Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Theme 163 - Anticipation

From @mitchellez: I brood over the remains of our love. The shadows of our past never abandoned me. Through bitter tears I smile at the memories of our togetherness. Despite the ache that consumes my soul, I’m surprisingly sanguine. My body is losing its strength and I wish death would consume me sooner. Our souls shall unite.

From @swordfish19: The fishmonger came and sat in her usual place.  The alley cats, as if guided by intuition, started coming out of their hiding places. They surrounded the fat woman and her basket, but kept a safe distance. They waited, with gleaming eyes. She flung a few prawns on the muddy ground. A scramble ensued.

From @divigyaan: A paper bag he tried to hide, I was no fool not to GUESS it right. The ‘GUESS’ logo made me realize it was the watch, I wished for life. When the time arrived, I still acted surprised. Anticipations took a back; it was a different brand in a different bag.

From @zoarcher: The decided meeting point is the new hip and happening joint on the block. The guy is someone your mother, mother’s mother, aunt, cousin, matchmaker, neighbour are going ga-ga over. You spend one, maybe two hours, more than usual dressing up. You adjust your pose till it feels picture perfect. And then, he walks in.

From @tweettabulous:

We meet. We click. We love. We fight. We reconcile. We adore. We quarrel again. We hate. We separate. We move on. We meet someone new, the heart beats a little faster and things seem beautiful. Until it happens again.

Nevertheless, the mind doesn’t succumb to disappointments, believes true love will find me one day.

From @DNRamki: "I stood in line staring at the blue door, fidgeting at the prospect of being next. Beyond that blue door sat the examiner. His expressions as nonchalant as the door itself. He glanced as I entered and asked “Your number?” “42” I said. He flipped a page and cleared his throat. The viva had begun."
From @whackydjavi:

I tend to get bored very quickly. Lose interest in things too soon.

Looking forward to something new is a way of life.

But with her I’ve been talking for so long. So many messages exchanged every day. 

How is it that I still look forward to every new message, with the same eager anticipation?

From @roshd:

“Boss, need your approval to book this deal I’ve closed.”
“ I cannot approve it. Margins are too low.”
“ The customer has promised to give us the next project which is bigger and more profitable too.”
“Sorry. In anticipation of a future profit I cannot make a loss today.”
An important lesson in Sales was learnt.

From @aaroo4:

" If you could describe your life in one word, what would it be? Asked the HR manager..
"Anticipation" replied Tanav in a flash. Puzzled, the manger asked "why so?" "Simple, I am constantly waiting for something or the other, even now am wondering if I am going to land this job or not" Tanav replied.

From @iyer_raman:

The cameras show the captain running up to him and give an encouraging pat.
“Bhenchod, theek se daal, teri “G” mardoonga varna” he whispers, and runs back.
The bowler kisses the deity on his gold chain. One more. And he will never have to bowl again.
He cannot wait to get the no-ball right.
From @Pscripturient: She is a cancer patient who does not enjoy sympathy. She laughs inside her balding head about the hope people greet and sign off with. This slow waiting period is her worst enemy. She fights against these thinning seconds every day, begging the clock to let her eventually go. She is in anticipation of death.

From @randomwhiz: She was going to meet him in a month’s time. The best institute in town had started a specialization course of her choice. She had 20 days of vacation, a college festival, and a national conference coming up. She was going to turn 20. 10 new novels,3 new paintings waited. Anticipation, all around.

From @Crucifire:

He couldn't stand the feeling of them being around.
He hated them with all his heart and head.
He wanted them to die, every single one of them.

He was always on guard. His arsenal included hand washes, sanitizers, antibacterial soaps and detergents.

Mysophobes live in constant Antisep-ation.

From @vivekisms: The wait. The longing. The way he looked out of the window. He knew she would not return. And yet  he waited. Looking out of the window. Every single day.

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