Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Theme 174 - Wonder

From @swordfish19: Today, on Tiger Hill, it seemed as if their luck was going to change. A yellowish orange hue appeared in the east. The clouds cleared up, revealing the upper portion of the disc. A flood of sunlight burst forth and hit the snowy Kanchenjunga on the west. They looked on, speechless. Words were superfluous today.

From @shakwrites: She felt it with her fingertips. Even in the dark she could sense a smile taking birth on her lips. The raspy fabric, the familiar caress, the peppy pinch. She held it to her nose and it was like all the seasons had invaded her senses. Her blindness didn't stop her from loving the book.

From @flirtingshadows: As I stir my morning coffee, I wonder if you’ve woken up and reached out for your pills. I wonder if you grimace at the inconvenient and wasteful packaging. I wonder how many gulps of water it takes you to keep them down. I wonder if you’d still need them had we continued living together.

From @dasCapital_:

The poor kid wondered how it will be to be the man on bike.
One on bike wondered about the guy on bike with a girl on pillion.
That guy wondered about the one in car.
Fat guy in car wondered about the fit guy on that bike, with a girl behind.
Everybody dies wondering.

From @DNRamki:

“Push woman, push!” The doctor was almost screaming now, and was being relentless. Whereas she was in pain, severe pain.

She then almost passed out, hearing him say “Very good, excellent!”

A few seconds later a loud cry greeted her. She opened her eyes, and tears gently trickled down her smiling face. She was amazed.

From @divigyaan: Blue sky, green grass, multihued flowers, auburn soil, crystal clear water, all the beauty and the nature, the disaster and the savior the grief and joy the good and bad, the one we blame for all the pain and the one who created everything untamed. I am awestricken and simply wonder what is he named?

From @VidulaChakradeo: Its 2 pm. Her cell rings. “Hello, hello.” No answer. For the next six months, the phone rings at odd hours, irritating her. She’s scared. Could it be my ex? A new stalker? One day, while checking her cell, she realizes. It’s her phone calling her. The ‘self-call’ setting of her cell is on. Shit!

From @slokabs: Tony, the man, had ‘wowed’ majestic mountain ranges, vast seas and lush forests. He had “oohed and aahed’ sunrises and sunsets, spraying the sky with their myriad hues. He had  lingered and admired imposing archaeological structures - natural and man-made. But Tony, the father, reveled most in his little daughter’s lego creations and play-doh sculptures!

From @tweettabulous:

Streaming and watching movies together on Netflix. Reading same novels, bookmarking the same page. Picking up only, Cadbury for us.Taking strolls at similar times. Gazing at the beautiful sky on every full moon.

Things, we did to make the long distance relationship work…

I still look at the moon, wondering if you do too?

From @RBtrary:

Sitting on the footpath alongside the other beggars, 9-years-old Pappu saw a boy of his age. He was in nice clothes, riding pillion to a man of Muzammil’s age, the guy who gives him food and shelter in-lieu of coins.

Pappu kept wondering how much more coins this child must be giving for such luxury!

From @roshd: Exactly 12 years after her death, she walked into his office as a 24-year old trainee.She’d died at 24. A spitting image of her. What was Leah trying to tell him? Why would she want to rock his boat? He didn’t want trouble. He assigned the trainee, Riya, to another colleague. He had matured.

From @vagabondinact: Laughing till painful tears roll out; crying till hysterical laughter takes over; raging anger till a smirk of a revengeful thought sooths; calmness till frenzy strikes; hating till care seeps in; thoughtful till apathy grows roots-  All this and more, emotions encore and I wonder why the brain churns! Resting now, till ennui grows deep.

From @ghose_1988: It was Christmas Eve. There was a huge white box on the porch, about 8 feet tall and 1 foot wide. The children were waiting for Mom to open it. She was absolutely clueless about it. She opened the door to dump the garbage and Ouch! She tripped. “What is it?” She wondered, “A box”.

From @MinolAjekar:

The bubbles are wondrous, the balloons are wondrous, the clouds are wondrous, the jangle of bangles are wondrous, ice-cream is wondrous even the clapping of hands seem magical.

I look at the joie de vivre of a two-year old, and I wonder when did I lose the wonder for life?

From @zoarcher: Any man would give an arm and leg to live his life. Chiseled looks that could only be rivalled by Greek Gods. The Mida's touch that won him all corporate awards. The bachelor's tag that every beautiful lady yearned to remove. But whenever he smiled, it didn't reach his eyes. And he often wondered why.

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