Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Theme 44 - Space/Spaces

From @deceitful_angel: "There wasn't enough space between them; she felt his arms engulf her soul. The trees stood there watching the innocence of first love, some swayed happily until they noticed the greed in his eyes. Oh, those arms were only going to crush her dreams. The mute trees would be the witnesses."

From @iyeravin: Like everyday, she hired a cab from home to office. She carefully counted the number of steps between the parked cab and her office building. Once in the building lobby, she took a right, then a left and reached her office. Yes, as someone who was deaf-blind, her best friends were measurement, time and space.

From @unendingquest: Sam sat down to write an Apology Email on his Laptop to his girlfriend. But the Space Bar wasn't working and he wrote it without any space. The girlfriend was furious and couldn't understand a word. She thought he was making fun of her. She wrote back, "I need SPACE. I'm moving on." IRONY!

From @gauravjagwani: He was always surrounded by music. At home. At work. He was a man of very few words. The music around him did the talking. This was his life and he enjoyed it. People didn’t appreciate him as much for the music overpowered his presence. He was after all the space between two musical notes.

From @quencro: They did everything together. Worked in the same branch, Partied at the same nightclubs, Shared the same apartment, shared their lives. They got married on the same day, to each other. But it wasn't as easy as they had imagined. Tough times ensued. They divorced. Their closeness suffocated them. They needed some space, to breathe.

From @Kantaap: They say in space, no one can hear you scream. Yet he couldn’t deny himself this most basic of instincts, a noiseless yell. Suddenly, he felt a tug behind his navel as he hurtled towards the blue green expanse below him. It was getting hotter. His last scream in the empty sky went unheard. Silence.

From @sanoop_s: In the prime of youth, sitting in solitary confines, she had whispered to me - "Come closer" - and the space between us had vanished in a moment. Now, trudging along the path of adulthood, heavyhearted and weary, I seek refuge in her, and she says - "I need my personal space".

From @vagabondinact: He had said, ‘no biggie, I can adjust’ and thus came his new roommate. She was small, how much space can she take anyways, he had thought! Her shedding hair hadn’t bothered him much, but then gradually began the war of territory. She marked her space, peeing on his leather couch, the Bitch!

From @dasCapital_: The kid put on his suit and 14 kg school bag with almost no effort. Everything is so effortless here, her Mother thought. She remembered her days of carrying a 4 kg school bag with much effort. And then she remembered earth. They had escaped in space after Earth destroyed itself in a nuclear war.

From @khatteemithi: The big bang. A parallel universe. String theory. Concepts stringing together in vain. He would never stop questioning the reason for his existence! Yet the mad-hatter would overlook the doe-eyed woman occupying the space in bed, next to him. She thinking of his untimely alopecia; he of the inky space above. What mysteries life hold!

From @textuallyhorny:

ThingsWereBecomingClumsyAndSuffocating.TheirCourtshipHadSeenOnlyTwoMonsoonsByThen.Misbehaviour,Misunderstandings,Mistrust,Mistakes,MistressAndEventuallyMisfortuneMigratedTheirWayBetweenThem.Unbearable,SheChoseToGaveUpThatNightForHerAbodeInSpace. “Y-o-u W-a-n-t-e-d Y-o-u-r S-p-a-c-e , I L-e-a-v-e Y-o-u T-h-e W-h-o-l-e W-o-r-l-d ” the note read.

From @roshd: This was supposed to be give and take. I gave you love and all I got in return was hurt. You say you need space. I think our relationship is a rabid dog which needs to be put down. I don’t need space. I need freedom. I’m getting out. I need to love. Myself. Again.

From @sahilbulla: He walked into the room and confronted her. “I don’t like where this is going” he said all the way shaking the bunch of papers in his hand. “We need some more space” he continued rambling. Meanwhile she continued her fervent typing. “Will this do?___________________”. He saw the space. The author was happy.

From @wekneweachother: That Eureka-like moment of real connection, the magic of human touch, that infinite stretch of imagination, that never-ending longing for your lover, that infinite bubble of happiness after eating an ice cream after months, the infinite number of possibilities, the infinite betrayals and the grand infinite space in which we exist with all that jazz.

From @IndianIdle: They were always cramped together. Every time they traveled they had to be together. They became intolerable for each other. Even people were jeopardized and irritated with togetherness. Finally she said to him, “I need my space”. They finally invented the space bar key on the typewriter. Words got their freedom.

From @anu_Mishti: He was still there, struggling for space, under the debris. That earthquake measuring 6.4 on Richter Scale has left his house devastated. But he is alive and safe in the space created by the dead body of his mother, which surrounds him like an iron wall. He will survive, in the space of his life.

From @sumitrai100: His hand stretched out only to feel the wrinkled bed-sheet. Reality struck him. Memories started flashing. His head turned. She was there smiling in that 12*6' frame hanging from the wall, the only space she occupied in that room. Restless he was now, couldn't sleep. He had another night to pass, another millennium to live.

From @TheShreyasNaik: He was a gold medalist in Psychiatry. "My private practice will be booming", he thought. But for days, he just sat there and no one showed up. He picked up that familiar newspaper and flipped through the pages. There it was. His advertisement. "The rapist", it said. A single wretched space had tainted his reputation.

From @zainity: She: So, where do we go after we die? He: Don’t give me that again. She: Hmm… I just hope you must not exist there. He walked out; this time she didn't stop him. With spontaneous clam on her face she stood on the edge. She is falling thru infinite pit, into the blessed space.

From @RBtrary: There was no dearth of love between them and the couple shared an amazing chemistry. But even after 5 years of living-in together she kept complaining that he didn’t give her enough personal space. Then he died in a plane-crash. The one fighting for personal space is now struggling with the empty space in life...

From @quratzafar: As a teen, his mother’s persistent inquiries used to irritate him. “I need my space, ma.” She sold her ornaments to got him a separate room. He wife wanted independence; Ma sold the house to give him money. After her death he found her note. “All I wanted, Adi, was some space in your heart.”

From @tweeting_anu: The space, full of stars looks so beautiful from the window of my spaceship & so is earth. Amazing! But ‘Oh no, Asteroid coming my way, would collapse with my spaceship, I would die’ I closed my eyes out of my fear & when opened I realized I was dreaming of a trip of space.

From @yashakothari: A lonely speck of blue in an ever-lasting, ever-expanding blanket of cosmic darkness. Indestructible it lies, in an arena, threatened each day by other cosmic junk. Spinning around on its orbit, the oblate spheroid continues its journey, unsure of its purpose. Patiently it waits, as the red giant prepares to blast its head.

From @swordfish19: It was a regular day for the proof-reader, who was sitting in his dingy flat in slept-over pajamas, with half a cigarette in his hand, a cloud of smoke enveloping his face. He started reading the first manuscript of the day and wrote down his first comment: “Put space between happy and birthday on page…”.

From @megha_mathur3: Once we strode at an even pace. Then you vied to get better of life’s race. I tried hard to keep up with you. You ran possessed; I am the shadow you never knew. Now you don’t know my face. Doctors say there’s hope. I cling to it and see you gaze into empty space.

From @rinashah: She started writing a letter, digital one on email. She decided to burst all her feelings on that and thought that would be the only way she could communicate her feelings. She started typing what all she wanted to put in and the next moment, went blank. Ended up pressing too many space bars instead.

From @5310: This gap between the thick books who can stand on their own, and the skinny ones needing support, bother me. It's too wabi to fill with any arbitrary paper-weight, and interlacing them would be too neurotypical to demand of me. Maybe this can be my little well-lit abyss. It's rude to stare.

From @theotherbanana: The stillness of the cramped bedroom. The dark corner of an evocative little closet. The nudge of elbows at the crowded dinner table. The chatter of tiny children on the sofa between them. The inherent noise of everyday living. They shared secretive smiles over the heads of oblivious family members. And began their life together.

From @oxymoronic_me: He dared not move. He was scared for his mother’s wellbeing. What if he hurt her while he raised his hand? What if she bled to death just because he had moved his head? There wasn’t enough space for movement. He was almost stiff. And she was afraid that her foetus had died. She cried.

From @smmankad: "Open spaces, on moonless nights are peaceful – or so he thought. He stared across the farm through his room’s window. The smile was wiped off his face as he saw a dark silhouette gliding towards him. He woke up in a cold sweat – the night was moonless, the farm was quiet – or so it seemed."

From @sinpinklove: The scars of my previous relationship made me vary of physical intimacy but left me yearning for companionship.I shed so many tears on your shoulder and your hug made me feel safe.I learned to trust and then, love you.You filled the spaces between my fingers and then the void in my heart.

From @J_Keerthi: She stood at the gate of her house and saw her mother in the lawn watering plants, father sipping coffee and dog running around playfully. She smiled and closed her eyes tight as a tear rolled down her cheek. She saw the empty spaces in front of her and now felt the tsunami inside.

From @vishalkswamy:

The veil fell, revealing how beautiful she was. "Click...Click..Click.Click" he heard as he held her. Ignoring the noise, he kissed her as she pulled him onto the bed.

"Click..Click.Click..Click" again. But he succumbed to her charms. As his eyes screamed, she typed "yeah,(click) the (click) job's (click) done"

From @hilonee: He carried his three favourite toy soldiers in his pocket. He never took his shoes off and if he did, he carried them in his hands. He did not allow anyone near his cramped corner beside the lamp table. In an orphanage starved of love and care, he sought solace in his belongings and space.

From @minolajekar: Six feet under, 7x2, she wondered this space enough for you? You who, fought for space on the train, bed-space even elevator-space. You who said there is no space left, let’s book some space in outer space. Cacophony over parking space, bullet in your head. What will I do with all this space you left?

From @kyahaibey: “Everyone needs it & everyone has a different use for it. Lovers demand it, astronauts need it & computers have it. Our interior decorator earns to make use of it and you need it to get confused with its different meanings”, he said as he slid his fingers into the SPACES of his daughter’s fingers.

From @ayan_sen: There were nine people around him, Shobhit felt each one of them was breathing down his neck, terrified and scared he closed his eyes hoping his troubles would get over soon. His discomfort was heightened by the eerie screeching sound. Then suddenly it stopped and Shobhit stepped out of the lift. He felt less claustrophobic.

From @InsidiousBrain: The empty glass. The open bottle. The abandoned bed. There was a time when we were glued to each other. No spaces existed then. Years later, she wanted her space from me. I gave her all of it. Now all I have is a void. An blank space.

From @shitgodamn: 'I need space' - Her last words. Her boyfriend of 3 years had turned the occasional getting high into a routine drill. He’d space in and out.
He woke up, to an unbearable stench. The corpse of the girl of his sober world, lying in a pool of blood. For her it was now or never.

From @dipti_optimus_: I leave all the trees behind and I zoom past the other cars. I look back at the road I've left by now... The moon travels with me tonight. I see noisy motorbikes go by, the rider thundering on; somewhere awaits his lovely girl, beckoning from afar.

From @woohoochild: One long pull and you've lost reality of space and time. You stand upright as the waves recede and your feet get sucked in by the sand. Another drag and you're smiling to yourself in a parallel universe. But you're smiling. It's been so long since I've seen you this way. I stand there awestruck.

From @numbyaar: First there was a big bang. Objects would continually drift away. The Pangaea would space out to become continents and the universe would incessantly expand. Come technology ages later and the world would suddenly shrink. But nature would still have its way. The world may be at our fingertips but people are continually drifting away.

From @thebongbabe: “God! I can’t stay here. It’s a dump. What kind of a house does not have a balcony?!” She walked out in a huff, her husband scurrying behind her. Her high heels clicked down the stairs and out the door, crossing a wizened, old man sleeping curled under the staircase. His home for three years.

From @spud_31: "The train was crowded. The May heat making things worse. Sameer saw the tiniest of spaces between an elderly duo and asked if he could sit. Uncomfortable and looking ungainly, he turned his head.. and saw her staring at him. And try as he might, he couldn’t look away. It was love at first sight."

From @RealFartShady: Ryan lived within the walls of his cell phone, hovering from one application to another and roosting in the pale cubicle of qwerty. It's been a while like that. With time, his living space decreased tremendously. Tonight, he was wondering how he’d just a futon into his wireless headset.

From @tripteased: She was living in the same apartment with her possessive boyfriend before this girl shifted. The coming months unleashed variety of attributes of the personalities of both. They would drink,laugh,watch movies,smoke-up,discuss books,guys and break into any conversation and share experiences which would last for hours. Mutually nourishing,this space had become.

From @dinkypinkybrain: Lying on the terrace looking up at the emptiness that contains eternity, that allows all things to be, he pondered the clutter in his life. Racks full of things, was there space for generosity? A hoard of thoughts, was there space for silence in his mind? Possessive of emotions, where was the space for peace?

From @thealienatedwind: That dark agonized space was once illuminated with the rainbow of cultural diversity. Nothing was powerful enough to create any boundaries. This emptiness is tired of the cold hate and darkness of war. It thrives for the warmth of love and brightness of peace. That dark torn space wants no longer to be a space.

From @sweetangel: She looked at the watch again. It was midnight. She checked for his signal and then went out. The thought of leaving him because of her politician family gave her courage. Never in her life had she taken such a risk. But it was pure magic when they were together. In their happy space.

From @OhTeri_: College Fest. Shreya met Roshan. She adored him, he lusted for her. Love, was all she expected. Shreya was a believer. Roshan was a player. She liked movies, he liked races. She loved, he abused. She begged, he refused. She wanted committment, he needed space. He died in an accident. Pregnant; she died of disgrace.

From @CruciFire:



“Youaretoocontrolling. YouarechokingmewithsmallissuesandforGod'sakestoppushingme.”


“Whydon'tyoujustkillme? Ifeelhollowinside.”

“Itisnormal. Calmthefuckdown.”

“Youdon'tunderstandme. Iwanttodeleteyoufrommylife.”

“Thiswillendsoon. Homesweethomeformethen.”



Theassemblylineworkerinsertedthe 'Space bar' intotheemptyslotandsentoutthekeyboardforpackaging.

From @rohini_sekhar: She woke up. Saw nothing but whitish blackness... a space between her and the world. She stood by the window. Saw nothing but hazy colorlessness... a space between her and the world. She looked into herself. Discovered no space/spaces vacant - she was full of herself! Grounds for the space/spaces between her and the world!

From @hollowmaniac: Solitude had become a distant dream. He had done away with the only thing she had to herself...her moments, her space. Chained, she was. Raw power, shackled, waiting to fly away. And then a lockpick fell from the sky. She spread her wings as the sunrays caressed and kissed it. The Breeze of Freedom.

From @Oven_Tikka: The girls had been impossible all day, the result of one being a neat-freak and the other a slob. She’d finally had to draw a line dividing the study table in an attempt at peace. But before she could get comfortable, a wail sounded in the next room. “Mooooommm, her finger is in my space”.

From @Saureign:

“Your tea, sir,” Raju said.

“Umm, okay,” Sir replied, absently.

Raju stood there, unsure. A minute later, Sir looked up at Raju, surprised.

“What?” Sir asked.

“Your tea, sir.”

“Put the cup down & go.”

“Where, sir? There's no space,” said Raju, as they looked down at the files & folders strewn on Sir’s desk.

From @Freelosopher: “Pluto? Too far; Mercury? Too close; Uranus? Freezing cold; Jupiter? Too gaseous. Neptune has thirteen moons. Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Saturn's taken; she's wearing a ring.” The Sun’s stood transfixed as his gaze shifted towards Earth. “Perfect for sustaining life! I’m yellow, she’s blue. Together we’re green. The color of nature!”

From @Drac_69: Marriage is inviting someone in your space and sharing her belief, dreams, pain. She never accepted our arrange marriage. Old love always lives in the memory. That accident which gave me a broken arm gave her Amnesia. Doc said its temporary, but I can dream to fill the blank space in her heart with my love.

From @floydianbrahman: Night-hiking trip into the forest was his idea. ''It would be good for us'', he said. ''Just us, lost beneath a sea of stars''. She just smiled. Nothing had twinkled between them since the rumor mills had churned the mistress tales. She wanted some space. And the Blackwood trail would be perfect. For the grave.

From @punvati:

It had been going so well. They were getting serious, contemplating living together. He'd even suggested getting a cat (maybe 2 to keep each other company), a precursor to the kids he hoped they'd have someday. And then she said it. He was petrified, insecure.

"Why're you sulking you idiot? I said I wanted _spays_."

From @dhoopchhanv: Niket's empty eyes watched his newly furnished duplex flat where he lived, he remembered his farm houses, one at Karjat and one at Devlaali and sighed. His name meant Home, a space of his own, which he struggled to find, where he could be himself, with all his idiosyncrasies, without having to justify his choices.

From @dark_gal: I’ve always wondered where to dump these souls of flesh. Bury, drown, rot or freeze; these let out my secret. Think outside the box, mama says. My money can buy me secrets. Oh you consumed bodies, buckle up; I found you a final destination. May you Rest In Space.

From @captain_speakin: The long distance wasn’t working he told her. She packed her life in a bag, flew a thousand miles across the world to be with him. She saw him standing at the arrivals; the look on his face said it all. The distance between them was a few feet but the space was now unfathomable.

From @anushalalwani: He expressed disdain at the red tint of her nails and so she never used that color again. She got his bedroom walls painted that exact shade of red the day she walked out on him. All the girls that he brought home loved it. He wondered if a thank you note would be appropriate.

From @marwaari: New city and my dreams even fresher. Nowhere to sleep, But the entire city was my bedroom. I thought the pavement would be fine for tonight when this guy said, "Naya hai kya? yeh meri jagah hai, Chal apni jagah dekh!" I left. Morning papers read “ Drunk driver crushes Eight pavement dwellers to death"

From @mizarcle: The professor was talking about negative spaces today. He said sometimes, what is not there assumes more importance than what is there. How true I thought. What mattered to me was all that was lacking in my life. Focus on what is there. Class ended. I picked my crutches up and walked up to her.

From @theaceofspade_: He stepped down from his silver surfboard and looked around this new planet. Sewage waste rotting in river. Undisposed dead bodies lying around. Populace moving around, oblivious of their surroundings. Polluted. Stinking. Disgusting. Defunct. *This Planet is already dead* He thought.He surfed back to outer space to inform Galactus. This planet, Earth, wasn’t consumable.

From @madrasmad: The seatbelt signs went off. I reclined, and closed my eyes. Never again to India. Caged up with several relatives in a small flat. Not an inch outdoors to walk. I couldn’t wait to land in Australia. Then, it hit me. I couldn’t stand the emptiness of the town I was going back to.

From @pearly_swhites: The piercing emptiness that bred on her thoughts, surfaced at night. Her absence accentuated the vacuum in his life. The hole of misery in his chest, punched when she left. The gaps between his fingers yearned for the moment when they would intertwine with hers. Those voids. Those spaces he could never fill.

From @bhytu:

He typed the two names.


The space bar made a virtual distance between the two.


Visualizing his wife embracing a stranger on bed,he shivered.


The revolver shined in his hands.

The room echoed with a sarcastic laughter as he pulled the main switch.

From @melittlepixie: He was about to give up his search, when he finally saw her. There she was, in all naked beauty, inviting. Tears of joy sprang to his eyes. His heart soared with contentment. She was his now. And without waiting, he thrust his mean machine into her. Ah! He had finally found his parking space.

From @zzeenius: "Space-time continu..."."Well it sucks !!" she interrupts."This coming from philo gal "He chaffed." 'ssup with giggling bitch"she irkd cautiously sipping hot-coffee."Grandfather paradox...just cant kill my grandfather...if I ever timetravel..something would prevent me from doing so"."That something ..yer father ?? ,btw why'd ye kill him in first place ?? "."His property !!! ".Both chuckle loudly .

From @BongBuffoon: He had been dreading that 3 pm phone call and he cringed when it rang. “Did you have lunch?” No hello. The same question, the same concern, every day. He felt the knot of his tie tighten. He couldn’t breath. He wanted to scream ‘give me my space’. What came out was: “Yes, I did.”

From @bitchwanti: The space between a baby's eyes allows it to look at the world, magnified. The space between the leaves allows wind to create a melody of rustles. The space between the fingers allows lovers to hold hands. Space is what allows us to breathe, to grow. Can you imagine a world devoid of space?

From @kaloladeep: He was watching the match with a great concentration, Wishing that those spaces on the scoreboard of the last over to be filled by 0's, But it aint came true and thus lost the bet, Ruining the whole family money into it. Learning a new lesson that every space can't be empty all the time!

From @saligiasinner: A space, so agonizingly close, so tantalizingly tiny. That insane space separating "very good" from "great"; "promising" from "assuring". This space is so enthralling, like an overture to an opera. She is 22, toils hard and patiently waits to find that "one inspired, defining moment" to bridge this alluring space she is temporarily caught in.

From @CaptiousGazer: He always thought he needed space. Never the social animal. In his campaign to get his private 'space', he built walls around himself, walls impossible to scale. When people tried to come close, he drove them away. After sometime, he realised his folly and yearned for just one friend. Alas! It came too late.

From @ritukarthik: When the demands got exceedingly crazy, often I'd see her break. Sometimes into tears and other times into an overdose of nicotine.
I think the only thing that kept her going was that lil space in her mind where she'd escape knowing no one could touch her. A space so serene. Untouched by chaos.

From @rbd_sqrl: Arthur Dent and Zaphod Beeblebrox looked at each other. They could feel the shivers passing through each other’s spines. Their execution was set in the golden-planet of Voga. Reminiscing their adventures through the different realms of space they stood awaiting their executioner. Kwaltz, cleared his throat ready to read out his piece ’42 Spaces’.

From @_Nehu: Ritu lived perfect life, married Mr. Right, good job and own all the things which every girl must have dream of. For world she is the lucky one but she was tired of fake happiness, nothing in this world can fill the space her ex Ankit have left in her heart. She still misses him.

From @tweettabulous: She loved her independence the most. He loved her the most. His controlling nature was creating a rift. She yearned for her freedom, told him, let me be. He drove away, straight into an oncoming truck, giving her all the space she needed... forever.

From @Munchin_Jughead: Marvelous SpaceHero, interplanetary voyager, descends toward an alien planet. As spunky SpaceHero cruised low, he realized this landscape was inhabitated! SpaceHero hits the thrusters! The aliens followed! Looked like they yearned an earthling for dinner. "Subhash! Get up!"- shrieked his mother. "Another mind-boggling adventure next time", quipped Subhash, rubbing his eyes.

From @Nil_Soul: The wax toy ‘Cinderella’ lay broken. He wasn’t the same anymore. She was cluttering her belongings into a Suitcase, abandoning him forever and ‘crack’, it broke. It was the first gift he gave her. Suddenly, she realized. She was so wrong. Everyone needed space, even a lifeless figure. Things were about to change, for better.

From @satyaagraha:

Their abode was matchbox sized.
But, their love was so VAST that more space would’ve been a mere WASTE!
They were so close: they transported each other into the realms of outer space…

Their spacious house is EXPENSIVE but their hearts: no longer EXPANSIVE.
They’re so closed: they now need their own space…

From @lady_shweta: The couple stood in the penthouse discussing with interior decorator to revamp the whole house. "that space between the window and the bed, i want a dressing table from Oak & Ash Furniture" the husband said . The wife thought "i wish you would do something for the spaces between us"

From @moonsez: Her breath stopped. She read the story again savoring each emotion that tumbled out of those beautiful words strung together. After almost an eternity she looked up. He waited expectantly for her verdict. “There are too many extra spaces. You may want to edit those out.” She said, handing back his story.

From @songburdr: The memory of their promise to be always together made her eyes well up with tears, as she looked up at the shimmering sky with innumerable stars. He had broken his promise leaving endless space between them. She turned her eyes away, abruptly; somewhere, high above, he might be yearning to brush those tears away.

From @kanwarse:

I pushed. I swore. I pushed some more. There was no room to breathe. Three people occupied the space where 1 would be a miracle. I tried to imagine heroic music playing in the background while I fought for the right to stand and exist.

Then the 8:40 slow local to Virar started moving.

From @abi_da: I really wanna get home. I push myself in. This guy behind me is pushing in too! Door closes. A girl, talking on her phone, close to my face. My left, 2 guys are gossiping loudly. My right, a hunky guy is eyeing me. I can hear his god-damn headphones. CHAMMAK CHALLO OH OOOH OH. I need space.

From @tusharshigwan: Raj & me lived near the tree. I loved him & he loved me . Then career came in middle & pinched him like a needle. Then raj went with the flow to grow & I was standing near the tree alone. Hoping he will be back to love his little Krackjack

From @amanjotksandhu: "As a kid, she used to look into the sky, make out the faces in the clouds. As time passed, she had no time to look at her perennial friend.Now, with all the hair grey, she gazes at the sky again, sees nothing but an empty space, all that her life is."

From @randomwhiz: It was Sunday. Mr Mehta was shouting at the gardener when he had a stroke and died. Yamraj was soaring into space with his soul, when Mrs Mehta caught up. "You can't just take him! I've waited 25 years!" bringing his praan back from yamraj. To kill him herself. They found arsenic in the garden.

From @KingoFlames: She didn't know whether she was in love with a human or a whiny complaint-box. All he was concerned about, was his OWN self and his SPACE. It'd been five years and one break-up. But, she'd never let him love someone else. Now, hopefully, the space, would be enough. 6' x3', 6' below the ground.

From @shivaanie: The padded wall was her screen; her memories the film. A swing, a garden and a face. It stared at her, blaming her, loathing her. Maybe he’d been a friend. He was dead now, and she was here. He was important, that stranger. Her brain refused to fill that space. She sunk back into darkness.

From @anushreekejriwa: With capabilities came expectations and dreams that she wanted to fulfill. They became an integral part of her journey; all her goals were associated with them. They weren't fulfilled and left an empty space. The space left her numb and hopeless. She is now trying to fill the vacuum with efforts but without expectations.

From @nimue_:

"He stared at the open space. Standing on the edge of the world"
"what edge", the actor asked ?
The director , though irritated by the interruption ,
paused and explained that the world in his movie was a square block.
The actor listened intently, staring into the blank space, probably
imagining jumping off the world.

From @sumanthAB: It's filled by a million stars. In our heads there’re always a hundred wars. None of these thoughts are at ease. A little sanity to please the keeper of the keys. Chaos lashes free and when all sense of time is lost, a moment’s space is what you need the most.

From Arun Kumar PR: Space decided to end this project. She had started with an uncluttered design with lots of open space. Everything went awry in the last couple of million years. And that virulent infestation on one of the planets where objects had proliferated so fast, there was no space left! She pushed the button and...

From @NeatBee: Your telephonic voice, your electronic words. Racing heartbeat on the beep of my phone. Computer-light dinner date, five-digit phone bill. Waiting for the hour when it'll be your day. Your sincere promise, my undying faith. Counting on a satellite to let love relay. Space and time between us is a dream realized by these machines.

From @_PWN: Love is wonderful. Togetherness is bliss. Two people being one person, is not. Love is not a cage. Let it make you grow as a person, not reduce you to someone’s shadow. Commitment is not obligation. Let it not overpower the love you have for each other, and let it not overpower YOU.

From @highheelswaali: The first time she had tried it, had been the night which changed her life. Sometimes, she got away with it. That’s why she never stopped trying. And that is how she found out that her husband had died. When trying to hold his cold hand across that 6 inches of space on the bed.

From @whimsytales: Another city, another house. A busy life, and no spouse. Twenty eight, Cancerian, single and alone. No one to share those drawers with, no one to talk to on the phone. Why did she even bought a house this huge? Too much space, just empty space and a double bed of no use.

From @bombaychor: "She had tears in her eyes. I wasn't sure if those tears meant happiness or disdain, for there was a void. She was a tough mother for a child born with closely webbed feet. A child who couldn't walk. I was her first true hope, the best Doctor to space those toes in perfect harmony."

From @crazyhumankid: Trip to space. Luggage was minimal…a little pouch. On reaching the moon it was a mind boggling sight...Craters, rocks...stars around. Clutching the pouch tight…opened it slightly allowing the ash to drop …Tears streaming down their eyes for a promise fulfilled…their only son who wanted to play with the moon had got his last wish.

From @salonitia: The Laughing Buddha sent her down the memory lane,it was the gift received by him when they had shifted to the new office. This gesture had irked her so much ,at that given time. He was no longer in her life,what suffocated her once,now left a vast space in her heart.

From @jaateri: She grew up as an unwanted child in a highly conservative family. She wasn't allowed to stay out till late. No dancing. No movies. Her career wasn't her decision. She wasn't allowed to choose who she would marry. Her life wasn't hers. She sat down to write her story - "IMPOSSIBLE." Yes, the space was missing.

From @choteydilwallah: Come, sit with me for a minute. We don't talk these days. It seems space between us has been filled by our jobs and our children and our responsibilities. I miss you. What, you can't talk? You've work to do? Go then. I don't mind. The space is as is. Only if a little bigger.

From @priyankadharmsi: 11:38am: She checked her phone again and furiously kept it back. Half in sleep, half in anticipation, she had seen 8:24am on the watch ages back. She raged with more frustration. It was the third consecutive morning and one of the many such mornings from the past. Perhaps, she was getting used to this space

From @subs25: The ‘alters’ needed to move away from each other. Man wanted it that way because they could only be controlled from a distance. He rendered that they stayed as far as possible and hardly reached out to each other; cruel but convenient. Thus, the longest ‘space’ bar key on the electronic devices came to existence.

From @IncompleteWaste :- He replied: Here, take all the space you want. He hadn't seen her, touched her, kissed her for weeks. He'd made plans before but she was 'busy'. He was aware that she was out of his league. He'd call her everyday. He longed to hear those three words. He received a text: I need space!

From @ishu_m: He recollected his boss’ words - “New recruit. Absolutely brilliant scientist. Says she wants to spend time at NASA doing some research. Show her the ropes, will you?”

“Hey, gorgeous”, he flirted unabashedly. “Did it hurt when you fell out from the heavens?”

The beautiful alien in disguise simply grinned at the irony.

From @lucifer_sam666: Gasping, he placed his palms on his knees panting; a tingling numb-sensation crept in through his palms slowly to his stomach before reaching his brain. Stiff. His pupils dilated, he could see death, his heart was pounding, his mind going ballistic pleading his weeping lungs for one more breath, he begged 'Please!! Movee!! I'm Claustrophobic'.

From @idealnutcase: John was dying of a heart attack. This had happened for the first time in twenty years since retirement. The mornings went in a systematic fashion- wake, clean up, read the paper alongwith a steaming mug of coffee and solve the crossword. The one stubborn space in the crossword puzzle had cost him dear!

From @YathirajMV1: They were in ‘I-love-you’ mode for 3 years. The day did not pass without each other being in ‘touch’. Touch in the real sense. Touch each other’s legs using their toes! Marriage. Calls started- where are you now? Now each screams at the other, I want my space too – It’s my life!

From @swaravali: Rahul attributed his poor performance to not having a room to himself to study. Harsh was happy that though he shared a room with 6 siblings, a sick grandma, his performance remained exceptional. Rohan laughed off his failure although he had the whole house to himself. Rahul realized that space is all in the mind.

From @sarwarbaig: When mankind started to explore space , it did so by sending up satellites. One after another , it became a competition of sorts. Many of these satellites outlived their usefulness and turned into junk , man's trash floating through the vast emptiness. And then , something slipped in that nobody noticed amidst the clutter. It took notes.

From @dipakmah: Space Means Path Of Life. Busy, empty, Turning, Bumpy, Green & Red Light. All Came & All Gone, Path Remains Constant. We Make Big Space By Judging People With Pocket Space. So They Stay In Outer Space(Slums) & And We Call Them Aliens(Poors).

From @bpmenon: "The tiny space in the drawer had protected my childhood achievement for twenty years. My father had put it there. And I did not know. It was a speech that I, then eight years old, had delivered at school and won the prize for. And I had moved on from there. But he remains proud."

From Zayn Alam: It's probably only at 80 miles above the earth's surface, that everything seems so infinite and boundless. It gives you the feeling that even after death, the flame of life continues to burn eternally. And with that, this is Space Shuttle Columbia signing off, and preparing for re-entry into the atmosphere.

From @sahilk: The only public spaces where men, women and kids can move around freely are the corniches at the coastal cities. It’s a horrible experience during the summers but what else can we do? After a while, all of us have probably gotten sick of the malls. No multiplexes to even watch a god damn movie.

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  1. He was sitting on the metro bench when he heard an imperious voice saying: "Move over a little." He shifted as much as he could. The middle-aged man squeezed himself in heedless of the discomfort of the others. It would be futile to explain the concept of consideration to this man. Typical India. Sometimes, the mentality gap is not just a gap. It is as vast as Space.