Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Theme 175 - Heat

From @swordfish19: Seemingly, he was going round in circles, with no sign of the city of Aboudjan. He didn’t mind the cold of the desert night. But the day-time heat was another thing. Not only did it rankle and cause thirst, but it also created mirages of oases. Like the one he was sitting in right now.

From @flirtingshadows: She believed that feeding someone hot food was the best expression of love there was in this world. There was that old-school romance about staying up night after night to heat and reheat food for the husband. The said husband would come home, take a peek at the dishes in the microwave and smile luxuriantly.

From @NumbYaar: Rakesh toiled in the burning sun for months together. He cursed the sun as he was saving a good amount to join his cousin in Denmark. Once he started working in the snow there, he started to miss the warmth.

From @deescjockey: The madness and cacophony of a big fat wedding was behind them as they shut the doors on their first night alone. It wasn't their first time; someone had warned that consummating their love before marriage would subdue the passion. As their lips touched now, they both knew that wasn't the case.

From @shakWrites: Her little fingers slowly made their way into her mother’s shut fist. The intense cold was bearing down upon the two mercilessly as the great city, oblivious of their existence, flew by in warmer cocoons. The mother’s miseries were over though. The heat of her shut fist was her parting gift for her sleepy daughter.

From @MinolAjekar:

She half-lay on the sofa panting, her legs still throbbing from the exercise earlier, sweat trickling down every inch of her skin, the fan offering no reprieve from the insane humidity.

Her skirt lay crumpled on the floor, spontaneity in the middle of the afternoon was good, but Cosmopolitan did not account for Mumbai’s weather.

From @slokabs: He puffed and panted, sprinting hard. His blood-stained hands shivered. His feet stumbled. He reached the huge brass gate, only to find it locked. The cops were closing in. Instinctively, he crouched under a thicket and didn’t dare breathe. In the snowy evening, something within him burnt and beads of sweat erupted on his face.

From @vagabondinact: He listened, gravity acting on his lower jaw. Eventually, his body swayed. He was absorbing the fervorous  milieu  around him from each pore of his body, working himself into a self burning frenzy, which heated with each passing moment. He was levitating, into nothingness. Dazed, he walked back from the rock concert, a man renewed.

From @aaroo4: “It’s been raining all day & am cooped up here, I hate this, but I love the rains” whined Razia. “Hmmm, imagine biting into hot spicy Milagai [chili] bhajjis and sipping on masala chai?” replied Gia. “I want…wait, someone’s at the…Youuuuu…” squealed Razia at her friend who stood there grinning holding a plate & a flask.

From @CruciFire:

I tattooed her topless body with chocolate, extending all the way to her navel and down. My wet pink traveler started his journey from the cave between the legs, moved north to the pool at her waist, dried it before encircling her soft breasts ending his conquest at the top of her nipple.

Hot enough?

From @tweettabulous:

We were discussing Amrit’s birthday plans. It was his 10th, had to be more special.A loud noise, I turn out and notice Amrit standing next to the broken vase. Furious I slapped him, “You shouldn’t eavesdrop!!!”Sobbing he muttered, "I hate you."How emotions transform in the heat of the moment…

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