Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Theme 88 - Music

From @writingchalk: The Boss didn’t need an occasion or instrument. He didn’t even need a song. It was as if he could create beauty out of thin air. Stories of his wizardry abound: be it the usage of a glass and spoon, or his assistant’s back to play the tabla. His mastery over the language was complete.

From @DeeSCJockey: She closed her eyes and slowly let her surroundings fade as she softly hummed along... Her head swaying ever so gently to the tune... Until suddenly she felt the murmurs around her go quiet. Opening her eyes, she found all eyes in church trained on her: they were waiting for the widow to speak.

From @harsh_mall: Yash stood swaying and the train rocked steadily. The melee around him went unnoticed as he stared at his feet, tap-tapping to a steady rhythm. His fingers were clenched around metal but his knuckles squirmed for release. Every push, jolt, sniff, and tap slowly fell into place. As he shut his eyes, the melody rose.

From @RuthSaldanha: Beaten within an inch of his life. Broken bones, bleeding flesh, excruciating pain. ‘Colaba’, he said, settling for a longish taxi drive. Just then, the radio started wailing. ‘Yeesh’, he thought, absentmindedly leaning over to switch channels. And the driver snapped. He felt his cheek bone shatter as the driver growled, ‘NEVER touch the stereo’

From @ChaaluChapaati: She never got played. By anyone. Practical, level-headed and razor sharp, nobody had managed to pull any strings with her. Until she met him. With him she hit notes she could never have imagined. Their bodies were in sync and their minds were in tune. While he played her for a fool…melody after melody.

From @MixelRandy: “Why’d the music stop?”, he asked, as his fingers traced the side of my body. I turned towards the laptop, and his hands moved over my back as I restarted the playlist. We had 6 hours of music lined up. I turned over and kissed him just as the bassline kicked in.

From @karthikisthin:

She pinched my cheek; tugged on my lower lip as she flipped through the iPod. She was taking forever to decide.

Finally, she chose Pink Floyd’s Shine On - the longest on my playlust.

"You sure?" I checked. "Are you?" her eyebrow did a little jig.

What followed was a lifetime encapsulated in 26 minutes.

From @designerfoo: Old man Nate, was as much in love with his music, as he was, with his barreled ego and his light boxes. To his credit, he was good with his eyes, capturing scenes, which no one saw. His eyes also had a hobby, of noticing ephemeral beauties of the "rent for the night" kind.

From @IndianIdle:

They said listening to music is the most divine feeling. You can only create music if you have good sense of sounds.
He laughed at them. He created the music which sent ripples through the lovers melodies.

There were people who enjoyed the music, but he was the who really felt it. He was deaf.

From @FlirtingKaapi: As she ticked off her to-do list, she hurriedly got into a pair of shorts. Quickly, she poured coffee and sat by the window. It was time for her favorite storyteller’s tunes to accompany rain.  She tuned in the radio and there he was, mouthing her favorite line, “Tanha seher ka rehne wala hu main."

From @RBtrary:

"In spite of putting all his might, he was finding it hard to move his limbs. This had been going on for last six hours. He was tired and frustrated and his mind and body were giving up now.

Suddenly, the music stopped. Sunny praaji sighed with relief; dance sequence was successfully completed at last."

From @FateMarfatia:

She held Rahim’s hand firmly as they stepped inside the printing press. His first job as a labourer.

Far from the tranquility of her statuesque world, she loathed the noisy droning of machinery.


Rahim, lost in the familiar sound of music did not realize that she had let go of his hand.

From @shantusharma:

There my wife was trying to get our eight month old daughter speak 'papa'. She learnt saying momma a month ago but somehow always babbled at 'papa'. She would playfully look at her but won't say the word.

Few moments later my wife left her at my lap when suddenly she uttered, "Pappa!"

"What music!!

From @aaroo4:

Sitting in the porch he swayed from side to side.. She stared at him in awe and with worry "was this what the doctor meant when he said losing ones senses?" Oblivious he swayed, his lips moved "we don't need no education" ..And then she saw it-

The little mp3 player hidden in his palm..

From @ThePheno_Menon: They loved ABBA. Dancing Queen was their favorite. And they'd play Neil Diamond. I am I said, they would croon together. She loved music and would listen to songs daily as her husband would lovingly place his hand on her tummy. Their baby would be the apple of their eyes. Their child, their creation, would be the musical masterpiece of their world.

From @roshd: He mixed her drink as her favourite music played in the background. The gin and limca was her poison. Though there was no way he could tolerate her unfaithfulness, he remembered his vow to be with her till “death do us apart”. He would be soon be free. The gin and limca was poisoned.

From @vchatting: While driving to work …… their ‘love song’ played. “Let it be… ". She’d thought her tears had dried up!  It had been years now….Memories sure have a strange way of stinging. Through her paroxysm of sobs she mocked at herself!  He had, what did he say, so easily?, yes, ‘moved on’….  Cruel music!

From @sinpinklove: Like in a typical south-indian family Manju was compelled to train in carnatic music. The only reason she continued was Ranjan, her music teacher. Manju was hopelessly in love with him. She left singing forever when he confessed that music was his first and only love.

From @drun007:

7.00 am - Phone alarm
7.01 am - Check and reply to a couple of work emails
7.10 am - On my Twitter TL
7.16 am - Spot the #55WordStory theme
7.20 am - Click on a trending video link
7.24 am - Maushi Chi Gaand
7.25 am - Music to the ear????

From @tamannadahiya29:

Her eyes always betrayed her attempts to look happy, she had become a picture of misery.

Today, was the first time a man made love to her. As she lay on his chest listening to his heartbeat, she knew it was the best music she ever heard. She felt belonged.

She knew he was her happy place.

From @SagarSion: Again he felt insecure. It wasn't his fault if he could trust only so much. His instant fix that shut him off from the real was a pair of headsets and his favorites playlist, his lullabies. Lightheadedness that followed brought memories of high-times and conversations from past. "feel the connection !! " , "yeaahhh !! Feel, I'm right at the top and about to jump teeheehee "

From @anjana_murali: Once when someone asked him why he had married a simple girl, not a singer like himself, he smiled and said, “Who said she did not sing well? It was her humming that nursed me through sickness and her lullabies that put our children to sleep. Her singing had a unique quality- It had peace.”

From @vagabondinact: He cried.  A smile ascended on her lips, that smile that seeps in at the sonorous melody wafting in the evening breeze. Humming, she placated him. Her lullaby, like the crooning midnight sea encompassed him into harmonious sleep.  Forty winks later, he was bawling again and she scowled for it is not music every time.

From @Crucifire:

I slay demons. I talk to my mom. I assemble an army. I miss my girlfriend. I lay waste to my cubicle. I relive rejection. I remember the moshpit. I re-experience the pleasure and the pain.
I shred standing in the train. I double bass sitting in the bus.

Music is me.

From @NeelSheth: They rolled over. He lifted her chin and looked deep into her eyes; kissed. They whispered and moaned; creating a symphony as beautiful as Mozart's. Panting in a synchronized beat; breathing together like a rhythm divine. They had just melted; but his fingers' dance of desire continued on her bare flesh.

From @The_Buffmaster:

Whistling of the trees;
Chirping of the evening birds;
Humming rants from the nearby temple;
Ringing bells of the stores;
Siren of the chimneys;
Purring of the cars;
Hissing from the vents;
Whimpers of the homeless;
Silence of the night.

Those were the sounds he heard, saw and felt. His own subtle version of music.

From @RandomWhiz: The laughed. They loved. But a whole new dimension they discovered, when they made music together. Their tutor saw this blooming romance. He grew envious. He forcibly married her, leaving him heartbroken. Music, the only cure, turned into a venom. For, each note reminded him of her.

From @bitchwanti: That sounded like tinkling bells. The sound of waves crashing. The beat of cymbals. The notes of her voice rose. Aliya had just dozed off into nirvana when her mother's voice penetrated through. "Why is she screaming like a banshee?" she asked. What's music to our ears, could sometimes be noise.

From @ShimmyandTwist: They sat under the starlit sky - the moonlight bringing out the radiant calmness of her face. She was lost in the melody playing in the background, each note bringing back memories of a past she’d tried to forget. He sat enraptured by her, the melody giving him hopes and dreams of a beautiful tomorrow.

From @tweettabulous: They tried everything from medicine to superstitions, but failed. Twelve years later when her test showed two pink stripes her joy knew no bounds. After extremely crucial nine months …They brought home a beautiful angel to complete them.  Every time he bawls… it’s the Symphony of Mozart to their ears.

From @ScribblingOn: She was lost in the shadow of the low-hung moon, playing hide & seek with the clouds. Standing on the edge, she felt a hand grabbing her by the waist. Helping her get down, he took her hand & they swayed to the faint music playing. Smiling, she danced to the music of death. With Him.

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