Friday, October 12, 2012

Theme 166 - Power

From @deepkalola: He worked out when the time was not good for both, the execution of force he put in the moment was the best he can do for their relation, it was her chance to move a bit, but her displacement was zero and thus their relationship died because of no power left.

From @roshd: He wielded all the power. She was at best subservient. You could tell he depended on her completely. Inspite of his great need she lavished him with more love and affection. He was very demanding. Almost intolerant. She didn’t even notice. That’s the beauty of the mother-baby bond. Is it OK to be jealous?

From @vidulachakradeo: He called out for her loudly “Have you got Tiffin?” With earphones plugged in, she didn’t hear.Again came the question “Got food today?”No answer.This time, he went “choo choo choo choo.”Quickly she turned, asked him “What were you whispering?”Hail to woman’s ear power. Anything that’s a whisper always reaches her.

From @divigyaan: In those 5 days of the month, 9 months of her lifetime and 50 years till her death she didn't care less. She lived, she suffered and she worked. Excuses never met her day; life started and ended not the way she prayed. They called her powerless for whom she waited for 270 days.

From @writingchalk:

The attack was fierce. Laser beams fired continuously at the walls of the palace. Asteroid-like boulders were thrown from the sky by evil flying creatures.

Eternia was falling apart. Seasoned warrior Man-at-Arms said, “It’s time to call upon He Man, Prince Adam! Grayskull needs protection!”

That’s when he held aloft his Magic Sword and said...

From @swordfish19: Talks of the uninhabited red house in Khotachiwadi being haunted were rife. Eerie screams pierced the still of the night. Sometimes, all the rooms of the house would be fully lit through the shadows. Strangely, the electricity company had cut off the power to that house long back. Nevertheless, it was a highly charged atmosphere.

From @iyer_raman: The ant hadn’t intended to bite the huge piece of flesh he bumped into. He shuddered when the chunk quivered. It could crush him anytime now. “Let me go!” he prayed. But his prayers went unheard. Just like the cries of the piece of flesh. Which itself had been sold for 5000 bucks that night.

From @aaroo4: “What is the one thing common between Superman, Ironman & He-man?” Ritik asked his mom. “umm, they are all superheros, right?”. “Correct, but what is that one thing they all have? Tell me” urged Ritik. “I don’t know, they can fly, carry heavy things ?” Ritik shook his head vehemently. They are POWERful mom. D’oh!

From @RBtrary: “There was darkness all around and I could see his heavily-built figure moving towards me at a slow pace. I stood still, helpless as always. He started moving his fingers all over me and suddenly I was turned-on. Power was back and the darkness was gone.” -Memoirs of an MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) main switch

From @slokabs: Velvety-black extended as far as he could see from the tiny square window. Amidst tiny blobs here and there, he distinctly saw cotton clouds drifting around a blue-green ball that he identified as his planet. For a fleeting moment, he felt like God looking down from heaven! And then, without warning, the spacecraft exploded.

From @vagabondinact: The heated debate on the television, on another scam was cut short. ‘Another power cut’, he exclaimed aloud. His nine year old daughter asked, what is power, how is it measured. He wondered, if POWER is energy used, transferred and measured in JOULES per second or if POWER is authority measured in JHOALS per day.

From @DNRamki: On turning 16, Mendax needed something to fiddle with. The computer offered him that liberty. And so it began, records, transcriptions, intercepts, files and what not. Everything started to tumble, like a stack of dominoes.  In that room, an armchair revolutionary was born. In that room, Julian had just changed the equations of power forever.

From @Greyllusionist: She refused to budge. It was completely against her morals and principles. He knew that, but he treated his constituency like his empire. It had to happen. Next morning, she was recovered from the city’s most infamous brothel. Raped or no, never remained the rudimentary query anymore. He won again. She never came back home.

From @zoarcher: Ram and Raju live in the same world. But where Ram is used to power 24x7x365, Raju is untouched by it. Ram takes power for granted; Raju yearns for it. Ram has power at his command. Raju's life is powerless. For Ram, however, all hell breaks loose if there's even an hour of power cut.

From @agentgreenglass:

She was hot.
And the only passenger in his compartment.
Yet he felt strange, almost afraid.
It was the way she looked at him over her book.
His palms felt sweaty.
Then she got up
And he realised there was no refection in the mirror overhead.
She smiled.
And the lights went off.

From @CruciFire:

“I have always been buying power from Sorceress but due to ever-increasing tariffs I can’t afford it anymore.” – He-Man

“Five of Grayskull ‘s transformers burst last week. Is this how a power company is run?” - Teela

“Bhaiyon aur behno of Eternia, welcome to Reliance Power – cheap and best!” – Mukesh Ambani, with Skeletor.

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