Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Theme 102 - Pure

From @deescjockey:

She cleaned, scrubbed and washed every nook and corner of the flat before everybody stirred out of sleep.

Then she took her bath and entered the kitchen in her cleanest sari to prepare breakfast. That’s when she heard the shouting:

“But Maa, she’s been up since 4 am!”

“I don't care. She’s polluted my kitchen.”

From @ushfajk:

"Pure was her love for me.

Pure were her eyes, when she smiled.

Demure were her steps as she walked towards me; knees buckling, so she sat down.

I loved our love and she loved me. But a rational man is a hungry man, and love is an agreement that holds the ambitious back.


From @ponderpuffman: Ala stumbles at the table. Shaking, she lights up and puffs in. Her breasts are still burdened with his scent.  As the window shrieks out the city, she stares at an old picture of her innocence. With tears trickling out, she steps in the glow and inhales the afternoon. She’s blessed with a pure moment. 
From @IndianIdle: The joker was very popular in town. He made everyone laugh with his expressions, he called his show 'Pure emotions'. One day a mother came to him with her child. She asked the joker to make the crying baby laugh. He failed to make the child laugh, she smiled and said,”You don't have pure emotions.” 

From @shruti_says: The thin muslin had filtered out the sand. A few drops of glue and it joined the others in the fridge. Later in the afternoon he exchanged the bottle for a crisp ten rupee note. She twisted the lid open and gulped the water. The bottle said it was pure. Why would she think otherwise?

From @writingchalk:

Are you kidding...?
Nah, not hot enough...
I’ve had better...
I don’t think so...”

He stopped midway through the line-up.

“I like that...!”

“Yes sir... perfect-bodied 16-year old... hasn’t been touched. She’ll cost you...”

“Money is no object.”

Who wouldn’t want a cask of the world’s finest whisky, aged in American Virgin Oak casks?

From @anjana_murali: He remembered the various times during the twenty years that he had stolen small threads while sewing, sometimes hiding it in his mouth, to create it. Today, when he looked at his daughter at her wedding, he felt that she looked like a goddess in the beautiful red and gold kanjeevaram- the purest silk.

From @wekneweachother: I often talk to myself on the way back home from work or I will commit suicide. Early evening and there’s a power cut in the colony. I freshen up. I light a lamp and open the main door. Moths keep attempting to devour the flame. Pure desire leads to death eventually. I am amused.

From @designerfoo: It was raining, the sun was shadowed by the clouds with no silver lining. He gazed up, trying to seek out any warmth. Wishing, hoping for some warmth. It was only getting darker, and he had a feeling that he wouldn't be seeing any light, anytime soon. Nothing around him felt pure or untouched.

From @_Nehu: Parents used to set her with guys for marriage and she used to reject. She met doctors, NRIs, Lawyers, Businessman, millionaires... what not. One fine day she says yes to an ordinary guy. He seems to be ordinary in looks but with extraordinary charm, kind soul and above all pure heart …!

From @TazeenZafar: She looked back and saw them approaching near. Three men were chasing her, laughing, enjoying the terror in the girl's eyes. She looked ahead. There was no way out. This was it. She turned back and saw them right behind her. That’s when she decided she'd die pure.

From @Stupidiotica: The craze of the gold rush was fast fading. Excited cries of gold stumbled upon were becoming increasingly rare. Oblivious to the degenerating situation, a toddler entertained himself by the banks of the calmly flowing river. Barely feet away from him, a walnut-sized nugget of gold lay stuck in the soil, dazzling, yellow and pure.

From @vagabondinact:

The unadulterated innocence of childhood.
The unscathed hopes for the children. 
The uncorrupted aspirations for their lives.
The unsullied thoughts of their doing.
The unblemished satisfactions of  their being. 
The untarnished world for their living.
All a pure fiction of this age.

From @slokabs: Pavitra dropped the vase to the floor and it shattered into thousand tiny pieces – just like her life had three fateful years back when he had mercilessly robbed her of her dignity and virginity. She walked into the streets and felt the raindrops drenching her, washing away the blood stains. And she felt pure again.

From @CruciFire:

You got down and dirty with Ravana, didn't you bitch?”
“No dumbass, I was saving myself for you and your Maryada Purushottam dick. I just came back from Lanka, let me have some water first!”

*She pukes after taking one sip*
*heavenly voice* “Get Kent. Ismein RO, UV aur double filtration hai!”

From @sinpinklove: His dad bought him a cadbury as five year old Saransh had finished first im his school circuit race.He hugged his dad and kept the chocolate im his bag.Next day he shared the chocolate with Kashvi his best friend and got a kiss in return.Truly innocence is the purest form of love.

From @shantusharma: Acid attack left half her face charred and all of her heart scarred. Her own husband did this to her on suspicion of adultery. Few NGO came helping and forced the husband to live with her again. She put a knife to his throat the first night after conciliation. Her revenge was still incomplete.

From @_saraU: He was called the man of all spiritual wisdom. Each day to him, was a reminder of his cravings, to enjoy the worldly pleasures, to experience a human bondage, and to make mistakes and be imperfect. He knew he was cheating his genuine self. He was tired of being the epitome of purity for others.

From @maruwahna: Sitting on the terrace , Anisha‘s head in his arms. Stroking that long,floppy strand of hair . That smile of hers could melt iron hearts, Anisha knew that. She could do better,but she loved him. But as the azure sun set, the doubts in him rose. So, are you, like, pure ?.

From @drun007 : Their first date.  She dressed simple.  Her natural beauty was captivating. Those big eyes, supple lips, glowing skin and silky hair. They held hands.  It was magic.  The breeze blew her hair over his face.  "Your hair smells so good", he said.  With a cute smile she replied, "It's Parachute - 100% pure coconut oil".

From @pallavipinakin: He was innocent, unsullied. He still believed in justice, and the inherent goodness of people. He reminded her of clean snow, just waiting to be trampled upon. So she put on her muddiest boots and went to work. “Why?” he asked later, helplessly. “You asked for it,” she said, savagely. “Sitting there, being all pure.”

From @bitchwanti: The first drop of sweat rolled down her arched back. She quivered with renewed energy. Gracefully her arms moved, like a carefree bird in the sky. Eyes moving like the gliding movements of a gold fish. She finished with a jump. Was there anything as pure as the exhilaration on her face, as the audience went in uproar of applause?

From @roshd:

She was singing along “I want love, won't break me down,Won't brick me up, won't fence me in … That's the love I want..”
He: Don’t take his lyrics seriously.. such love is beyond us
She:Why can’t we have such maturity and purity?
He: Because sweetheart, Elton John is gay

From @absoluteme: They told me not to enter his house, touch his things or even talk to him when I am ‘impure’. That it would disrespect and anger him. I complied because I need him, may be even love him. But I have always wondered, isn’t He the purifier.

From @dopeywriter:
He couldn't differentiate between caste, creed or religion.

He didn’t judge people on the basis of their skin. You can say that he was colour blind.

At the age of 3, his mind, heart and soul were free of impurities.

And then, in the hubbub bin of our sanctimonious society, he had to grow up.

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