Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Theme 165 - Loss

From @miffalicious:

It had been a normal day. A discarded cigarette, cheap coffee from the canteen. A slight drizzle. The constant barrage of emails on her blackberry. Her usual bright lipstick and dark shades. Everything was the same.
Except for the circle of flesh on her ring finger that was paler than the rest of her skin.

From @aaroo4: She sat there after burying the shoe box and covering it with sand. Her mother watched through the kitchen window, waiting for her to come running to her. She came in with tears flowing down her cheeks. “I know honey, am so sorry. But, King Arthur is with your grand daddy, up in heaven”

From @mitchellez: She didn’t mourn during the last rites. Numb with bereavement, she stood motionless. They lowered his body into the earth and with that they also buried her spirit. She hadn’t wept at all in days. They shook her, wailed, brought forth memories of him, but to no avail.  She had lost the will to feel.

From @swordfish19: The lion was about to sink its teeth into the deer, when the report of a gun disconcerted it. It let go off the deer and scampered into the thick foliage. The deer was just about to make good its escape when it was shot by the hunter. The lion’s loss was the hunter’s game.

From @writingchalk:

“You’re going to suffer...”

Some days, he didn’t want wake up from his sleep.

His bones ached. His head felt sore every day. It was tough to cope...

On the final day, he screamed... in jubilation.

The weighing scale did not lie. It was a hard-earned victory.

“...but you’re going to be happy about it.”

From @iyer_raman: “Let’s sort this on Monday” trickled down through the limited tiers of the boutique firm. But he couldn't leave yet. He was shuffling through his 800 friends, asking the ones who were once dear and now nearby, what their plans are for tonight. He had lost the art of meeting friends without taking an appointment.

From @divigyaan: Standing near the gate I never wished him to go. He waited for a while but said, “I have to go” I didn’t feel my loss until he actually entered the gate. I realized how careless I was until tears shed but now when he is not around, I know, he always cared.

From @tweettabulous: Smart mouth. Chatter box. Non-stop radio. Few of my nicknames. I’ve had the repute of a perpetual foot in the mouth, leaving me at awkward situations with friends, colleagues or even my boss.

I don’t mean harm but end up sounding obnoxious.

Enter him.  I’m overwhelmed. And always at a loss of words…

From @flirtingshadows: I want him to know that I miss him. That festivals at home feel incomplete. That our unfinished conversations haunt me at night. That each time I flounder; I ask myself, what would he have said. I feel let down. About my limited time with him, about him ignoring his health, about him leaving abruptly.

From @vivekisms: He thought he could live without her. She thought she would survive. The small memories haunted. The big losses. The side of the bed. The half-read book. The taste of the last meal. The words last spoken. The measure of losing someone you love.

From @DNRamki:

Carrom with grandma, cycle races with his sister, mom's fretting, dad's dinner time jokes. The cartoons on TV, the lazy mornings, the school assembly, the festival food, Mahabharata on Sundays, the pillow fights, the winter vacations, the.....

He woke up sweating, the fan above him had stopped. In this hostel, he was lost!

From @agentgreenglass:

“Can’t you just give it up?”

“But baby, it’s fun. And every man needs a vice.”

“Listen, I think your brothers have enough vices for the whole family.”

“Okay, this new year I’ll give it up.”

“As long as you don’t ruin us by then.”

“Ha! Draupadi, you’re my drama queen!

From @anushapinto:

“Last time your house wasn’t full of cane furniture.”
“Well, cane is awesome. Sustainable. Eco friendly.”
“What about the Ikea spree before that?”
“That time minimalism was in”
“For how long are you gonna succumb to fads?”
“Till I forget about the teak furniture the floods ruined. And everyone it engulfed.”
“Oh, I’m so sorry”

From @zoarcher: Cockroaches grilled on skewers. Frog legs. Ox penis. Snake soup. Live octopus. Turtles. Geese meat. Yeah I know there are many who savour these exotic delicacies and probably write paeans on them. They would probably even make a trip to feed their food eccentricity. For me, it would definitely cause a loss of appetite!

From @roshd: She thought of her first love.  He was goodlooking and funny.A very good kisser too. Yet he never wanted to go all the way. “Lets remain virgins till we marry”.They split-up because he found her too clingy.And the men after him were not a patch on him. She missed him. Terribly.

From @slokabs:

To someone, it may be just a few coins. To her, it was all she had.
To someone, it may be just a piece of metal. To her, it was a lucky charm.
To someone, it may be a paper scroll. To her, it was the only way of reaching him.
How would they know?

From @vagabondinact: The hushed tones around him surprised him. The sullen faces around left him amazed. He failed to understand the sympathy and pity being showered on him. He failed to understand the, ‘we are sorry for your loss’ remarks.  Why, he wondered, couldn't they see that the loss was cathartic, for it liberated him from expectations?

From @bitchwanti:

"HBD", she typed in hurriedly, wishing her friend a "happy birthday" on her facebook wall.
"Look at me, talk to me", he implored her as kept tapping away her phone.
Her laughter, her smiles were all for the device she held in her hands. She wouldn't feel the loss of human touch, not yet.

From @preetidhingra: She was madly in love with him. She was mad. And one day she walked away from him with the faith that he will follow, will get her back. He didn't. She kept walking. When he finally followed. She was far. He lost her. Forever.

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  1. They used to go for walks together. Followed by an italian dinner with margaritas. Listen to Floyd. Sometimes watch a movie. But he moved away one day. No notice. And apparently it wasn't a loss, because he was never hers