Monday, July 16, 2012

Theme 94 - Possibility

From @karthikisthin:

Behind the counter, in her red SpiceJet skirt, Sejal entered the boarding pass number. "Ms. Suchita Shah. Any baggage?"
“She seems nice,” Sejal thought. The cute guy who checked in a few minutes earlier was in 12A. She took a few moments to weigh. “Hmm… Why not?” she concluded.
“Seat number 12B Ma’am.”

From @ShimmyandTwist: She sits in the corner, hugging her knees, tears streaming down her face. The bruises on her body reveal the struggles she has faced – each scar serving as a reminder of the battles she has won. Taking a deep breath, she blinks back her tears, standing up yet again – with new hope for new possibilities.

From @AskThePankazzzz: Giving in to her feelings, was scary. The so called 'society' would call her a lesbian, she thought. "Is falling in love worth all the sufferings?" "Who all will I have to fight?" "What are the odds I'll win?" Her mind calculated the probabilities, while heart showed the possibilities. The heart obviously, won that conflict.

From @AnOddYellow: The morning changed to afternoon and evening. Days turned into months and years. She just could not find it; she hunted and searched, looked for it everywhere even in other people but failed. One day she came across a diary filled with the sweet words of a girl, the words for a ‘the self’ lost.

From @HighHeelsWaali: The first kiss was always the litmus test for her. His hand cradling her neck, the shivers down her spine, the strange smell of a new perfume, the moment suspended in time right before the lips meet, the roughness of his stubble, the final meeting of the lips. And the possibilities.  Oh! the possibilities.

From @bassyc:

He: What's the possibility of your coming back, if ever?
She: I will make it as low as much of my love for you.
He: And that is why?
She: Possibility is a strong word. I don't want to melt the attraction by coming back to you.

From @writingchalk:

What do you do?

When a .45 stares you in the face?
When you’re standing on the edge of a high-rise?
Holding a bag that has a million dollars?

Actually, what would you do?

Toss the bag to your girlfriend?
Take your assailant over the edge?
Or wake up when mom throws water on you?

From @anjana_murali: He gave one last look at the lifeless bodies of his family as he remembered his mother’s voice assuring him yesterday that the weather forecast had ruled out the possibility of a dangerous earthquake. Hours later it turned out that the meteorological department had been right- there was no earthquake but a tsunami.

From @sinpinklove: It was a perfect date.He was handsome and well-groomed. He took her to her favourite restaurant.He complemented her geniunely.He said all the right things. They had so much in common. She could feel a spark but then when he called the waiter "ch ch ch " she decided "pyaar impossible ".

From @riddhiaswani: The scope for divinity extinguished with an inconsequential silence. Books of yore containing stories within were pushed to a corner. The world woke up to the possibility that we were born, not created. And the possibility of a higher power was abandoned. They rejected their God, when they found the God particle.

From @jumidas1:

Chandan, Kalyan, Amar, Bijay and two crates of beer. And an endless discussion.

An endless discussion on the smile Seema passed Bijay today. What could the smile possibly mean? This is a matter of life and death and they need to figure it out !

From @maruwahna:

“llolzzzz babzzz“ , “kewl pikcha dyude !!!! “ , “lukking hawtt !!!“ Disgusted at their lack of cerebral equillibrium , she sighed .
Other side of the city , he commented “ You‘ve got beautiful eyes rey :) “ . She blushed .
Stalked. Found his number . Possibility of an intellectual equal . His Blackberry rings . With perfect schoolgirl octaves,she croons “heeeyyyy! “ .

From @tazeenzafar:

She had refused another marriage proposal today. She looked down at the ring on her hand. It was the symbol of their love. It had been 38 days since the storm and there was no sign of her lover’s body or his boat.

'You always told me to believe in possibilities. This time, I will.'

From @CruciFire:

“Do you really think this can happen?”
“Why not?”
“In spite of knowing that everything and everyone is against us?”
“What if it doesn't work out?”
“What if it does?”
“Will you leave me if it doesn't?”
“Will you?”

Infinite possibilities. Always.

From @TandooriCutlet:

Dear Diary,

Today I saw this really cute skirt. It was short, mid-thigh maybe, and would show off my summer tanned legs perfectly. And then there were these awesome knee high leather boots I saw for the winters. 5 inch heels. If only I wasn’t in this wheelchair, the fashion possibilities would have been endless.

From @ChaaluChapaati: Anamika examined Rohan’s t-shirt carefully, making sure the stain had vanished. Satisfied, she folded it and put it away, now thinking of what dinner should be. As she shuffled toward the kitchen, her eye fell on an old book. Bhavik had given her that, she thought wistfully, as for a minute, she imagined another life.

From @sagarsion: Hi, im possibility, thinker's muse, essence of an idea. Chance, shot, opportunity, I come in zillion forms. Im supple, flexible principle. I can't enter minds which have my enemies ego n selfishness. But beware not to dwell on me more, I might be best , the first time. And remember my best friend is action.

From @The_BuffMaster: The chances of finding a lost old friend in a new city; the chances of your favorite song mumbled by your crush; the odds of a ladybird finding its soulmate in ginormous hay stack; the chances of getting drenched with your beloved in the first rains. Possibilities are immense. It’s just hopes which are fewer.

From @roshd:

There were no rooms at the hotel.
Turning on the charm, I asked her “Aren’t you the model in the Nivea ad?”
She blushed and shook her head.
“Wish I could stay here. My loss.”
“ Sir, we may have one room if you don’t mind waiting for the late checkout”
“Anything for you”,I replied.

From @MixelRandy: “I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her”, I quoted to him. “Excuse me while I gag”, he countered, grinning mischievously. He looked so handsome it almost broke my heart. “I think I…”, I began, as he turned to look at the ass of the girl walking by.

From @bitchwanti:

"Is there a possibility that he slipped and fell? My son would never commit suicide!" The grief stricken father cried.

"There's a possibility that I will forgive, but I will never forget and I won't let you forget", read the suicide note.

"The only possibility is suicide. He wanted to remain unforgotten. This is his revenge", replied the policeman.

From @The_Lie_Lama:

He knew she left him for good, he also knew she once truly loved him. He's aware she can't give up her present for him.

She keeps sending signals that she's aware of his existence and that makes him believe in the possibility of her return. Talk about being positive to an extent of foolishness.

From @vagabondinact: Bless-Spite, Bliss-Bile, Posse-Sole, Stile-Split, Toil-Spoil, Best-Pest, Pile of words come out of one, Tie letters into words, Belt the same into others, Toss the letters around. Few set you Alit, few are mere Spiel, few Besot you while few wound you like a Pistol would. Letters are but twenty and a six, but Possibilities, ceaseless. 

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