Friday, October 19, 2012

Theme 171 - White

From @evansrebello: A smile looks better, a bride looks great. Hard candy, jail bait, purity’s my asking rate.  Tied to a table. Eyes hurt and It’s bright. My sister says “you’re not screwed on right.” I saw was a flash before she cut my throat. There was a light in the distance, but it was not white.

From @anushreekejriwa: She was sanguine by nature and could only see the world in white. God had different plans for her. She was suffering from blood cancer, deficiency of white blood cells. When asked she said "I lived and will leave in white".

From @RBtrary:

With his appointment-letter and a box-of-sweets, he ran towards his house. His poor father’s assiduous efforts and sacrifices and his own hard-work had paid-off. He got the government-job he had toiled so-hard for. He entered his house; saw his father laying there draped in a white cloth.

Life, as they say, is a great leveler!

From @swordfish19: Dawn. The old man came out of his hut, holding a pail. A rooster crowed somewhere. He went to the cattle shed and hunched near the cow. He held her udders and started exerting a slow pressure. However, nothing came out. A kilometre away, the local scoundrel Tukya was walking with a thick milk moustache.

From @riddhiaswani:

The stain spread in a perfect circle, slowly widening its circumference to cover more and more of the pristine cloth. I stood tranfixed, horrified by the sight, my precious white destroyed by a spot of ink. I shouted in frustration.
'Don't worry, surf excel hai na,' he said, before running away from my murderous scream.

From @iyer_raman:  She stood in the corner. Her eyes stared at the floor. “Did she do it on purpose?”  “Had she let him down?” He wondered. By then the enemy’s henchman arrived on a camel, to seal his fate.
 As he was being chained, he watched his queen blow a kiss. To the now victorious Black King.

From @ArmchairPsycho: He had to be perfect. So she ate lots of vegetables. Did her 60 minutes of power yoga with the instructor every day. She talked to her protruding belly all the time, about Faust, colours, LSD, hypotenuses… Then the day came. And he wailed. She tearfully looked into his eyes. Not a speck of colour.

From @VidulaChakradeo: Life is so colorful, bright, beautiful. Azure blue skies, lush green fields, vibgyor shaded flowers. Birds, butterflies, bees, dipped in God’s paint can; left to make this world multihued. Life lives such an Eastman color life. But ultimately, it has to surrender to the all-mighty white. Lie to rest under the white veil of death.

From @flirtingshadows: White was the calm, amidst the chaos. It was the bed, dusted each morning post a troubled insomniac’s slumber. It was the blank sheet of paper that drove daggers into a writer’s eyes. White was the bridal finery she had dreamt of all her life. White was the noise they fell asleep to each night.

From @deescjockey: Didi always frowned upon my fascination for white. I wanted this lovely white sari to wear at her wedding but no, one HAD to wear bright colours. White was the colour of my adolescent dreams of romance; to her, the colour of mourning. How ironic that she is the reason I am wearing white today.

From @roshd:

Wife: Why’d she smile at you like that?
Me: Well, she’s an ex-flame and I think she approves of my choice!
Wife: Liar. Why haven’t you told me about her before?
Me: She’s irrelevant now. Unless, of course you want me to introduce her to you now.
Wife: Shut-up!
I avoid telling lies. Even white lies.

From @slokabs:
Carla smiled to herself as she flipped the pages of the heavy metal-back wedding album for the umpteenth time. She couldn’t help admiring her trousseau each time she looked at it.

In the adjoining flat, Tara stared longingly at her husband’s garlanded photograph on the wall, before clearing her wardrobe of all her colourful clothes.

From @aaroo4: "Now Tom has given up and is looking for a flag to wave"."Why?" Asked Jim. "As a way of telling Jerry- peace, I give up, don't hurt me anymore" explained Sara. "What colour is it mom?"he asked. "White, like the clouds"she said in a whisper. "I wish I could see" sighed Jim.

From @ghose_1988: Never in her wildest dream had Lisa imagined that this day would come.  It was great to design her own white wedding gown. This gown had to be a special one after all, Lisa was a dwarf. She was the fiancée of Lt. Daniel Taylor. It was a joining of two hearts in true love.

From @absoluteme: A huge bungalow with a garden, a kitchen garden, 3 terraces and a balcony Rows of Chauffeur driven Ambassador and Tata cars Peons and Servants in neat uniforms at his disposal His was a perfect white collar job... Only the money that paid for his daughter's American University and son's limited edition guitar wasn't.

From @Crucifire:

He drew the devil horns sign.
He wrote a rhyming poem.
He sketched a stick figure and made it run through the breadth of the page.
He wrote apologies.
He wrote the names of his closest friends.
He inserted 'Fuck you's' and filled up the page.

White paper covering an entire wall – his dream!
From @zoarcher: She is the pristine, mesmerising, untouched virgin. Shy compared to her colourful cousins. Her elegance walks with subtle pride. She only has to raise her head high and all conflicts die. She is the romantic spot on the dusky sky. Still a small blemish is all it takes to shame white. 

From @divigyaan: I gaze at the sky sometimes on the floor. I wonder where it lies, can't find it inside the four walls. I wish i knew were all the white lies, in deterent ads or in sharukh's bungalow. In an around me or up above were each one has to go.

From @MinolAjekar:

Snow White, angels are white, white knight syndrome, mother’s milk, wanted fair and beautiful bride, white light, pure and white, beautiful as fresh snow, face bleach, hair bleach, under-arm bleach and the very sexy vagina fairness cream.

White colonial hangover or inferiority complexes, forever perplexing shall be this white beauty concept.

From @aaliznat:

Fade in. interior
Pan right. Stop. Zoom in. Hold. Zoom out. Hold.
Cut to exterior
Extreme long shot.
Cut to interior.
Zoom in subject.
Cut to extreme long shot exterior.
Cut to interior. Subject raises head and looks into camera.
Dialog: Wondering where I am going with this? Yes. Me too.
Fade to white.

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