Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Theme 159 - Passion

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: He came and came again. It was like a chore now. Day in and day out, the rigor gone, but the hunger still alive. She lay there still. Machine-like. Robotic. Only if she had expressed how she’d always felt, she’d have been making love to someone else today, not merely having sex with this man.

From @ArmchairPsycho:

I could only hear the soft bristle of the knife against the toasted bread as the butter lazily spread on it. I couldn't hear her constant rattle, the screaming cooker or my phone's beep.

"Joji, you will never get rid of me!" she yelled, crazy eyes pinning me.

I laid the bread on my plate.

From @gowthamragav: There is a three word phrase in English which I hate the most for being over-used. Three words of career advise which thoroughly misinform thousands of members of Generation Y and changing them to a Generation of Why Bother. ‘Follow Your Passion’. I hate it.

From @vivekisms: They yearned for it. To bring it back in their lives. To everyone, they seemed picture perfect. Nothing was wrong. Only they knew the cracks. The distances that even poppers or any other kind of experiment couldn't reignite. They were dead. Within.

From @naeempachapure:

He locked it away. The will to read, to write. To hear , to mean. To feel, to see.
Left with the still and the silent.
Breathes.  Soaks in every smile. Tear. Sun and rain. Devours and hungers. Relentless and Profound.
What saved him? Brought him back?
The word in your head.

From @kunalbaidmehta: For ten years, she went to the beach every day. She felt the waves talk to her and come close to her, sometimes touching and caressing her body and sometimes teasing and going away. This was pure passion. She stopped going to the beach, the day she realized that these waves will always go back.

From @iyer_raman: The violinist always set his violin to tune with the first rays of the sun. During his wait for the crack of dawn one day, he began polishing his bow with bee’s wax.
The moment he was done, the first rays of the sun emerged. Meteorologists were baffled by a 45 minute delay in sunrise.

From @maruwahna:

“...Try writing an algorithm for this.“madam said .

I didn‘t know the specifics,but I knew I had the bent of mind. Worked my way through the jungle and understood C on my own.

Four years later .“ Why does that recursive function have an extra paranthesis?“, I ask ,confidently

Engineering 101

From @The_Buffmaster: She stretched her delicate bare arms on her sides. Her crimson red curls fell over her perfectly rounded shoulders. Satin beneath her slender legs creased, as she spread them away. Completely exposing her firm bosom, she laid on her bed, waiting for him, to take her to an intoxicating journey which she’d always dreamt of.

From @salonitia:

"Come ! Hold my hand " she said .

They held hands and steadying their feet on the rope bridge ,tried crossing it .Eyeing the crocodile below them ,she pushed her friend in water.

Her eyes gleamed seeing the red colour ,full of passion ,bloody red !!

Now to get another scapegoat to fulfil her thirst for passion.

From @alksmehta: Everyday Varun and Meera met in the nearby library. In the stillness and serenity of the library their eyes met. In the midst of words all around what was brewing between them was a series of unspoken words.Each day their emotions of love and passion for books grew bringing them together forever!!

From @nefritri: The cellar filled with cheese was her secret heaven; the aroma of gravies took her into another world. The alluring batter of flour, butter, chocolate made love to her. She used to just wash pots &pans at the hotel. But then what is a life without passion &, her passion was to be a chef.

From @agentgreenglass: She stood in the trial room. The tag on the dress said extra small. She pulled out the box from her bag. Eight brownies stared back at her. Next morning, the shop girl found a dress smeared with dark chocolate lying in a heap. And she remembered the XXL girl who left empty handed.

From @CruciFire:

She made him bend over the sink and playfully hit him with the ketchup bottle.

He moaned. She hit him with sachets.

She made him wear the cooker gasket as a crown.

She made him carry her to the bedroom, tied his arms and made love.

'Passion of the Christ' was their favorite role play!

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