Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Theme 169 - Dust

From @swordfish19:

“Dig harder, we are almost there”

Then they hit something hard. It was the coffin. With difficulty they opened it.  Inside, were the remains of the corpse. Where the finger was, something glittered, even in the darkness of the cemetery.

“Yes! There’s the ring, pick it up, let’s go before the watchman comes…”

“Ha ha!”

From @writingchalk:

One hour. Just to shift a boulder from the world’s oldest cave’s entrance. It held the world’s most delicate jewel.

He crossed the booby trap-filled labyrinth.

Finally! He spotted the jewel. He picked it up very gingerly.



Sadly, he made his way back. His allergy had just cost him a fortune.

From @CynicalRuchi: It was all irresistible lust, darkness was evincing the must. Warmth was the need at the first, but her pain was probing with bodily thirst. Her need was filling the bust, with affection quenching the skin crust. Satisfaction stirring at midst. BOOM..... arrived the strong current of Gust, which left her with Dust just Dust.

From @RBtrary:

He coughed while taking out the wedding-album from the top-most-shelf... Covered with dust, plastic shredding out... With trembling hands, he turned the pages and saw his wife’s reflection, overlooking his shoulder.

Time had wrinkled their faces and weakened their joints but the relationship was dusted and polished each day… Free from dust, savored over years…

From @tweettabulous:

He walked into my mundane life like a beacon of hope. Things seemed rosy again. I smiled more often. My eyes sparkled. He wove magic and warmth with his words and presence. My perfect soul mate.

As fate would have it, he left and I’m listening to, “Why do all good things come to an end…”

From @kunalbaidmehta: It was brought home with great fanfare. The entire neighbourhood came to congratulate us. Soon, it became an integral part of our lives, with all events happening around it.  It was witness to our joy and sorrow over the years. Today, the black and white TV is gathering dust with no-one willing to buy it.

From @minolajekar:

“No no, it is still lodged in my eye”.

So I puffed gently into her eyes again, gently but not purposefully wanting that particle to be lost in her cappuccino colored eyes.

“ Looks like you got it”. And the perfect segue-way to our first kiss.
Innocent particle of dust playing the best wing-man ever.

From @zoarcher: On a beautiful Sunday morning, Seema plonked herself on the park bench to read. Hours passed by, unhurried. When she got up to leave, she heard a tease. A few steps later, the laughs increased. She rushed home worried, only to find that she had forgotten to dust off the fabric on her dimpled cheek.

From @Crucifire:

Stereotypes. Conditioning. Experiences. Influences. Emotions. Preconceived notions. DNA.
Specks of dust on the lens of my perception towards life.
I cleaned out all of it but the glass was still dusty.
Swiped it with a cloth dabbed in humility, kindness and acceptance.

The final layer was gone – Ego.
The world was never more clearer.

From @absoluteme: He carried 2 sanitizers and neatly wrapped things in polybags. He frequently rubbed his forefinger and thumb to check for dust. He avoided carpets. He dreaded visitors. He vacuumed his office cabin twice a day - squeaky clean! He fell from the 14th floor trying to wipe his office window from outside. Death by dust!

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