Monday, October 15, 2012

Theme 168 - Home

From @swordfish19: He looked around and saw the bedroom, the kitchen and the living-room. He looked down and continued to read. He could hear his mother’s voice from the kitchen and the drone of the television. He felt at peace. But the others in the library couldn’t see all this. All they saw were the book shelves.

From @vivekisms: It is where you are. Done already, you say. It is ours. This place. Someone already told me that, you say. The cracks appeared sooner. Now it just remains. Walls and Floor.

From @iyer_raman: The papers were signed. The keys were handed over. He smiled. He could make a new beginning, he thought as he walked towards the elevator. While he waited, two men stripped the door he had just come out from off its name-plate. He watched his mother’s name land perfectly amidst banana peels and egg shells.

From @writingchalk:

“You don’t pay your mortgage, Stan, and it’s gone.”

This was it. One pitch. All or nothing.

Striking out was not an option. He would be on the streets.

Bat over the shoulder, he looked into the pitcher’s eyes.

It was a curveball.


Out of the stadium.

He sank to his knees in relief.

From @divigyaan: She fought and blamed him for being careless. He didn’t call nor did he check on her. She needed his care and support when shifting to a new abode. He kept listening to all she said only to send her a letter on behalf of her old home which said, “I KNOW YOU THE BEST”

From @kaloladeep: Weekday morning always remind him of work and constant pressure of reaching office in time. Later at office he thinks of reaching back home so that he can enjoy the pleasures what he left out for his office. A common men's desires starts and end at home.

From @ArmChairPsycho:

She was still on the swing; eyes closed, cheeks pink, leaning back with her hands loosely holding the rope. My eyes kept darting towards the gate, her mother would come any minute to grab her back.

"So what about it, mani? Ready for one long road trip with pappa?"

"And ice-cream also!"

From @roshd: He still wakes up sweating to nightmares of the orphanage he grew up in. That’s why he works so hard and compromises so much at a job he hates and a marriage so unexciting. Just so that his little boy can refer to this one room tenement as home. His son will never be homeless.

From @VidulaChakradeo: Pale blue lamps, thick fog, eerie night. Two headlights stop. Silhouette dressed in an English hat, long coat steps out in front of a mysterious English home. Classic scene from a mystery movie. Suddenly, an in-humanly laughter pierces the silence. A whisper rises. Someone has fainted in the theater. Hail Exorcist! Scariest movie till date.            

From @zoarcher: I am cursed when a beauty on vertiginous heels trips on my rugged terrain. I am mindlessly freckled with garbage for which people find no better place. I am recklessly dug up and never put back together as I’m meant to be. I am only loved by strays, for whom I am their home

From @CruciFire:

She tripped, on what she realized later was blood.  Her knees were scraped.  She tried getting up but glass shards ripped her palms apart.  A noose descended from above and pulled her into the darkness.

Broken dreams. Bleeding heart. Skeletons in the closet.

“Welcome to my *home* dear lover! My mind. My asylum.”

From @agentgreenglass: 

His mama had a favourite saying.
His mottled brain couldn't remember it.
He stared at the cold heart in the freezer
And flashes went off in his head
Her incessant cough.
The pain in his ears.
The pillow on her face.
The body in the garden.
And the heart...
Home is where the heart is.

From @DNRamki:

"He had been sitting in there for over two hours now. Surrounded by all those controls, he felt safe. He knew he was safe!

And then, he opened the door. It was a vision to behold. He smiled, waved and then he jumped. Felix Baumgartner was coming home. What a journey this had been!

From @anushapinto: She left with a packed bag and an open mind. To collect experiences that would help her find herself. In the south she explored food. In the northeast, witnessed different cultures. The north added a new dimension to her philosophy. In the west she got lost. She returned, assimilated, evaluated and found herself, at home.

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