Monday, October 1, 2012

Theme 158 - Conversations

From @whackydjavi: Don’t underestimate them at all. They can bring you things you’d never even dream of.Company on a lonely day or night. Realizing that you’re not the only one with those quirks.Some stranger who turns out to be your best friend for life.Keep having them day and night. These wonderful things called conversations.

From @agentgreenglass:

She wanted conversation. He wanted breakfast
She wanted to know how his day was. He wanted a whiskey.
She wanted to discuss the neighbours. He wanted the remote.
One night, she used the kitchen knife to chop his ears off.
He got a divorce.
She got him to listen to her all day.

From @flirtingshadows: Theirs was a romance built solely on words. Their chats resided in the virtual world. The frequency, with which they were retrieved, sometimes to prove a point, sometimes to relive the moment, made them resemble old worn-out photographs, tucked away in the corner of a wallet. Frayed at the edges, but still evoking a smile.

From @vivekisms: I could tell you everything. How my day was. How I felt. How I feel for you. How I think we should not let go. I could tell you all of it. Everything and more. But you are long gone. I have no one to converse with.

From @swordfish19:

“What language do computers understand?”
“At the lowest level they understand only 1s and 0s. But at a higher level you can make them understand various languages so long as you can convert them to 1s and 0s”
“So, basically they understand only 1s and 0s”
“1000010 1011001 1000101”

From @wannabesanyasin: An absurd silence prevailed for almost a week. D reminisced… S was nervous. She was biting her nails. After all, it was her very first semester exam. While D waited for her at the gate to enter the exam hall, S nervously looked at D. D’s assuring eyes told her it’ll be alright. S smiled.

From @brownicetea: Not an introvert, neither dumb. She prefers not to speak. Thoughts are way too many and complex to express. How much you feel and so less you can tell about it. She met him and her heart felt that something. She could never express what she felt and he could not feel and just left.

From @iyer_raman: She was clearing her inbox when her whatsapp flashed. It was her friend in the UK. She pours her heart out. She is happy.  She wants to tell everyone to get off their phones and dance, when her phone flashed again. “Has anyone got a charger?”  She asked. Her album “House Party!” got 76 likes.

From @roshd: She was mad at him and avoided all his attempts at making conversation. Giving up, he channel-surfed till he came across an episode of “Two and a half men”. The next 20minutes she watched him laughing without a care in the world. He always enjoyed a good laugh. Too bad she did not.

From @numbyaar: “I’m surprised what couples talk about”, he said. “That’s one thing that has always surprise me.” she replied as they went on discussing their lovebird friends. Little did they realise that they had already been 1 hour into their first phone conversation.

From @aaroo4: They sat there, silently staring at each other. She looked at him, but stood ground. He lifted his head, took a glance at her and turned away. And then there was this couple on the bench nearby who kept looking at each other in exasperation.  “Goo goo.”…” ga ga.”. Oh, wow…there began the cute conversations..

From @aalizznat:

A mug of coffee. Hers a latte, his a cappuccino.
She takes a sip and passes him a nervous smile. He starts looking at the pattern on the floor and the ceiling.
she finishes her coffee looks at him and his untouched mug, picks up her bag and leaves.
Conversation over coffee? He orders another one.

From @tweettabulous:

Her voice was as beautiful as a singing bird.  He could listen to her chatter all his life.
The king got to know of this fascination. She was a chambermaid. King issued an order for her tongue to be chopped. Problem solved he thought.

Foolish him, didn't realize that eyes have better conversations…

From @nishantways:

“Hello. Ya, I reached. In a lift now..hello.. cut”.
“Ya. Family-to-be”.
“I actually thought so.”
“She gets tensed when I don’t call her during my trips”.
“She loves you a lot”.
“Yesterday, she declared that she loves me more than I love her”.
“Haha. Reached my floor, I think. See ya.”
“Bye, man”.

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