Monday, April 2, 2012

Theme 37 - Obsession

From @TheOtherBanana: A triangle of freckles situated exactly at the place where her shoulder connected to the neck. Every time he kissed her, he counted those freckles. One, two, three. And when she didn’t respond to his kisses anymore, he counted them again, one last time as he slashed open that pretty little neck. One, two, three.

From @AbhiandNow: She drew the bright blue skies, she drew a rainbow, she drew a pencil, she drew a washing machine, she drew her mum, she drew her drunken dad, she drew an axe, she drew the blood stained curtains, she drew her dead mum, she drew the God, and then finally she drew herself drawing herself.

From @wekneweachother: The bats are chasing me. I can’t see a thing in the dark and I’ve been running like a notorious lunatic who escaped the jail. Panting heavily and bending temporarily to feel the earthy mud, I experienced that moment in between death and life. I will come back to you once I slay these bats.

From @Gods_Evangelos:“Hey Chacha, Can you please get me an iPhone?”, I said. It costs $1000, but I will try if I get to see it in some sale, he replied. I knew that it was a big No, mostly. I don’t know but this gadget has created a storm in my mind. Ago Ergo Erigo.

From @MitigatedLying: He is my obsession. He knows every inch of me. The only one who doesn't judge me. My only strength. As I light the candle for him, he smiles from the photo just like everyday. I know he looks out for me from the parallel universe. His will be done.

From @Marwaari: His passion had made sure that he achieved the best photographs in only a few shots. This angle would surely get me the International Street Photograph award, He thought. The vulture made its entry, The malnourished child was about to die. Somalia, the land. The photograph surely did win.

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: She sat there, watching the images in her mind, again and again. That face, that touch, that breath, that voice. It engulfed her. Enveloped her. Completely. She could still feel those lips on hers, that hunger in her lover’s eyes, to touch her, to want her. And the day she left, four years ago.

From @social_outcast_: He was a nerd. A geek. Technology was his only obsession. He wanted to become an IT professional. He was awaiting his entrance-exam results. Results came. He failed. Little did his parents know that putting him under pressure to take some other branch was the sole reason they found him dead in his room.

From @NumbYaar: He sat there, like he had for the past decade, plotting the biggest revolution the nation would ever see. This time, he was determined to succeed. The inmate sitting next to him looked at him and laughed hysterically. He then said “I’m not selling the Taj Mahal either.”

From @IndianIdle: Some came for the fame. Some came for exploring them selves. They wore masks. Some laughed and some cried. Others craved for life. They hated the idea, they loved it even more. Makers of the social networking website smiled behind the curtains. They had injected the right element in the users. Obsession.

From @vivekisms: They wanted it from each other. All the time. They were standing there awkwardly now, breathing quickly, messages passing, beyond conscience, through the lips, eyes, the watermelons gleaming at the stand, red and whole. All of it taking place, with their fingers linked, wanting to get into bed one more time.

From @nimue_: You are obsessed to hurt yourself? No, just to write. And these men in your life? They are troubles I love. Let go of them. How will I get hurt then? Why you need that? Just to write about it. What good is that? Those heart -breaking lines the best I write.

From @gauravjagwani: My obsession with beer was well known at home. It was time I saw a therapist. My parents called it ‘an intimate rehab.’ My therapist was a she. She gave me a reason to go back. I never spoke. Just smiled. I realised that the only cure for an obsession, is to get another one.

From @pearly_swhites: She lay lifeless amidst shards of broken glass. Scarlet red lipstick was smeared on her face. Red. His favorite color. Curled up in her cold hands, was his picture. The world mistook her uninhibited love for a deranged obsession. So did he. Ergo, tonight she freed herself from her quest. Her fruitless quest for reciprocation.

From @sumitrai100: Amadago from Mars zoomed his telescope on Earth. A mother was breast-feeding her child.25 years later Amadago zoomed again. The mother was alone in verandah. The telescope swayed and focused on 'him'. "Wow! 25 years and still going. What an obsession. Human!" chuckled Amadago. The act was same and one player was still common.

From @realfartshady:

Romance, desolation, hardships, anti-romances. She was all about them. The faces on the display, dawned, eyes wrinkled in pain, scared. "Be mine! This loneliness is eating me!"

She was obsessed and nobody knew it better than her F: drive. Her friends called her download history the "Lake of torrent tears."

From @moonsez: She wanted to pick only the happy moments. But, the memories came all at once - like the everchanging scene in a rear view mirror. There was no filter, no pause. Her childhood obsession to skip every cracked stone tile came in handy as she prepared her memoir.

From @randomwhiz: The Doctor told Mr. Bansal that his wife had mild OCD, an obsession regarding cleanliness. Well, he thought to himself, some brushes and gloves and she'll be happy at home, nothing to worry. But then he didn't know they would find their 3 year old in the washing machine. Clean. But not living anymore.

From @shekhartripathi: While on a business trip in Italy with my partner, I fall in love with Sandra, a young woman – an exact double of my wife. We plan to marry next month, but my friends discourage my wedding plans; only to realize – I’m infatuated with Sandra only because she reminds me of Payal – my dead wife.

From @madhavisud: Dear Soul, As you prepare to leave me, the atmosphere around me turns blur and I feel overwhelmed. Holding on to dear life for a good week in the ICU now, I feel the end is near. I suffer a sudden rush of compulsive, unreasonable emotion. I ask, “Am I dead? or Am I obsessed?”

From @minolajekar: She watches his every move, dictates his clothes, his meals, his waking hours, his books, his friends, his sleep patterns, his music, too. Everyone tells her, this is unhealthy. What did they know, after two miscarriages and three rounds of IVF, four- year old Aryan is the planet she will always orbit around and round.

From @melittlepixie: Melissa Andrews had finally given him her number. Smiling, he fished his pocket for the paper with the sacred information. ‘Melissa Andrews 181-999-6363’, it read. Frustrated, he crumbled the paper and tossed it in the bin even before dialling. She had not dotted the ‘i’. His obsession for the language got the better of him.

From @sahilbulla: He was obsessed with the fact that he was possessed but he could never process that his excess would lead him to recess. He only hoped for success with that one girl who was a princess. After she was addressed, “Yes” she eventually confessed, making her something he possessed, over what he obsessed.

From @zainity: The way it feels here is total irony. The madness of vehicles tearing their way off road, their headlights racing like comets. I never believed that the air on hillock above the express-way could be so peaceful. My restless mind obsessed with thoughts of loneliness, finds peace here; on the craziest place in the city.

From @roshd: Rohan paced up and down his hotel room. How he missed Ritu! He thought of her lotus eyes, her full mouth, soft body and could almost smell and taste her beside him. He wondered if it was normal to be obsessed about your wife after 11 years of marriage. He didn’t care. He loved her.

From @shivangiyadav: He had a normal life once, interspersed with sorrows, laughter, pain and joy. What started as a folly, soon took over his life. A life which could have been full of possibilities disintegrated one piece at a time. His obsession with ‘What If’ meant his own story never got the ending it deserved.

From @BoozeSexSundry: Chartreuse and Turquoise. She mixed them up. And it brightened her canvas like an autumn you can't explain why you've come to love. Time flew from 2 to 10 but she tended her canvas like her baby. The switch of a knob and an opened door; She threw her brush aside and leapt into his warm arms.

From @Sanch_N: She looked at herself in the mirror, kohl-lined eyes staring back at her. She was dressed up to the nines but something was amiss. Yesterday she received a packet, where had she kept it? She searched around, only to find it hidden between her clothes. There it was, Obsession staring back at her. Her favorite perfume.

From @SugarsNSpice: He came into her life as an option. A shoulder wiping tears drenching her. She tried hard to give life a chance, in loves being bestowed. She never saw the storm he was. An obsession she was, a trophy he owned. She was leaving towards the valley today. But the coffin writes another fairy tale.

From @rinashah: She always thought that she was missing something but couldn’t recollect what it was. Now that she was recovering well, she realized that it was her antique pocket watch which her father got her from london when she was in school. She loved it so much that she always carried it along with her everywhere.

From @sinpinklove: He came home with flowers,chocolates and wine.It was their third anniversary.To society, they were the couple in love.He flattered her with his magical words when suddenly his expression changed.He beat her without mercy.She never defended.She thought it to be passion but it was just his obsession.

From @ipurplicious: They had problems. Her obsession with arranging everything grew stronger as her life fell apart. She stared at the stack of neatly arranged bottles of moisturizers, shower gels & shampoos. She was tired. She craved for some order. She looked for him everywhere. He left five years ago & she didn't notice.

From @rati7: I don’t drink, I don’t smoke; have never even seen what Weed or Marijuana is like. Seen it all in the movies. I have never watched porn and am afraid to have sex. Non-veg is not something I want to eat. I don’t think I am obsessed with anything other than cutting myself.

From @manashree_jani: She knows the nature of her relation, is constantly evolving,yet she is tangled up in him..Her love speaks of her addiction to the way he makes her feel..It speaks of how head over heels in love she is,that there is no way she is ever going to fall out of it.

From @Saiyona: They downed the last shot of Vodka. It had no effect on her. She forced herself to think she was happy high. He dropped her off at her home. They were still just friends. She went upstairs to a drunk boyfriend. Sitting next to him, she seemed to miss her ‘just friend’ more every second.

From @ThWanderingSoul: Her wardrobe's depth may have been deep but they presumed her character to be shallow. Her friends abandoned her as they learnt of her obsession. It was she who had drained their wallets. Now the only friends she has are her pretty shoes & clothes. They don't hug her at night though.

From @kunalbaidmehta: Fifteen years had passed since they met last. They were inseparable in college. Binge drinking on graduation night followed by the bike ride home turned fatal. Rajeev lost his vision and his love. Today, he knew she was sitting next to him in the flight. He knew that smell. She always wore Calvin Klein Obsession.

From @tweettabulous: The long wait to glory. They played, I prayed. As usual, nothing was left to chance; I wore the same clothes, sat in the same spot, listened to that one hymn that brought them closer to victory. April 2, 2011 - Team Blue lifted the cup and my obsession can now be shared without embarrassment.

From @akshayabansal: Hurrying along the high street he marveled at the well dressed mannequins. The man from a small town felt alive in the open. He made his way into Victoria's Secret like a child looking for his favourite toy. "They're for my girlifriend" he exclaimed convincingly, the saleswoman smiled, knowing Mardi Gras was nigh.

From @narinderkapur: The bed had to be completely made. Not a single fold on the bedcover, not a single crease on the bed sheets. The edges of the blankets had to be completely in line with each other, not a bit out of shape, but in perfect squares. Making beds was an art characterised by mathematical precision.

From @alksmehta: Since years,Annie called Jim at night but his persistent refusal could'nt change her love for him.Today a letter in her lifeless hand, froze Jim as he read,''Each night, I called you not with a hope of you accepting my love but I had no other reason to be alive all this while."

From @srdpsrknth: She hears soft whispers; his whispers that drive her insane. She lay on her white foam bed, black eyed and pale cheeked, staring at the ceiling, gazing at the knife nearby. The finality of his absence pains her immensely. As the whispers grows louder, she takes a deep breath. Scarlet red percolates into the white foam.

From @thebongbabe: Tearing off a piece of his shirt, he frantically scrubbed himself. His room was littered with cloth pieces - but those damn stains remained!Watching from outside the cell door, the cop explained to his new partner - “Chaps’ loaded gun went off and shot his wife by mistake. He still sees those blood stains”

From @madax06: Love in the air, and life all rosy. She stood blushing thinking about his touch. She knew her best friend would understand the fluttering feeling. In excitement she went over, opened the door and her obsession with him, refused to let her believe the betrayal. Him and her together. Shock and an unreal reality check.

From @ritukarthik: Books after books, some had thoughts in them and some were blank. Some had doodles and some were more like scrapbooks. He read through them and had tears rolling, cause it was only now that he understood his mothers obsession with her books. Her memories treasured in words to pass on to her kids someday.

From @dinkypinkybrain: The west wind blew, thick with purple beads of perspiring desires. Boiling, bubbling and brewing. In a whiff it swirled around his pulsating chest and filled his lungs with a familiar weakness. He smiled, breathing in the agony of wanting. His smile faded. He faded. Fully fermented, only purple beads of perspiring obsession, remained.

From @kaloladeep: She was obsessive regarding everything which was with a tag, an obsession of all constraints available in this world, these obsession showed her atrocious nature to society, but what matters is that she is still known to this world in good times, Because she was an artist, And an artist is nothing without her obsessions.

From @Oven_Tikka: She was 14 when she first started feeling that she was different. As she grew older, the feeling intensified. Each time she looked in a mirror, she could see the truth screaming out at her. It became an obsession with her, this ugly truth. Her life revolved around it. And that’s what her anorexia wanted.

From @bitchwanti: "Bade achche lagte hai", "kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi", Discovery planet, How I met your mother, roadies, Ndtv good life. He kept switching channels. Staring into the coloured screen. All day long. 365 days. "Darr". He recognised himself in 'kkkkkiran'. He got up and hugged the TV. It kept glittering. Impassive.

From @anushreekejriwa: The long tresses were her identity, they made hearts flutter and she became a Rapunzel for many. Fate had some other plans, she was detected of cancer and lost her hair in chemotherapies. With hair all the attention, which became an obsession, was gone. She now keeps rubbing her nails to get both back.

From @Kantaap: She couldn’t stop. She’d tried. Origami was her obsession, her compulsion. Swans lay strewn across the floor. Frantically twisting those sheets into various structures, she suppressed memories of her own failed metamorphosis. Tonight, she’d end it all. She smiled as he entered the room with a sweet smell and a match. His obsession was fire.

From @rootkanal: His fingers slid over the fretboard, her eyes followed them. He pulled, he hammered, he strummed. Her eyes never left his hands, his never left the guitar. He played till the shape of the strings were imprinted on his fingers and the notes in her heart. They were chalk and cheese and the same obsession.

From @mydirtylinen: We smiled at each other across the room. She held my gaze as she walked towards me. Her hips swayed invitingly and her eyes shone in the night. Her lips curved as she asked me my name. I was obsessed and I didn't even know it.

From @salonitia: Everything was perfect!!! Finally she had got it right. It had taken her ages to get to it. So many years of struggle! Every minute a new calculation but today it was perfect. Today was the day. Her obsession for it. She had just turned hundred years old getting it right. The perfect “chai"

From @Baba_Bakwaas: He vanished in thin air, without telling her why, without telling her where. Her obsession for him, his fragrance, his charm, his presence, his arms, grew. She was consumed in her irrationality for love had betrayed her. Life, ditched her. ‘The worlds a lonely place, of warmth there’s no trace’ she said, and shot him.

From @Hope_vs_destiny: He told her that he can never see her with someone else. She chose 2 shut him out of her life. While he meant love, she termed it obsession.

From @ghaatidancer: The service wasn't over yet, but he had shut himself in the library. He opened his father's journals and began to read. If you were here, you'd see him begin to sway, ever so gently. His father had devoted his life to alchemy--he would follow in his footsteps.

From @floydianbrahman: Last night’s love affair lied serenely in his bed. Streaks of raven hair cascaded over the cherubic face, devilish yet divine. A connoisseur he had been all these years, and yet the pawns faced different in the breaking light. The torrid games yesternight marked her an equal. Time to shred away the nicotine patches.

From @sahilk: Most guys my age are obsessed with cars and rap-stars. The expert comments that are passed on the beautifully modified Subarus and the Afro-American girls in those rap videos. It’s amazing how we can live through a month of fasting during Ramadan. I wonder if a month’s not jerking off would result in wet dreams.

From @chhotarecharge: His arms caved me in, his lips traced a slow path to my nape. I extended a hand to touch his perfect face but... Where did he go? I opened the book, turned a page and there Jacob was, again! Yes, I was obsessed with the fictional character and I loved the feeling.

From @writingchalk: Bloodshot eyes. Blurry vision. Drool dripping from mouth. Uncombed hair. Untidily dressed. Files half dropping out of bag. Car keys shaking in hand. Breaks side-view mirror on the way out. Drives like a drunkard. Then comes under a bus. Those nights, meant for sleep, wasted on Facebook, finally took their toll. Unfortunately, not in cash.

From @sukhkarni: I followed her. She followed me back. She tweeted a lot about DOGS. Every other tweet pertained to DOGS(may be it was just a phase). Out of curiosity, I asked her about her Obsession with DOGS. That marked the beginning of my first twitter fight ever. Love happened when we followed each other back.

From @oxymoronic_me: While Ravan’s obsession was Sita, her’s was dance. It was Mahapuja. Raavan played the sitar and she danced. 7 days she danced continuously. Suddenly, he noticed the frayed string. If the string broke, she would miss a step. He knifed open the nerve string of his hand and mended the sitar. Who was more obsessed?

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