Monday, July 23, 2012

Theme 101 - Blue

From @aprils_daughter: It was written on her face. It was imprinted on her mind. Long gone were the days when she even remembered the gay days. She overheard a conversation saying she was blue at bay. "Blue" she thought to herself, "was always such a happy colour." Why do people then associate it with sadness?

From @AbhiandNow: He had seen all the shades of Blue and Blues, but the sky always fascinated him. He hid his dreams in  the stars and secrets in that bluish abyss. He sent messages to his beloved on the white clouds, and the black ones used to come back with the rains full of memories as replies.

From @shruti_says:

She made a gorgeous bride.
They said it was normal to be nervous. If only she could push her pride aside and tell them..
She wore a designer wedding gown, her grandmother’s silver tiara and her best friend’s watch. Hidden underneath was the bruise from last night.
"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue."

From @deescjockey: “A little lighter, and somewhat brighter,” she urged, as the hapless salesman pulled out another shade card for her to choose from. She tried to picture the walls of her room, the single window looking out into Mr Batra’s kitchen.“I want it to be the colour of the clear sky,” she tried to explain.

From @anjana_murali: He ran after it with such an enthusiasm that he left the others far behind. As he picked up the beautiful blue kite that he had just managed to defeat, he remembered his father’s proclamation of him being a good for nothing. No Pa, I am good at something, he thought with a smile.

From @Stupidiotica: The silence that now attacked their ears was the loudest they'd heard yet; past emotions and ordeals now lay neglected at the back of their minds as the three men simply stared at the glass, beyond which, against a deep, velvety black stained brightly, with distant suns, an orb turned slowly, glowing a welcome blue.

From @The_Buffmaster: It goes back to the time when school was a metaphor for playground, games were just building sandcastles, driving was just paddling tricycles and television was just watching cartoons. Blue those days just symbolized two phrases, “Blue, Blue God Bless You!” and “Blue Blue Chaddi Flew!” Today, the same old blue brings nothing but nostalgia.

From @karthikisthin:

The magnificent seven are nature’s pride. Always radiant when found, spreading joy is their calling. They spontaneously generate wealth too, even if only in a manner of speaking.

A picture of contentment, they are. Well, almost. The unwavering path 6 of them want will never be followed. The third brother will always have other plans.

From @sinpinklove: Miraya's eyes opened wide with surprise as she saw the room lit up with a hundred candles.As she entered , there was a shower of rose petals .Then when she saw him he was on his knees ."Will you marry me ?" ."Yes" and he slipped the saphire into her finger.
From @bitchwanti:
Light, cerulean, powder, prussian, royal, peacock, turquoise, so many shades of blue! "Don't wear blue, it doesn't look good on you", she said.

That evening at the prom, she saw her in his arms. "Oh that traitor!" she screamed with poison in her eyes. "I could commit blue murder right now!"

From @roshd: I watched her as she walked into the wedding hall with a classical plain blue saree draped classily around her body. It really flatterred her figure. My favourite colour and garment. I was almost ogling at her.It took my wife to bring me down to terra firma. Back to the blues.

From @menakasays: His wrist ached and his neck felt sore. His eyes were burning and his head ached. He stared at the pages he had written. His pen lay forgotten on the desk, leaking blue. Blue lines danced in front of his eyes. He took a deep breath and collected his thoughts. The book was complete.

From @absoluteme:

Blue were her brown eyes
So were the night skies
Blue were her dreams surreal
When reality hit, blue was her squeal
Blue was all she owned
Everything she ate, listened or donned
Oh! How she loved the hue
That she even dyed her dog blue

From @tanyachopra08: Their first date. In real. She felt all jittery in her new navy blue one piece.  It was time. So, how do I look?, she asked with  highest level of curiosity. Aaaah! Black suits you, he smiled. Sudden realization hit her. And with a heavy heart, she dealt with the fact he was colour blind.

From @nabilazaidi:

“Hey! You still call me that?”
“And you still respond to it?”

She giggled like the girl he knew fifteen years back.

“How are you?”
“Blue!”, she winked.
“Blue, you look! That is not what smoking does to your lips.”
“Guess, only you do.”

He laughed like the old charming devil she knew, as they walked out of her Electromagnetic Therapy.

From @shantusharma:

He easily climbed up that cliff at the shore. After reaching the top, he stared at the sky. Then he gazed down. No difference. Suddenly he realized he was still wearing the denim she’d gifted. He turned on his ipod and walked back.

 “Da ba dee da ba die… ”

He was not ready yet. 

From @anushreekejriwa: They loved each other a lot and the girl was fascinated by the colour red. She associated it with passion. The boy was an astute cricket fan and would follow the game religiously. He bled blue during matches while the girls face would turn pale because of blue.

From @minolajekar: The look on his face as she walked down the stairs would be worth her week’s wages on the dress. His favorite shade of blue which he said made her eyes look like the ocean on a good surf day.

Now the dress is soiled with blood and the skies will never be blue.

From @ChaaluChapaati: She looked at her dying grandfather - gasping, trembling, delirious from the morphine and lack of oxygen. She closed her eyes and turned them upwards in silent prayer. When she opened them, she saw that the sky was a beautiful, deep indigo - reflecting her mood, yet strangely hinting at a new dawn. One full of promise.

From @maruwahna: Seven year old Anisha was  running around ,her petite frame , bulletlike. Random safari suit uncles and Kanjeevaram aunties were discussing her elder sister‘s marriage .

Anisha‘s green eyes spotted a cookie for the guests . She snatched it and ran . Mother hit her . Anisha sat in a corner,those green eyes ,blue with tears.

From @jumidas1: I will ask papa to change my school. Teacher does not know anything. She told us that the sun is yellow, the moon is white! Papa has told me that both the sun and the moon are blue; my favourite colour, the colour of my blind but beautiful eyes. Papa's heart is also blue.

From @_Nehu: Raju, 5 year old was counting days because once in a blue moon his dad used to visit them. This time he would not let him go. His dad was speeding to meet family and ignoring the overweight goods placed on his truck. Splash!! His truck drowned in river. Raju – He is still waiting..!!

From @AlienatedWind: It was all red when you and I started this journey together. But something now is not right. You fight. I cry. You demand. I resist. Only blame. No forgiveness. Where are we headed? Why are we letting paranoia take over? This insecurity has turned all that was red, into something that is so blue.

From @kunalbaidmehta: 

It was the first art class of the six year olds. The teacher asked them to draw and colour a  river.
Everyone except Ameya coloured the river blue. He coloured it black.
When asked, he replied, " But madam, I've always seen the Yamuna as black and never  blue. My house is on the river bank".

From @vagabondinact: With such passion did she turned her sapphire eyes towards cerulean skies that, he, the navy clothed being, sheltered beyond the blue oblivion was forced, to seek her thoughts. Her heart reflected, as clear as the azure waters in his pristine pond. Oblivious to his probing presence, she sighed, her heart plummeting into darkness again.

From @BongBuffoon: I was depressed. The blues, they call it. As I struggled to rewind to a happier time, to clean the macabre black ink of bitterness, an empty feeling began to grow in the stomach. As I pondered the futility of my existence, she appeared at my door, out of the blue. And the ink vanished.

From @CruciFire: 

*..I'm blue da ba dee da ba die...*

“Shut the goddamn music dude!”
“Why so serious?”
“Monday blues.”
“I gifted my girl the blue gown she's been wanting since months and I didn't even get a BJ man!”
“You blue it, huh?”
“And she didn't!”


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