Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Theme 81 - Trains

From @chillerArj: Out there in the horizon where the tracks go and meet. Retreat. Surrender. Fight. Defeat. Songs about it are sung in the tribes and in the ghettos. Unwary and unalarmed, the men and women who revel in the wake of an omen. Travel aboard the reckless train to a destination they fondly remember as Eden.

From @ThePheno_Menon: He traveled from CBD to CST daily on the 8:13 local. And everyday he wore that one-armed sweater. People used to wonder why, but no one ever asked. Only he knew how much he loved her. Only he knew that this was the last sweater she knitted for him.

From @karthikisthin: He combed his hair as he always did - parted it with the customary flick towards his temple. Too much oil this time. He clutched his slingbag; coughed twice to clear his throat. The crowd was getting restless. The 12:55 local arrived and was now Bhimrao's stage. Selling colouring books wasn’t really his career choice.

From @drun007 : Sheena boarded the train to a new life with Shekar. He was not there and his phone, switched off.  Going back home was no option.  Walking out on her parents for a cheat haunted her.

As stations passed, she smiled.  The train does not halt for anyone.  It just has to run, no matter what!

From @IndianIdle:

He had fallen in love with it from the first time he had seen her in red. He never let her out of the sight.

It had been 40 years. Memories came up to the throat as she was going.” Goodbye 60 tonnes of angel” he said to his train.

From @RiddhiAswani: Kumar perused the book left behind, his eyes widening as secrets of the Matrix were unlocked. He clutched the book tighter, shielding from prying eyes. An agent in black suit approached. He tensed, 'I want the blue pill,' kumar shouted at the heavens.  The suited agent looked confused. 'Ticket please,' he said in clipped politeness.

From @MissShwe: A fast track train fueled with ambition and dreams, he was her salvation out of this purgatory she called home. All she had to do was step on to the coach with him, be what he thought she was. Biting down her fear, she looked up into his smiling eyes and said “I do.”

From @lucidillusions_:

Excited. She sat. Her first time. It was a dream. Today was its first run. The basher in her, quite excited. It had been restored after fifty years.

They stood in the corner for first sight. Trainspotting was something Sadie got him very interested in. As the train passed them, he saw her face again.

From @anjana_murali: Gaurav and Amrita often amused their grandchildren with their fifty year old marriage tale- how they met on a train while travelling for their respective weddings, fell in love, convinced their families and got married at a railway station. It was a classical case of love at first sight which grew stronger by the years.

From @AmanjotKSandhu: As the train whistled, last 15 years of her life rushed through in front of her eyes. She thought about all the happy memories they had created together. Never once did she think of all the things she had to give up. As her son,leaving for college,said goodbye,she had no regrets. That's how mothers are.

From @NumbYaar: As colleagues and neighbours for the past three years, they were together all the time. But that day, it would officially come to an end. They boarded the train together and after 45 minutes of awkward silence they finally got off different sides of the train; their lives moving on like parallel railway lines.

From @FlirtingKaapi:

13/03/03 09:40 P.M.

He confessed that he loved her and she blushed in response. Finally, after 3 years, 7 months, 4 days, 3 hours and 36 minutes later, she had finally said yes! He couldn’t contain his grin.

13/03/03 09:45 P.M.

The train arrived at Mulund station and their love story ended with a bang.

From @TheFraudMallu: Watching this child sitting across her in this slow moving Train, she felt nostalgic. Her life was spent studying, understanding and helping them grow. The mother smiled and said “He cannot hear, he is deaf” and with a smile she replied “I understood. I am a teacher for specially gifted children and I Train them”

From @fatemarfatia: 'Train has a bad memory', She recalled reading somewhere but for her, train journeys were a time for introspection. Her mind would unleash a volley of thoughts, otherwise enchained by worldly misgivings. It was as if each mile was taking her further from one place yet bringing her closer to another. Many journeys in one.

From @sinpinklove: After the long wedding tamasha they were finally together.Two bodies one thought.He undid her blouse and gently caressed her sedulous breasts. Overcome by pleasures unknown to her, she turned back and kissed him first on the lips and then there.They consummated their relationship in the first class compartment of the train.

From @vchatting: Thinking of trains made him want to jump with joy... ! How did it make that sound? Never off beat ,announcing it's arrival to a quivering platform!  Guard uncles resembling each other wearing that bushy moustache! People peeping through windows, coolie uncles always so sure.....He decided to be an engine driver,when he grew big......

From @My_Summer_Eyes:

Train to J&K. That’s where her husband was.

Train to Delhi. That’s where her children studied.

Train to Kolkata. That’s where she worked.

The psychiatrists have no case history to begin with. All the crazy woman tells them is to never board a train. Because trains collide, she says. Because trains kill families, she says.

From @YearofRat: Speeding side by side, sometimes crossing tracks, they kept the rider up all night.
The wreck was imminent, he could feel it in his head. Thousands, nay, millions would die if it happened and result in countless sleepless nights for him. Would the government announce compensation for his dying neurons in  a mental train wreck.

From @jumidas1:

Her train is at 5.45 p.m. I really need to hurry if I want to see her this last time. I entered a CCD and ordered a Cappuccino. I took my first sip at 5.45 p.m. The sip felt like the first puff of a long waited smoke.

A train of memory began its journey.

From @maruwanha:

Orphaned at 2 , selling samosas for Rs 2.5 at 5 . Sweeping the blue synthetic floor of the train at 7 .
Slowly but surely , he rose. Not to the levels of IIM grads maybe, but enough to survive. Never a tear shed though hardwork was his BFF .
No regrets for the life he had , no curiosity for answers . But as he gazed out the iron grills of the train ,  hope , yes .

From @kanwarsodhi:

Everyday. Every fuckin day. Elbowing, pinching, wriggling his way through sweaty strangers to get inside the local. Once inside, more elbowing, wriggling and sweaty strangerness ensued. A death leap to get off at Dadar station. Get through a 12-hour work day. Back at the station. REPEAT.

Hello, I am your average Mumbaikar.

From @AskthePankazzzz: He was a fighter but with no hearts. He didnt know the move, where he was supposed to kneel and hook her with his love. A blow of fate, he couldn't survive, thus. He lost. In love. His train of thoughts had a track reversal. For once, he wished he was trained to stand defeat.

From @Crucifire:

Got bombed with a collection of poor jokes.
Got assaulted by a barrage of negative, personal emotions.
There was an onslaught of professional issues seconds later.
A cult of oldies executed a blitzkrieg and manage to shake it.
One single fantasy about his fiance and his thoughts derailed.

A copywriter's nightmare.

From @anushreekejriwa: He use to sell puffed rice in the local trains and would leave an impression on every passengers mind. The journeys shaped his life. He lost a leg while carelessly crossing the track and decided to set up a shop on the station. The chaos was therapeutic to his mind and he could live.

From @kaloladeep: Time when “train-train” was the best game of their childhood, holding waist as tight as they can with thought running in mind, never to break a chain otherwise game would end, are the same people with different thinking of not holding each other anymore. Sometimes “time and relations” are just inversely proportional what she claims.

From @writingchalk:

9:13:01 AM: Thinking “should’ve caught the 9:16.”
9:13:00 AM: Woke up in first-class compartment. Blood-soaked shirt. Knife in hand. Police around.
9:12:11 AM: Sudden halt. My head hit the pole at the door. Knocked out cold.
9:12:01 AM: Compartment seemed empty. Saw someone being stabbed…
9:12:00 AM: Ran really hard for it. Caught the local!

From @tunnvi: He got down, she ran behind him. She tried to convince him. He didn't listen. She howled. He didn't listen. She begged. He didn't listen. Just when she gave up, she realized her train was leaving the platform. She abused and tired stopping but it left the platform And Imtiaz Ali yelled ''cut it, ok''.

From @bitchwanti: Trains by the window he sat at. He looked hard, trying to catch a glimpse of someone, anyone through the whirls of colours.The train rolled to a stop,she stood there waiting. This was where they had first met. He waved. She turned around and walked away. She had her closure. The journey had come to an end.

From @NeelSheth:

He came home, took a cold shower. What started out as a beautiful day, turned into an unexpected mandatory holiday! He counted on finger tips; 21 of them in 10 years. He screamed faintly: Why the suicide? Why? …

Days like these are the only ones when he regretted being a train driver.

From @fukat: She was an average student all her life..always compared to kids her age..it made her feel incapable..she went on to study the arts and secured a corporate job..steadily she rose up levels, travelled the world..yet felt insecure..not her fault..she was trained to believe she was worth nothing..

From @oxymoronic_me: Anandilal Poddar lived in a place and time when trains were unheard of. Days when trains plied only in Bombay. He picked a handful of his best painters and sent them to Bombay. He made them paint the train in his haveli in Rajasthan. Today, people from Mumbai visit the haveli to view his train.

From @vivekisms: He hadn't met her in ages. Her train was fast approaching the platform. He could not wait. He had waited too long for her. The train now seemed distant. It approached the platform. It stopped. He waited. She did not show up.

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