Saturday, July 28, 2012

Theme 106 - Kill

From @rati7

The Red slinky Number she wore with the thigh high slit looked as if it was painted on her. Her poker straight hair swished her bare back. Her red lips curved and her kohl lined eyes searched for the shutterbugs as her golden heeled clad feet descended the stairs. She was dressed to kill.

From @TheFraudMallu

SHE was the only reason why he couldn’t be with ‘other woman’. SHE loved him and SHE would never let him go.  He decided to kill. One night after making loveless love, he stabbed SHE. He killed SHE. Years later, now with ‘other woman’, he realized he hadn’t killed. SHE still lives in his head.

From @karthikisthin

The rubber felt smooth and satisfying as he tested its elasticity. He stooped to pick up a pebble and blew away the superficial dust.Nestling the pebble dead centre in the slingshot, he pulled it back and squinted at a sparrow nipping away at its wings. The pebble slayed both the sparrow and his innocence.

From @absoluteme

One summer afternoon, Me heard Mom shriek. Me rushed! Mom screamed again “Come fast!!!” Me tip toed in to the master bedroom with a broom. Mom pointed at the door shivering. Me opened it and saw a teeny-weeny lizard, its heart beating out of its chest. Me uttered “Aww! I can’t kill that.”

From @kunalbaidmehta

For miles and miles, all one could see was the pure white expanse of snow like a canvas. The mountains stood tall and proud with no hubris or arrogance.

But it all changed 13 years back with blotches of red spoiling the pristine beauty and taking away the silence.

Kargil – something we will never forget.

From @vagabondinact

I sat there looking down on them, gloating, wallowing in my superior living. However much they could try, they would not be able to reach here, be me. Mocking them came so easily to me. All they could do was scorn in silence, for they had been thought not to Kill a mocking bird.

From @roshd:
Another blazing row another weekend shot, he thought as he took out the pack of Marlboros and lit one. The warm smoke always killed the rage in him. He’s doing this just to bug me because he knows I hate him fagging, she seethed. Another argument loomed. This would be a long weekend.

From @DMysticFille_

She dreamt of success at night. But unconscious enthrallment under the spell of cocaine drove her days to an umimagined land. The twelve months slipped away in stupor. Eventually, the results brought her back  to congnizance. She had killed her time, her dreams, her morale and then, the grisliest of all happened. She terminated herself.

From @bitchwanti

She sliced it slowly, carefully, to perfection. Every piece had to look the same. "Mommy! You just killed a potato to make those finger chips!" he squealed.

From @Thats_so_Sana:
They knew only they two could fulfill each others needs. When one was killed due to excessive use, the other was needed to carry out that sacred process of resurrection. One stormy nite, they needed each other, there were no raging hormones. Mere need. The charger was connected to the iPhone and the charging began.

From @writingchalk

This was the first time they were going out. He waited endlessly for her to get ready. “Hurry up!”

“In a minute darling!”

She came out… he wished she hadn’t.

“What ARE you wearing…?”

“It’s called FASHION!”

The moment they entered the party, all boys stared at her.

Where’s that gun when you need it?

From @The_Lie_Lama

"My work? I kill for money", he sloppily echoed.

"Haha, I know you've killer looks. That's why we're in bed together. Still, tell me." She asked with all seriousness because he figured in the future she dreamt of.

He finally showed her the gun he was about to use on her.

From @slokabs

Dennis entered home and walked to the refrigerator. As he picked up the water bottle, he noticed the purple packet lying there – sensuously inviting him. He imagined the sensation of the creamy brown chocolate melting in his mouth. ‘Stop, you just got diagnosed with diabetes!’, his guilty conscience said. And he unwillingly killed his temptation!

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