Friday, October 26, 2012

Theme 173 - Misunderstood

From @Mitchellez:

He sealed her heart in the letter. It was scarred yet happy. It epitomized love. The throbbing was indistinguishable. It whispered. She began hating him.

She didn’t know, until the phone rang one cloudy Sunday morning, that was a parting gift. He was going to a place far and beyond. He wanted her to live.

From @swordfish19: He felt hapless. Slipping into a roadside diner he took a seat. His life was going to the dogs. His relationship was falling apart. Who was at fault? She? He? The waiter came for his order. Looking at the menu he thought, at least there’s no ambiguity here, what you see is what you get.

From @roshd:

She was dramatic even while ordering her soup at the restaurant. “It should be piping hot with no strong flavours overshadowing it’s inherent taste. Make it salt-free and without ajinomoto. Understand?”

The waiter replied, “OK Miss, understood”

I'll just bring you a bowl of boiling water, he muttered under his breath.

From @quratzafar: She always came and sat in the corner seat for a coffee. The same order, the same drink. He’d serve her and hope she’d notice that he was interested. She’ll smile at me and I will know. Smile she did. What a nice fellow this waiter is, she thought.

From @zoarcher: “Bwahhh…Bwahhh”. ‘Oh my angel’s hungry’, thought the two day old mother as she pacified her baby. Refusing the feed, the baby continued wailing. ‘Gas’, ‘Sleepy’, ‘Sick’, Neetu’s mental checklist started working overtime. “Bwahhhh…Bwahhhhhhh…bwahhhhhhhh…bwaaahhhhhh’’. A slight stink in the air. The new mom had yet to pick up the language that didn’t use words.

From @VidulaChakradeo: They sat chatting with each other. She did some hand gestures. He smiled, replied in gestures. She smiled shyly. And again some gestures. The conversation continued. Not one word was said. Yet so much was! Their eyes, smile, fingers did a great job. And surprisingly, those with voice and words fail to understand each other.   

From @divigyaan:

Reena:  trust me I didn’t do anything

Raj: I know you didn’t

Reena: I know you don’t mean it

Raj : I really know you didn’t do anything

Reena: I know it is hard for you

Raj: arre?

Reena: Fine, I will not bother you anymore

Raj: Good, I m misunderstood

From @ghose_1988: When I see small children play, it gives me sheer joy .I remember, when I was a small kid. I, was a colony prankster. I was often misunderstood, by my neighbours.. Those days were so confusing .It was difficult for me to obey my elders fully. Still I would love to be a kid again.

From @CruciFire:

Kind heart.
Calm demeanor.
Good intentions.
Inquisitive mind.
Forgiving attitude.

People who have some, or all of these, are the most misunderstood.


From @thenewbnb:

Mom surveyed the mess. “Who did this?”

I looked up from my book at my brother, who was pointing at me instead. His face had that look: innocence mixed with insolence. “What? He’s lying!” Mom gave me her reprimanding look, “Your brother is just a baby. Go to your room.”

“GLADLY! Because I’m not lying!”

From @JaaTeri:

"Vineeta ma'am doesn't have the keys," I was panting.

"Idiot, I told you to get it from Vineeta, the secretary, not the teacher," screamed the class teacher, "Why can't you follow simple instructions?"

"I wish you could give simple instructions!" I wanted to say. "Sorry ma'am. I misunderstood," I said looking at untied shoe laces.

From @tweettabulous:

We loved throwing dinner parties. It was nice to have people over. I matched the beer drinking, smoking up, cracking obscene jokes and mostly beat the men at poker too.After one such party when friends were leaving, he walked out with his bag. Me, perplexed.  
 “I can’t live with such a whore…”

From @slokabs: 25 years since they had vowed never to cross paths. Two best-friends-turned-sworn-enemies who couldn’t stand the sight of each other anymore stood face to face. The wives joined them. Suddenly, the glares turned to surprise and then to shock. Finally, Mukul blurted out, “So didn’t you marry Myra?” “I thought you loved her”, Manan retorted.

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