Thursday, April 5, 2012

Theme 40 - Wish/Wishes

From @IyerAvin: There was a wish-fulfilling well in Bombay. Anu was a regular there. She’d often visit it, drop a coin, wait for that little splash and then make a wish. One fine day, she visited the well and then there was a loud splash. The well had fulfilled her last wish, this time without a coin.

From @Marwaari: She smiles at random people, only a few return the smile. She tries to stand on her own. Few help, others ignore. She tries to utter few words. Not everyone understands. She is an Angel for me, but few call her mentally retarded. Autism has no cure. My only wish, if I could find one.

From @gauravjagwani: She: Death-Bed. Her Family: Besides her. She hadn’t seen them in years. Quarrels drove her children apart. But, finally they were all together. She passed away. She left two notes. A bucket list that read ‘Make my wish come true.’ The other note she had wished for her family to be together… One last time.

From @roshd: I looked on proudly as my 11-year old son Rishon held aloft his best athlete under-12 trophy. Time for the father’s race. I was a good sprinter in school. Wanna win to make sonny proud. We race. Tough competition from fellow-dads. I’m ahead as we approach the tape. Stumble. Fall. Pride's hurt more than body.

From @NumbYaar: “A million dollars” he was instructed. No one knew from where, but he arranged it in no time. He would then fetch a house, a car, women and all objects of desire. He was exhausted now and just wanted to take a well deserved break. But there was nobody to answer a genie’s wish.

From @sahilbulla: The man reached for the tiny bottle. His weary eyes scanned the label on it. He opened the bottle, consumed the liquid, closed his eyes and waited for his dream to come true. His Wish to die was granted by another Vish. He lay dead next two venomous snakes who had just tried kissing.

From @wekneweachother: The teacher underlined the word ‘wish’ on the blackboard. Aaron was only 10 years old. He kept drumming the table with his fingers in excitement. He stammered. He’d ace this assignment. This is what he’d been waiting for. He couldn’t wait to leave the class to make brainstorming doodles with his invisible best friend, Harry.

From @sumitrai100: The ghat was crowded as usual. Evening chanting was going on. He kept staring the lavishing dresses and delicious sweets. Someone just knocked him and asked him to clear the stairs. He didn't mind. He was now used to it. He didn't have any grudge only one wistful desire, "If I too have a father".

From @IndianIdle: Riya worked 9 to 5 everyday came back home, ate and slept. Never had time to think, never had time to wish. Once she got a free moment in work. She looked around, suddenly the world seemed monotonous, life worthless. She wished for something interesting in life. Next day her life had background music *tada*.

From @jhanvidhawan: Her mother gave her the best gift ever. Her friends made it even more special. It could have been the best birthday ever… But she was sad. The first time in her life, her father did not wish her. She tried to sink in with the feeling of his loss. He was gone… Forever!

From @bitchwanti: Decked up in a red sari with a golden border, a diamond ring glinting off her dainty nose. The rubies shining like fire under the glare of the spot light. Her voice, a soothing melody. Sunita jerked guiltily, the necklace falling on the dresser with a clutter as the mistress walked in screaming 'thief'.

From @RBTrary: Little Yuvi came back from school, threw his bag away and books fell on the floor. Grumbling about the assignments, he expressed to Mom how much he wished to get rid of studies. Meanwhile, the servant was arranging the books; saw the pictures and thought how much he wished to read what’s written beneath them…

From @kaloladeep: Every morning his desire to climb from the bed was to achieve something, and in search of that everything he tried was just a try and not a fruitful result. The end of the day at bed was only things left in mind saying 'I Wish' I had approached to that in a different manner.

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: She pined and craved for him like he was the only man left in the world. She wished she could hold him through all of his hardships and just be there, maybe give him a hug when he needed one. Other times, just hold his hand. He just wished she’d stop bothering him.

From @OhTeri_: Raju was seven. Sandhya was nine. She was rich and beautiful. He worked in the mines. She wished she was free. Earn, and live on her own. He wished he had time, comfort and less work. Love. Marriage. Destiny took it's turn. An accident. He lost his leg. Now, she works instead. Wishes, already granted.

From @Realfartshady:

"Son, you are old enough now. This is your sword. Join the army!"

"But father I wish to follow my interest of cooking" said Marcus.

"Son, men work with swords, not blunt worn out knives."

Marcus respected his father’s encouragement, only to find out that swords are terribly absurd for chopping and dicing vegetables.

From @rinashah: He loved social media; his life was an open book. Never thought twice before tweeting anything that came his way which started becoming a bottleneck when he cribbed about his professional life and clients he worked with. He wished he had a social network for himself where he could freely crib about anything he wanted.

From @Freelosopher: A lone white feather floated down the terrace of the house overlooking River Thames; willing the wind to carry him to the peaceful river. Little Anne sat on the garden bench, frowning. The wind guided the feather into Anne's hand. She smiled, closed her eyes, made a wish and blew the feather towards the river.

From @Gods_Evangelos:The countries are attached but still unattached. That year 1947 still didn’t give us full Independence in real sense. The man had the guts to get us free from the bars of pitiful Life. But even today, after 67 years the hearts are despicable. Religion has still made us bound to fight. Aman Ki Aasha.

From @jun6lee: A wish for the poor and helpless had left me poor and helpless. Karma had played a rotten trick on me, I thought. It wasn't until years later that I came to realise that this very moment had provided me the gift that none else could. No ties. No responsibility. True freedom. That's my backstory.

From @MinolAjekar: She wishes she were tall, so she could strut the mall.She wishes she were hot, so over her boys fought. She wishes she were cool, so others she could fool. She wishes she were rich, so she could buy all things kitch. She now laughs and understands when Mum said, if wishes were horses.......

From @whimsytales: He wishes to don a school uniform. He wishes for a school bag too. He wishes to open a school someday. And to teach in it too. He wishes to have all those books. And to be able to read them too. He wishes to play with those rich kids. And to BE one of them too.

From @madrasmad:

Sean Connery is a salesman at a Home-Appliances store. MSD walks in.

“Tell me, Mahendra Shingh Dhobi, what do you wish to buy?”

“Well, of course, a washing machine that swishes.”

“Do you wish to wash coloured clothesh?”

“I wish a whitewash.”

“I wish you’d asked for a brush. Not a machine with shoap.”

From @anushreekejriwa: She wished for something and was always granted the opposite. She wished to be blessed with a prince who had lovely eyes but fell in love with a blind man. Wish of being in love was granted. She cursed her fate for his blindness and prayed for none of her wishes to come true.

From @panktimehta: He gave the new guy the mini-broom and told him his job would be tough, but hugely important. A single one brushed to the wrong corner could change the course of time, he warned. The new guy sighed inwardly. All the eyelashes looked the same, and he had only just begun learning to read.

From @pearly_swhites: Priya made another sterile attempt to move. 3 months since the accident, her body was devoid of feeling. Sometimes, she'd wish to be taken to another world, by Him. But an optimistic belief held her back. A belief that this darkness would fade. A hope for light. A wish that someday, it were morning again.

From @Violet_Droplet: She was in such a rush, that day. She had to find him. Tell him that she needs him. Through chaos as she swirled, she heard the sound of ticking clocks. She looked up at the stars. They shined for her. The lights guided her home. After all that trying, Chris Martin finally fixed her.

From @lady_shweta: Anita always wished for a white bridal gown wedding. "they need a junior artist for a French movie, interested ?" her friend asked. "yes"Anita answered "what's the role" . "A Christian bride" her friend answered. Anita's wish was partly fulfilled.

From @NeatBee: The skin which was like the pinkest sunset now reminded him of a grey cloud. The body he regarded as his temple was now skin and bones. He pulled the plug of the machine that helped her breathe the breath that once made his neck tingle. They call it euthanasia; he calls it her wish.

From @SugarsNSpice: Amidst the bundles of files that were lying on my desk, there was one small pile of papers that forever teased me. Nostalgia gripped me every time I remembered some broken dreams. Today after almost a decade I pulled it out to revive some spirits. “Wishes” was indeed the only dream, of a dying poet.

From @kunalbaidmehta: The phone beeped once again. Nirvaan rushed towards it. 'Hey dude! Happy Birthday. Have a blast. Cheers!'. Another birthday wish but not the one he was waiting for. Just one message from Ria is all he wished for. When together, they had dreamt and wished for many things. Divorce was surely not one of that.

From @oxymoronic_me: Mahaveer had been fasting for almost 6 months. His pre-conditions to break the fast were not easy. A chained, bald-headed princess in tears; offering him uncooked lentils. Waiting with one foot in the house and the other outside. Princess Chandana had everything but tears. The monk turned away. Wishing him back she shed those tears.

From @akshayabansal: The brothers were 8 and 10. It was time for them to become men. They left their village for the city. The younger one worked at a tea stall, the older one swept floors. The hustle-bustle, lights, sounds encapsulated their minds, but they secretly wished they were home, running amok in the fields nearby.

From @JaaTeri:

Once I wished for adulthood. Now I wish for childhood. Once I wished for 'no school'. Now I wish for going back to school. Once I wished to die after a heart-break. Now I wish I wasn't silly back then.

And now I wish for followers.

If only wishes could be 'UNWISHED'.

From @kolkatabulldog: Opening the door she let her husband,an IIT professor in. He looked at her but there were no exchange of words. He freshened up and switched on the television. But his eyes were fixed on the portrait of his son next to it. He wished he had never pushed him to get into an IIT.

From @dinkypinkybrain: Blow on an eye lash. Wait for a shooting star. Buy red Wellington boots. Whisper a spontaneous prayer. Make a wish! It brings with it so much hope. Thrilling anticipation. Smiles and enthusiasm. Ah! Then why pine in pain for it to be fulfilled? Yes, I'll make a wish and learn to let it go.

From @sweetangel: They met again at a party in her honour. She was the star surrounded by people today. He finished his drink and looked at his fat and foolish wife who was gossiping with her friends. He could only wish that he had not rejected the dark complexioned girl a couple of years back.

From @kantaap: They say most dying people have only one wish - to get better. He now knew this was true. He looked out at the multitudes of people trapped in the daily humdrum of their mediocre lives and cocked his gun. In essence, they were all dying. We all are. It was time they got better.

From @BombayChor: Things were slowly getting back to normal. She was married and settling down into the role of an ideal housewife. Cleaning, dusting, cooking, stuff that she always hated was now her daily routine. She never complained. But she could never erase the thought of her best friend. Her wish to marry him posthumously was rejected.

From @drun007:

Adi rubbed the lamp. Out came the Genie and granted him only 1 wish.

"This is unfair ! Genie's normally grant three. I want three", Adi yelled.

"Rubbing a lamp may create magic", said Jaya kicking Adi out of his sleep. "There's no Genie in your damn crotch !!! "

From @captaintoon: "I wish to scale the new heights, spread my wings and touch the sky." It was a wish that would change his life, forever. They laughed. Seagulls are not meant to do that. Yet he hungered not for food but the air on his he became a misfit, an outcast soaring the sky.

From @sinpinklove: You and me , alone on the beach .You kiss every cell in my body. We discover each other with wild passion. I lose my shyness to the newly accepted erotic pleasure . I can taste the salty water on your body . I have reached my peak . How i wish it were'nt just a fantasy !

From @The_Lie_Lama:

He wanted to serve the country, join the army and make his village proud. His training culminates today!

He will now be assigned a sa'ab whose uniform, bike and car will be maintained by him ...... with pride. He'll be a batman to an officer.

His village is proud of him. His wish came true(?) !

From @ritukarthik: So often she had heard her friends talking about riding the wave of life. Of being in exotic places and new friends. She'd feel guilt everytime a bout of jealousy hit her, wishing she had a eventful time. And then over beers, her friend spoke about how she envied her peaceful not so hedonic life.

From @IncompleteWaste: They met at their favourite place. However, nothing seemed good about the place anymore. When she was done telling him the reason for their unplanned meet, it was time. Gently closing her eyes, she made her 11:11 wish. With moist eyes, he said, ''Do you have a spare wish? Please wish this is a dream''

From @dhoopchhanv: She hated the tick-tak, the only sound in the room. Watched the dark leaves dancing in the wind through her windows. All were doing their job, the clock, the wind, the leaves, the night. She let everything pass, her only wish, to meet him, the "why" and "how" of her life, that was beyond love.

From @floydianbrahman: Heera had been gone for a week now. It was urgent, he had said. Balwant had forged some documents and taken over their lands. The bells in Devi's temple broke her reverie as she reached the sacred well. His still eyes gazed upon the pretty face as the coin fell beside him in the abyss.

From @vivekisms: They overlooked the sale of the house together. It was after all their house. Togetherness demanded that. They wished their neighbours goodbye and most of them were left wondering as to why they were together at all.

From @parekhit: Anger deep within him boiled out, a rare sense of pride lit his face. He closed his eyes just once, to remember his family. He unlocked his machine gun, with unseen ferocity started shooting at the terrorists. Not once did he think "how i wish i could run away, how i wish..."

From @hollowmaniac: He was numb as a rock. Tough. A true man, she thought. Little did she know what lay beneath that hardened exterior. Every night she felt his warmth. But what he was she did not see. Stone cold, dead inside. And so she lived. A lie. But there he was, just like she wished for.

From @sapanv: His wife had given up on him. His kids wished he’d be a superhero, but not any more. Never again. Everyone said he was a sellout. “I should change”, he thought. And then, he received the script. “Dish karo, wish karo”, it read. He sighed, put on the happy mask, and went for the take.

From @iamdevb: An inspired touch. A loving hug. A long lasting kiss. These were warm fuzzy happy feelings of the past now. Feelings I thought once to be irreplaceable, but now I mocked. I didn't believe anymore. I just wish I could understand how my "perfect" woman had come to become the perfect stranger.

From @lucifer_sam666: ...I often wonder how would it be if you were here with me today, its never the same without you, I love you, you're my strength, Dad. Please take your medicines, Best wishes on your 75th Birthday. (Ps: Will visit you next week)

From @spud_31: "The house looked familiar. He wished himself luck. Taking out his spects, he asked the aged woman passing by if it were house 6B. Negative. She asked if he wanted 6D. Negative. He went closer to the house. And then it hit him. He turned and looked for her. She had vanished. It WAS 6D!"

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