People said gravity brings down everything, but tears held into her eyes and pain went up.

From @wekneweachother: 

“Maaaaaa, I pooped. It’s so ewwwwwww!”

“OK, let’s clean you up. Watch carefully. Roll this much tissue paper and wipe your butt like this. Watch here and stop picking your nose!”

“Ma, why does the poop fall into the commode?”

“Because it has nowhere to go.”

“Aww, lonely poop.”

“It’s done. Happy now?”

“Yes, Ma.”

From @roshd: 

The little fella had disobeyed me. I gave him a tongue-lashing. His angelic face crumbled as he sobbed uncontrollably.

What am I doing? I asked myself. The matter was not that serious. And I was using a cannon to shoot an ant!

I picked him up and hugged him, loving him more than ever before.

From @MrNarci: “I don’t want to fall another moment into your gravity,” she said. Their talent was inserting song lyrics into daily conversation. “Everyday I want to fly, stay by my side,” he replied. “Baby, are you down, down, down, down, down?” she said, winking. He grinned, knowing where this conversation was going, “You raise me up…”

From @SarwarBaig: 

Husnara, his girlfriend of twelve years, had just broken up with him over the Internet.

Five minutes later, the console in front of him beeped loudly. President Maboto appeared on the monitor.

"How does Mirgistaan look from space, Major Aqsaan?"

"Mr. President, it looks like a piece of shit floating around in the toilet bowl."

From @VishalShriyan: He remembered the games he used to play at breakfast. Apple slice boats carrying grape soldiers towards each other, running aground on cornflake corals in a sea of milk. Such fun! Couldn't Newton have thought of something useful like that? Instead he found some stupid law and guess who was writing an exam on gravity!

From @msnarain: 

Jayabalan was tired of life.

Tired of heavy debts and a bitter divorce, he jumped off the 12th floor on his way down to sure death. And then it struck him, as he reached the 5th floor.

“Oh shit! I forgot to turn off the lights before I left home!”

And then there was silence.

From @ n0rwegianw00d: 

Destiny had come calling for the star-struck girl. Her eyes welled up in anticipation of the stellar union.

Then she let go, ready for the all-consuming black hole.

She was now one of them. She was a star—a part of it really—albeit a dying one.

And gravity was her new best friend.

From @nameetshetty:   

He peered over the cliff into the dark heart of the valley. His final moment. Gravity would be his companion into the afterlife. Failure had painted a portrait of insanity in the canvas of his mind. He thought, "Insanity is like gravity ... all you need is one little push. He jumped, embracing gravity.

From @teejavus:

Blink. Falling fast. Trying to resist. Approaching the terminal velocity. The round orbs approaching closer. The tranquil blue calming the nerve. Adrenaline kicks in, tranquility turns to fear. They keep pulling me in, drowning my fear. They pull me stronger than this planet's gravitational pull. The best fall I ever had, when our eyes met.

From @rohit_bhat:

She fondly remembered the time long ago when things were better and he was much closer. Their intense romance was touted to be the strongest ever witnessed in this cosmos.. Over time, the attraction waned and he slowly started drifting away. Although they still exchanged gravitons, Earth really missed Xantromone a lot.

From @swordfish19:  The cryptic crossword solver was poring over the last clue left.  It was rather difficult. Or was it because he was not concentrating? Suddenly it struck him – Gravity! The clue was: “Seriousness of eating gravy, it can’t be compromised”. Bloody anagram he thought. “Mom!  I’m hungry” he cried and got up.  

From @sinpinklove: After working in NASA for eight years, making love in the zero gravity room had always been Miraya's fantasy. Once, she and her boyfriend and senior scientist Jason put on only their oxygen masks and went on the mission. It was challenging but a truly wonderful experience except, they forgot the CCTV cameras.  
From @punvati: 

The spaceship hurtled towards Earth through the pristine murkiness of space. It landed in a park. A lone figure emerged, scurried up to a bewildered little boy and gave him a big hug.

"Last night you focused on me out there. You sang Twinkle Twinkle and wondered what I was."

Everyone's existence needs some validation.  
From @My_Summer_Eyes: A few promises, a hug here, a kiss there and you reach the seventh heaven. A love note later, the world starts revolving around you. But soon you face a reality check. You realise how fake it was. The fall back to Earth isn’t smooth, the acceleration much greater than the scientifically established 9.8 m/s2.

From @mydirtylinen: Suspended--you wait as you feel my breath on your thigh. I breathe in your heady scent; watch your body move as I lick you furiously.

Your hips rise to meet me, grinding against my eager mouth in a crescendo of moans.

We fall next to each other. What goes up must come down.

From @RandomWhiz: An Apple fell on his head. After certain succeeding events he became famous. What the world didn't know was how it changed things at home. Once his inspiration, he had no time for her now. It was a rocky road. Things spiralled downwards. And he couldn't even get away with blaming it on gravity.

From @Vagabondinact: Anti-gravity boots it read. Ingenious thought the wily Tantri.  Hastily he placed an order. They came in the mail, neatly packed just in time for Raja Hooja’s birthday.  Tantri waited while Raja Hooja tried them, eager for the fat child-like king to rocket off. Magnanimous my noble Tantri, cried Raja Hooja leaping around his throne.

From @ShwetaAnil: The day was 9th December, 1994. The night had been a blur of fluorescent bulbs, cold steel benches and rushing people. After 8 long hours, he held his firstborn in his arms. As the baby boy looked up at him, he was convinced that it wasn't gravity that held him to the Earth anymore.
From @MinolAjekar: 

Tendrils of hair flew across her face, obstructing his view of her exquisiteness. Silently he thanked gravity because self-restraint alone could not have stopped him from tenderly moving those strands which caressed her so nonchalantly.

She ate, laughed at his jokes, a vision in white.  Sigh, he stood up to give his best man speech.

From @TheBigBhookad: I stand still with sweat trickling down my neck. I can hear my heartbeat fasten a little more and I jump, I jump again. I jump to let gravity help me stab her deeper. “Die, bitch, die!” I hollered before she collapsed. And I walked; I walked away while dabbing her scarf on my neck.

From @miffalicious:

 "Don't you understand?" The sound of her anger seemed too loud in the silence that followed. That was the problem between them; they'd gotten too used to leaving silences fester.

He continued to slice the onion methodically, to his own rhythm.

The gravity of the situation hung over them; a pair of had-beens, now strangers.

From @woohoochild: Many called him a cliché. But to me, there was meaning in those lyrics, depth in the guitar strumming, passion in that voice. The first time I heard Mayer sing Gravity, I understood it all - music, love, desire and of course, the principle of physics.

From @bitchwanti: Clouds gathered on the horizon. Naina looked pleadingly. She wished rain droplets would swish out into outer-space. As if on cue, the clouds heard her mind and silvery threads fell in the black strands of her hair, through the filigree of her eyelashes. Gravity sucked them into mother Earth's womb. No one could defy it.

From @anjana_murali: He had travelled twelve hours in an aeroplane, five hours in a train and seven hours by road to reach Mumbai. But the force that pulled him there was stronger than gravity. As he took his newborn daughter in his arms, he felt that he was the luckiest person on the planet that day.

From @aatifsumar: All of three years, he couldn’t understand what was happening. All the grownups were wearing black costumes. Bored, he waddled along to the next room. Up there, on the table, nana was lying still, trying not to move. He was obviously playing Statue, so he went to pull on his cheeks and wake him up.

From @RBTrary: 

I used to yearn for her beautiful voice and smile, another glimpse of her was all I used to pray for. Fortunately, today I saw her walking on the footpath. Hypnotized by her beauty, I started walking beside her on the road.

All-of-a-sudden, I found myself inside an open-manhole. Earth’s gravity had overpowered the gravity-of-Love...

From @RadhikaMohandas:

In a world of fragile lives that existed to crawl and never fly, she found her flight in spinning. Spinning to never fall and never pause.

Spin, spin, spin and never drop. But then, you can’t fool gravity.

Not when he sighed. Not when he looked. Not when she fell right into him.

For him.
From @Ladycardiidae: “Is it a coincidence that your name's Eve and mine's Adam?” he said. "No, is that a pickup line you use with girls like me?" she said.  Well, if that's your gravity of thought, then poor Newton’s discovery has been a total waste. “You’re falling,” she said smiling and flirtatiously turned away munching an apple.
From @AmanjotKSandhu: 

He was a superstar. Other people meant shit to him. He never gave a damn about anybody but himself.

Times changed. Now he’s old and retired. There’s no one to look after him. He lies helpless in his home wishing for care and companionship.

Gravity had worked finally and razed his ego to the ground.

From @Crazyandhow: 

Baffled, the ruffle haired stared at his equations; digging into theuniverse; within him and outside.

He had answered them all, until these new strings came up.

These mechanics are indispensable. Questions; he starts again.

The theory of everything; Yes; Unified theory.

Albert looked back at Relativity once; perfect. Quantum throws back the mystery – Gravity.

From @eklavyagupte: Would she give him her hand when it really mattered? Would he pick her up she was down on the floor? Or would they both let gravity takes it course. Gravity is like fate after all, all based on predetermined futures. But so far their love has defied the inverse-square law.
From @crucifire: 

“Why does everything have to be so complicated?”

“It is NOT complicated, you are making it!”

“You don't understand the gravity of the situation, do you?”

“There are so many alternatives you know..”

“But I always want the BEST!”

<Error downloading the latest version of Gravity for Symbian>

From @himanshukapadia: “What a lovely couple they make, they just have natural chemistry”, said an overwhelmed Shirin, enjoying her ice-cream at the reception, almost teary eyed now. “It’s not chemistry my love,” said jocular Rustam, “it’s Gravity - a natural phenomenon by which physical bodies attract with a force proportional to their masses” ;)
From @hilonee: 

She was beautiful. She was seductive. She craved perfection. She honoured flaws. She always wanted to better her technique. She wanted to breathe life into her talent. She was intimidated by her. She was amused by her.

They were as incomparable as alike. Performers extraordinaire. Coincidence had brought them together, but gravity kept them together.

From @anushreekejriwa: She was an independent woman and always walked with her head high. She had made a living for herself and knew that she would never fall down. Gravity acts in mysterious ways; cycles turned, she kneeled down but her head was held high. Her capabilities defied the force and she walked without looking back.
From @madrasmad: The mother of all ballrooms. Dancers in pairs, dancers in groups, silently whirling around one another. As far as your eyes could see, and beyond. You feel attracted to everyone, no strings attached. The closer you get to them, the more they accept you. What a feeling of oneness. Oh, G’z!
From @theslumdawg: I was going back home from local train, hanging on the door, enjoying the wind. The train was entering Andheri station; I stepped out a bit for others to alight properly. Suddenly, my left leg slept from the footrest. I was half in the air and half on the train.
From WickdWeirdWitch: Sunday morning. Still on bed. Tried to get up but his limbs refused.  Paralysed.  He thrashed his hands around for support but couldn't move a muscle. Bad dream, he thought. Tried again & felt complete paralysis in his body.

Later he realised that laziness & "extra-strong weekend-gravity" had pinned him to the bed.

From @rohandroid: The professor discussed with his colleague, “It’s not just the boys, I tell you. Even the girls are attracted towards the boys. I don’t allow them to sit together. Because I noticed, the closer they are, greater is the attraction.” The colleague replied, “That’s an interesting way to put the universal law of gravitation, professor.”
From @Rumna: At two, she screamed with glee each time her dad threw her up in the air. At seven, she felt the adrenalin rush each time she swung higher and higher. At eleven she realized bat girls couldn’t fly.

Now eighteen, she stood at the rooftop, college rejection letters in hand. She looked down, fearless, certain.
From @NeatBee: Legs longer than long-stemmed roses, dimples in all the right places, arms like two embracing branches of a tree, skin like the finest, whitest china. The only line on her face was the one parting her lips which were like those stung by a bee. 

What gives? The collagen from plastic surgery or gravity?

From @iyeravin: Aman and Asha had always believed that falling in love had nothing to do with gravity. But one day, miffed with parental opposition, they reached a cliff top and decided to take a ‘very drastic’ step – one, where ‘falling’ in love had something to do with gravity. And they did. They happily went bungee jumping.

From @ghaatidancer:

They said we'd always be together. You were broken, I, damaged. Unable to break away from each other, we surrendered to love.

For a golden couple, we sure are losing our shine.

After the fights, screams, bruises and welts, I lie here, waiting for you.  You reek of alcohol and sex. My soulmate.

From @Freelosopher: The 10 kilometre-wide Chicxulub Meteorite was to miss the Earth by 600 miles. The dinosaurs had been keeping an eye on the night sky with mounting trepidation. And then the unthinkable happened. The Sun dozed off for thirty seconds. The Earth shot off and embraced the meteorite. The rest, as they say, is cosmic history.
From @YashaKothari: Gravity is her enemy, topsy-turvy a reality. She floats around in the space station pretending to be a superhero. She drinks her own piss and sees the sun rise 17 times in 24 hrs. 55 days in space. 55 days away from Earth. And now she is back. Marsha Ivans, a real life superhero.
From @Oxymoronic_Me: The mother had tears rolling down her eyes. When will her stupid daughter ever understand the gravity of the situation? The need to keep her in-laws happy? Mamta was to get married soon. But she was adamant. She wouldn’t stoop so low.

Mamta refused to use the fairness and vaginal lotions lying on her dressing-table.
From @textuallyhorny: Gravity was never better understood than that biscuit falling in your tea and spoiling it forever.

Gravity was never better felt than that bird shit on your new crisp suit on the way to your first interview.

Gravity was never more pleasing than that glam girl tripping and falling on you in the flight mid-air.
From @donbratman:

Dear diary,

Today, mom told me about my great great great grandfather. He was sleeping under a jackfruit tree, when a fruit accidentally fell on his head and he died. Poor GGG Grampa! I wonder why this tennis ball that goes up, comes back down. Who cares, I'm no scientist.

Yours truly,
John Newton

From @kaloladeep: Running down his twitter client "Gravity!" every day to make some new friends in the virtual world. He got to know a girl. There was an appealing gravity to everything she said, He was more liking her, day passed, He had an feeling of euphoria, she had terrible feeling of insecurity, Next Step -> "Block".

From @Ad_Coelum: I crawled to the couch and held on for my life…as I tried to emulate them. Those giants on their gargantuan legs, hovering over me. A moment later, my hands were again tiny suction darts on the floor. I was gravity’s minion. Dejected, I crawled under the table and waited for my legs to grow.



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